Activision looking to make a TNA Wrestling Video Game?

PWInsider recently reported that TNA Wrestling executives were in California earlier this week to acquire a new deal to produce a brand new TNA Impact Wrestling video game.

Dixie Carter and Jason Harvey met with video game producers from Activision who apparently have been interest in making a brand new game for TNA. Could this mean a brand new Impact Wrestling video game for the next generation consoles? And with the addition of the WWE games license recently being acquired by Take Two this could make for some interesting changes in the wrestling video game scene.

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Rampaged Death1886d ago

That first TNA game wasn't bad at all.

pain777pas1886d ago

They add create a wrestler or knockout and count me in. Competition for this space would be cool.

OcelotRigz1886d ago

Yeah, it had the feel of a solid base for a great sequel, which i was eagerly anticipating until i realised it wasn't coming at all.

nevin11886d ago

I havent played a good wrestling game since Here Comes The Pain.

Lets hope 2K and Actvision bring back proper wrestling games.

DeadlyFire1885d ago

Competition between the two will lead to better experience for everyone.

CaptainCamper1886d ago

Won't touch on WWE but worth a shot I guess :D

Yodagamer1886d ago

If the gameplay is good it could do pretty good. The first one sold a million copies and that was when They were a smaller company

BkaY1886d ago

use the gameplay formula of "Here comes the pain"

and you will get yourself a great game.