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Why Was The PlayStation Move At The PS4 Press Event?

Analog Addiction Writes:"So, raise your hand if you thought Media Molecule was actually showing off a game during Sony’s “Future of PlayStation” press event in New York? For those of you who just now realized they didn’t, don’t worry – pretty much everybody was a little perplexed too.

It’s no surprise that Sony put arguably its most creative studio to work trying to sell the PlayStation Move – or rather the idea and promise of it – unless you are surprised they showed any significant amount of support at all. The five minute long video, though certainly charming, proved to be one of the few lulls in the otherwise fascinating event. Was this a necessary ploy by Sony to encapsulate a sort of ‘cover the bases’ mentality for the upcoming PS4, or does the company truly believe the Move has yet untapped potential?"

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Community1700d ago
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Abash1700d ago

It was there because Media Molecule has a use for it in their next game. I don't think it's a PlayStation Move-only title, just the Move will be used as a tool to help create your ideas the same way you could in LittleBigPlanet

guitarded771700d ago

I hope the move will transition right over to the PS4. I don't see any issue with it not working, and I'd feel like it was money well spent if they keep it as an input device for the PS4 without having to purchase a new model. Also, the tech demo from MM using it as a sculpting device was pretty cool. I could imagine the LBP community making some really awesome stuff.

Elwenil1700d ago

I believe it was already confirmed that the Move controller would work with the PS4 but the DS3 would not.

doctorstrange1700d ago

Plus a way better camera this time

MikeMyers1700d ago

Media Molecule also talked about how much they fell in love with the device. It would be pointless to have such an accurate controller vanish and the good thing is it will be compatible with the PS4. The new camera will also have dual lens and can now detect the Move controller and the person separately with greater resolution.

Mounce1700d ago

Move could easily have been considered a Future-proof peripheral and Sony recognized this early. More power to developers to make use of PS4's hardware with even LESSER limitations in making a more intuitive and a much more accurate Move-experience than what even PS3 could offer!

DOMination-1700d ago

Correct me if Im wrong but i think the light on the top of the ds4 will actually replace the move controller completely. They only briefly talked about the controller but did say "it will help track the player in a 3d space"

My opinion is that the ps4 will use that instead of the move. Its just they dodnt want to talk about that kind of stuff yet and MM was only showing a concept from a while back, hence why move was in it.

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Virtual_Reality1700d ago

ZBrush for the PS4!

Probably Killzone SF will support PS Move.

majiebeast1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Big part of Media molecule's next game. Where they will almost certainly switch over from 2D in LBP to 3D. The move will be used in the lvl editor giving lvl creators more freedom and ease of use with the move controller.

I dont get how people cant see the potential of this in the play create share genre.

Sam Fisher1700d ago

After that happens, wtf is their next game going to be after this new one, seriously if they use the move as an editor, they might as well give a disc and the dev tools and say make your own game, lmao. Seriously they out do themselves, whats next?

Virtual_Reality1700d ago

''Seriously they out do themselves, whats next? ''

Like David Cage said: ''We are now limited only by our imagination.''

GribbleGrunger1700d ago

Same here, majiebeast. Some people are incapable of hypothesising and can't draw any conclusions until it is presented to them in black and white. It was the most inspired moment of the entire show and that's saying something because it was a fantastic show overall.

Knushwood Butt1700d ago

Either that, or it's an easy way to troll for hits.

MasterCornholio1700d ago

God I hated the stupid media molecule puppet demo. Don't vet me wrong I love the devas but I hated that demo.

Anyways its pretty obvious that the next media molecule game will probably support move and like some users say it will probably be great for level editing.

Motorola RAZR i

r211700d ago

I was impressed by it, all that movement of the 'doll's followed exactly by the move users in real time. Very impressive stuff IMO

pandaboy1700d ago

have fun playing with your dolls in real time xD

imtheman20131700d ago

It was there because 1) Move is made by Sony... and because 2) Media Molecule's new game looks mighty interesting, and implements the Move in what seems to be a useful way.

Jek_Porkins1700d ago

Because they had to show that they will support motion controls from the start. Who knows we might even see a Move packed in with every PS4.

They needed to attract a lot of different people, gamers play more than first person shooters.

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