PS4: Sony Sees a Disc-Based Future

Sony's Jim Ryan has told IGN that Blu-Ray discs will still be the PlayStation 4's dominant delivery mechanism for games, despite a wider move towards a more connected console.

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Nyxus1847d ago

Good, regardless of internet connection and practicality, I just prefer to buy physical copies.

deep_fried_bum_cake1847d ago

Yeah there's nothing better than the feeling of actually owning something. The slightest issue on either your side or the company's could lead to you losing digital stuff.

I buy everything that I want in physical form, be it games, music or books.

Cam9771847d ago

I heard about Ps4 not supporting PS3 digital games and it left a bitter taste in my mouth. Although my digital collection consists of no more than 5 games, it is still a huge waste of money when my ps3 breaks or I get rid of it.

Persistantthug1847d ago

play PS3 downloadable games on a hardware level, but there's still GAIKAI, and it's very possible that you'll get access to most of the downloadable games you've purchased ( like JOURNEY ) at no additional cost.
Even though this feature hasn't been officially announced, I believe it will happen.

Army_of_Darkness1847d ago

Sony were one of the big supporters of blu-ray so I'm not surprised that they are gonna continue to support it on the PS4... And like a couple here have said, I like the convenience of sometimes buying the physical copy to the download version.

SolidStoner1847d ago

and its a really good news! I just cant afford to buy all new games, sometimes I need to sell them or buy used... and thats a good thing for everyone in the end.. (even if there will be a small price for 2nd owners)..

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Shinekami1847d ago

Physical discs forever!

DaThreats1847d ago

Retailers will always be in support of them.

dalibor1847d ago

It's better this way as it generates more businesses overall and we, the people need jobs. I think having physical and downloadable is the way to go. I at times like to download a game and other times I just buy the disc.

sobekflakmonkey1847d ago

I download the indie games, because I can't usually buy them in stores, but every store released game for consoles I usually just buy in stores.

MadMen1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Then SONY is incorrect - the other 99% of the industry says they are incorrect.

Disc will be needed in some capacity however not in the form SONY thinks.

Also I love having it in my hands much more so than digital but no doubt digital will become the main source of games in the future regardless if SONY fights it or not.

Riderz13371847d ago

I'm part of the 1%.

Long live play.

Jek_Porkins1847d ago

If they see a disc based future, why are they making such a push for digital content? They didn't even announce until after the reveal that the PS4 would have a Blu Ray player.

They obviously spent a lot of money purchasing a company that streams disc free. They released the PSPGO and offer digital games with PS+.

I love disc based media, but I think this is just them trying to convince consumers, but I wish it were true.

C-Thunder1847d ago


Digital only won't take off until a vast majority of people have a good enough connection to dowlnoad a 50-100+ gig game in a reasonable amount of time. Even with the ability to start playing upon download, I wouldn't want to have to wait hours for my download to finish.

Besides, who wouldn't want a physical copy, I'd hate to miss out on that new game smell :)

We're in for a mixed future for a long time.

Jek_Porkins1847d ago

I want physical games, I hate digital content because you never actually own the game that way.
I just said I don't believe Sony is truly thinking that way.

If they thought disc was the future why make the PSPGO?

I only have a 150 gig a month bandwidth, so I'd be totally screwed if a console maker went digital only.

vividi1847d ago

I think the pspgo was to test the waters and they realize that the disc market is the present and the near future

Viper71847d ago


Have you bought anything from GoodOldGames? They sell digital titles that you actually own after you buy them.

Their DRM free games can be stored in to any media you wish for and even shared with friends (although I'd advice against it as the games fairly cheap there anyways, and this is something worth supporting)

NotSoSilentBob1847d ago

@ Viper7

You never actually own digital software. You pay to access it. If you read any EULA you will know you never own any software but have paid a "1 time rental fee". And this software may not be transferred without consent of the owner.

What that means in laments terms is you don't own access to software, you are renting. If you want to trade a game in you're suppose to have written consent. Everytime I have called to have a computer based program transferred(Quickbooks 2008) I have been denied the right to transfer and am stuck with a 200$ paperweight cd.

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tweet751847d ago

would it be such a big deal to make it backwards compatible at least one generation back to play ps3 games?

Knight_Crawler1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

If you are talking about the PS4 then its a big deal because Sony is not using the the CELL chip in the PS4.

Long story short unless you are willing to pay $600 for a launch console then I would not ask Sony add BC to the PS4.

it would probably be cheaper to buy a PS4 and a PS3.

The PS4 will be able to play PS3 games but only digital which means that you will have to re-buy the PS3 games.

jerethdagryphon1847d ago

ps4 gddr5 ram/amd fusion cpu/gpu

ps3 256 xdr ram/256 gddr3 ram nvidia based gpu/ cell cpu

the cell is an in order processor for a start which makes it great at somethings bad at others, but ram cpu gpu are all far too different to work

they would have to put all of that in there for back compat to work

for ps2 on ps3 they had cpu/gpu and pointed it atr the ram pool which was close enough

the ps3s ram ran at spu speed or 3.2 ghz ps4 cpu is running at 2ghz ish simply cant be done as it stands theyd have to be ported which would be costly

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