Destiny: New Art, Pre-order Incentives and Why the Team on Stage Looked Awkward

Bungie’s site has been updated with a Destiny Q&A, revealing new artwork, pre-order incentives and an explanation about the awkward PlayStation 4 appearance.

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spicelicka1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

hahahahaha that picture just makes me laugh.

One guy has like no neck, one guy is just awkward body (marty lol), guy in the back really hates this galaxy, and the one on the right looks like a manikin.

MasterCornholio1912d ago

Im glad that Bungie is releasing some exclusive DLC to the PS4 version of destiny. The game looks very interesting and it appears to be a Halo killer in my opinion.

spicelicka1912d ago

Halo killer wtf? Why would they kill their own creation.

You could've said "more interesting than halo IN MY OPINION", but you sound like one of those halo appears.

aPerson1912d ago

So exclusive content is now a good thing because it's on a Sony console? Wow, okay...

I'll be buying a PS4, but multi-platform games should contain the SAME content across all platforms. Timed exclusives are bad enough. Exclusive content is even worse.

ThanatosDMC1912d ago

The weird thing was how bad it looks compared to KZ4 or even that car game... they should have gone first and put KZ4 last.

first1NFANTRY1912d ago

I agree, Sony should have at least closed their event with a ps4 exclusive not third party.

miyamoto1912d ago

Bungie as the grand finale was not just for the PlayStation gamers but most importantly for M$ and xbots

aPerson1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

MMOs never look as good as single player games. Destiny looks good enough anyway.

ThanatosDMC1910d ago

GW2 and Planetside 2... really?

GABRIEL10301912d ago

I like the Halo series, but after 6 games It's history look tired. With Destinity a new universe will be created, new history, a new hero and you'll be able to explore tis new game with your friends, and the best is avalaible for PS4 with a new hardware I cant wait....

vividi1912d ago

I am exited for this game, this will be one of the first game on my ps4