Sony Will Compete With Valve, Not Microsoft, Next Generation

GR writes: "Watching the PlayStation 4 reveal I was surprised, despite trying not to be, at the specs for Sony's next console. The eight-core AMD CPU was anticipated, but opting for 8GB of GDDR5 and a GPU comparable to the GeForce 660/660ti is something the PC gamer inside of me couldn't help but be excited about. My astonishment soon turned into curiosity once I thought about how Microsoft's Durango (code name for next-gen Xbox) is clearly not aiming for the same demographic."

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alexcosborn1638d ago

It'll certainly be interesting to see what sort of direction Microsoft takes with its new console. Can't wait!

Dms20121638d ago

This opinion is getting pretty boring, at least come up with something else.

chasegarcia1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Kinect2.0 is exactly what I want

& for them to remove Xbox live gold.

HammadTheBeast1638d ago


It's your species that make me sick.

Mainsqueeze1638d ago

I Love Valves games but i honestly don't think they will do well with the steam box. Just to much competition and not enough brand recognition with the casuals. Even if they do just focus on high end specs i feel most people will opt for Sony with the PS4 because its something they know.

Mounce1638d ago

Whoa man, Kinect 2?! Sony doesn't stand a chance.

Valve should also scrap the Steam Box completely, they can't handle the power of Eyetoy 3- I mean, Kinect 2.0

Spoon_1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Steambox is an upgradeable console so there is no limits nuff said
You can slap a Titan in your steambox and voila!!

Also stop being small minded the steambox is being packaged with a CONTROLLER NOT A KEYBOARD IT'S COMPETITION IS CONSOLES

Virtual_Reality1638d ago

''You can slap a Titan in your steambox and voila!! ''

Seems easy, but do you consider it the price?

$999.99, nuff said.

dcbronco1638d ago

The person that wrote this seems to be incapable of learning from the past. Design means a lot, not just the parts. The writer, and may others, doesn't understand that we are moving into a new kind of computers. And software. And people are underestimating the software.

And neither consoles specs are final. Sony has said so, so apparently they believe they might have to upgrade theirs. And Microsoft's is a modular system. So parts can be added. Their own documents from a couple of years ago show 3 CPUs and 2 GPUs. We saw one APU design. What if there are two of those APUs in the Xbox. On paper that is a 25% power difference the other way.

Plus no one has figured out what the move engines in the 720 do. People have speculated that it was about increasing the RAMs bandwidth, but if bandwidth was a issue why not change the RAM from the beginning. So it might be for bandwidth and other reasons. That might add efficiency that increases power further.

And people keep talking about changing the motherboard at the last minute. No one has seen a motherboard for either console. Or a shell design. What motherboard needs changing?

Let's wait for final specs and a real examination of the parts before we determine a winner. Though I believe the Xbox will be more powerful. Based on some of the things I've been reading about their work.

Ritsujun1638d ago

yup, slap dat Steamboobx

BattleAxe1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Sony and Steam are the two best places to be for games, so I guess this makes sense to some degree. However, I think it will take Valve at least one full generation before they get the brand recognition they need to be able to compete with Sony in the livingroom.

What will be interesting is whether or not Sony will compete with Steam on the PC with using GaiKai, and since the PS4 architecture is similar to a PC, Sony could conceivably create a service like Steam or Origin on the PC, and offer both downloads of ported PS4 games and a streaming service.

Nitrox1638d ago

From article-
"Most importantly, the Durango is presumed to have an even more advanced version of Kinect built-in. Such a move indicates that Microsoft wants to make its motion and voice command capabilities a major feature of the next console"

I think it's pretty funny that the author of this seems to be putting down the next Xbox because Kinect integration is somehow "going a completely different route" but nowhere does he acknowledge that PS4 is shipping with its very own update of the uber successful (/s) PS Move.

Double standards I assume...

TheBrownBandito1638d ago


"Though I believe the Xbox will be more powerful. Based on some of the things I've been reading about their work."

I was taking you seriously until you said that.

Cueil1638d ago

lolz at the Titain vs 7970 comparison

TheRealSpy1637d ago

You're an idiot. You'd already have been removed for trolling if it was in reverse.

N4G is such insane hypocrisy.

dosempire1637d ago

Sadly.... Kinect 2.0 AND Casuals

TopDudeMan1637d ago

People marked this as funny, but I'm gonna mark it "well said" because it's probably a pretty good prediction.

Tr10wn1637d ago

After reading all these comments i still can't believe how idiotic people are on this site, we have clairvoyance people in this site, these guys can tell how powerful an unannounced console is gonna be that's just astonishing why the hell are you guys even here? you should be millionaires by now.... read your comments before posting eat you will laugh with all the non sense you guys write.

