Crash Bandicoot Reboot In The Works?

Junkie Monkeys: Recent information has shown up concerning our favorite orange bandicoot's future. Is Crash getting a cameo in Skylanders? Or is he getting a completely new reboot of the franchise?

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raytraceme1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

HYPE LEVEL: OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was my favorite childhood game ans was the first console game I ever played. I really miss crash and would do anything for a reboot to be made. Please Activision do me a favor and actually CODIFY Crash Bandicoot Please!!! Crash is one game I will never get bored of :D

NukaCola1942d ago

Well surprise surprise, Activision came out on the Sony floor and stated the PS4 is phenomenal and Sony has been so great (**even after all the crap with COD and MS that PS3 gamers put up with) and announced that Bungie's Destiny will launch on PS4 with exclusive content just for PS4 gamers. So maybe, just maybe. Sony will be good and build a great partnership there again like with EA and Ubi...and Crash and Spryo will finally come back home.

Knight_Crawler1942d ago

Or maybe they will surprise us and say that the 720 will have exclusive DLC for the new crash...Strangers things have happened like Sony getting DLC for Destiny.

Intentions1942d ago

Or maybe, PlayStation gamers are getting exclusive content for destiny, so bungie can set a fanbase in the playstation crowd, since they already have a xbox fanbase.

Thatguy-3101942d ago

The series has never been the same after it left Naughty Dog. The first three installments are classic and unless it's going back to it's original creators I don't think a reboot is necessary.

Ultraplayerxp1942d ago

^ You're forgetting CTR there. And yes, Crash isn't the same if it isn't being made by ND.

gta28001941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

When Activision came on the floor and started talking about something PS gamers didn't see in like over a decade or something I actually held my breath and thought Crash Bandicoot or Sypro lol.

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HammadTheBeast1942d ago

Do NOT CoD-ify Crash Bandicoot. Reason CoD games get out so quick is because each one barely builds off of the last.

Crash needs his own originality. Crash Racing was awesome, but took time.

SuperSandLegend1942d ago

Sure let's give Crash a UMP and diamond fur camo's. Kidding. If I think I know what you meant by codify, I'm gonna say you want replay value. I do too, but I rather not see a series of copy and paste Crash games. That'd kill me inside.

raytraceme1942d ago

I say codify now but I probably will regret it in the long run. But something like uncharted's style would do good A game every 2 years with a portable release once in a while.

DFresh1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

If it's not made by Naughty Dog then it's not a true Crash Bandicoot game.

Hellsvacancy1941d ago

Would be awesome if true, Id love a Spyro reboot more though

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majiebeast1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

There is no Crash Bandicoot without Andy Gavin(Freelance),Jason Rubin(former president of THQ) and Mark Cerny(Lead architect on ps4 creator for ps4 IP Knack). Its like making a Mario game without Miyamoto or Metal gear without Kojima.

dafegamer1942d ago

knack will be the new crash bandicoot ;)

Super Taru1941d ago

Knack might be made by Mark Cerny, but I doubt that will be as loveable as Crash Bandicoot series were. I mean, all the Crash games (made by Naughty Dog) were so popular due to their originality and simplicity.

I'm currently playing "Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back" on my PSP and I can honestly say that I find myself having fun as if I'm playing a current gen AAA game. I remember having as much fun when playing Uncharted 3 online and yet look at the difference in terms of budget and complexity. Moreover, comparing Crash series with Uncharted's campaign (any Uncharted game), the first franchise offered me the same amount of fun (or more) with such little effort. My point is that nowadays is more difficult to produce fun games as it was back in the 90s--which was done without breaking a sweat.

Of course, looking back 15 years ago I can also find equal amount of flaws. So, that doesn't mean that the current gen games suck. I just made an observation. I love any kind of fun and well-made games, regardless of their complexity or the amount of realism of their graphics.

sarshelyam1942d ago

Interesting...Mark Cerny you say? The get over at Sony? Activision cozying up to Sony you say?

Oh wait, you didn't say that? Well I did!

black9111942d ago

I thought Activision was going to Announce a Crash Bandicoot Reboot at the PlayStation Meeting.

Treezy5041942d ago

Apparently Crash thought so too...

FamilyGuy1942d ago

That was pretty funny/cute. A new Crash would be fun.

banjadude1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Cuteness overload! (manliness level -1)

gokuking1942d ago

The reboot that we've received leaked information about was canned a few years back. Activision shut down Radical Entertainment (the studio behind the reboot) after Prototype 2 was released. As for Crash Team Racing, it was in development at High Impact Games, and also canned. They used that engine to power a Dreamworks racing game for Activision.

Unztayble1942d ago

Crash looks like Taz in that pic. I'm trying to think what else could be done with a Crash game. Not that they shouldn't make it, but what's gonna be the selling point?

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