I love steam but there is no way ill use the Steambox over my PC and there is no way ill buy it over a PS4 or a 720 i still want to see the spec of both the 720 and the Steambox but my PC is not that bad so i'm looking towards the PS4 and the 720.

dcbronco1637d ago


I understand what you're say. Let me explain why I said that. It's because I've read so many articles about what Microsoft is doing from non-gaming sources. They have built a huge CPU/GPU design section of their own. They have modified chips on their own in the past. The APU in the Xbox Slim was their take on IBM and AMD parts. It was better and they had to slow it down to keep parody with older consoles.

They are making their chip modular. The leaked documents they have tried to have their lawyers remove from the Internet show that they plan to use their Xbox chips in TVs, Set-top boxes, TVs, Phones and tablets. They have already released Surface with other parts. I believe the next versions will contain MS chips.

It's clear to me that Microsoft is very serious about becoming a major player in the whole entertainment eco-sytem. From making their own original content to their own hardware. It will be based on other peoples parts(for the time being). But it will be heavily modified by Microsoft. I haven't seen any evidence that Sony has become so deeply involved in chip design. Apple has.

Apple and Microsoft have made it clear they will not depend on their to do their chips anymore. So I believe they have secrets that Sony won't have access to. They have also been gearing Windows 8, C++ AMP and DirectCompute to take advantage of the HSA architecture.

So it wasn't a fanboy comment. But I can see why you would thing that given this sites reputation.

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pain777pas1638d ago

I think that Microsoft will be competing with Valve more than Sony is. Microsoft may just try to push Valve out in some way. This gen will be interesting.

scott1821638d ago

Yeah it seems more likely MS and Valve may get in some sort of heated competition then Sony and Valve. Sony will try and push Nintendo out I think.

ForgottenProphecy1638d ago

Well, IMO, if Microsoft tries to stick with Kinect, I think it will be Microsoft vs Nintendo for the casuals and Valve vs Sony for the hardcore. Overall, we all win with a great experience found on all four consoles.

karl1638d ago

SONY has always bet on the hardcore market

soo if MS doesnt keep on the way they did up to now with the next xbox then SONY will be left alone

with pc of course

the rest is casual...

NonApplicable1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I think you should re-analyze Microsoft's direction. They clearly are pushing towards entertainment services and less on gaming. Just look at the Xbox interface and marketplace today; heavy on media and services. The gaming that they do focus on, is indicating a more casual future. The fact that Microsoft will bundle a Kinect 2.0 with every Durango says it all.

I hope I'm wrong!

extermin8or1638d ago

Microsoft could concievably make it harder for steam to function on windows and that would destroy a large portion of it's userbase. It'd be hard todo but not impossible and a right dick move but if they made life as hard as possible to be used on windows 8 or whatever comes next seeing as gabe as spewed anti windows 8 stuff already :p #what I wonder is if valve plan to make games like the inevitable half life 3 multiplatform or only on steam/steam box? Also steam box isn't going todo aswell because it's basically a pc, it is upgradeable which will put many people off and that for the money they shouldn't expect to be outdated in 3/4 years...

pain777pas1638d ago

Extermin8tor you don't forget do you? Neither do I. Gabe says that he wants to use Linux for the Steambox in addition to what he said about Windows 8. All signs point to Steam having some issues in the future with Microsoft or they are currently having issues with Microsoft. Some of us may not know how Microsoft became the Goliath that they were or are now. Apple is on the rise too so... if they find a way to just lock off other providers from Windows 8 and funnel everyone to their Windows 8 app store we may see a slow decline in Steams presence in a Windows OS space. I think that Microsoft is going to get angry and vicious soon to anyone non google because that is the only company that they need right now because of their search engine dominance and Youtube etc... That is the only partnership that they have to preserve everyone else is under the heel of their boots so to speak.

Tres211638d ago

@ extermin8or
ive been wonderin the same thing & wanna kno if they plan on still making multi plat games still or just goin for steambox & pc there r a few games i wanna play

Ju1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Steam is going the Linux route anyway. A Steambox won't run Windows. Not sure what MS can do about that (other than locking down the boot loader in Windows8 certified Mobos). You wouldn't notice. Big picture will take over the OS in Steambox anyway.

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TheGamerDood1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

MS is already being written

CommonSenseGamer1638d ago

Only by fanboys. I will wait to hear about their games line up before I decide.

LOGICWINS1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Writing off MS is like putting your back to an angry unchained dog thats been mistreated over the past couple of years. Big mistake.

haggishurler1638d ago

@LOGICWINS mistreated by the millions of gold customers, who pay money just to use the console with friends?

Zhipp1638d ago

I think you may have misunderstood the "mistreated" part of the metafore...