Japanese Soul Sacrifice TV Commercials

Viva la Vita: "Sony Computer Entertainment Japan have released two commercials in support of their PSVita exclusive, Soul Sacrifice. The MarvelousAQL, SCE Japan Studio, and Comcept co-production sees players as mages conquering the world of monsters in a variety of play styles. The game will be out in Japan on March 7th in a variety of SKUs, including a dual pack for you and a friend to share copies of the game."

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H4all1883d ago

magic... i'ts showtime....

TongkatAli1883d ago

Sony got a new epic ip, nice.

flyingmunky1883d ago

Looks like a really cool action rpg. Hopefully it demonstrates that the vita is a serious contender in the handheld space.

dafegamer1883d ago

the first tv commercial for a vita game. Sony's new marketing team is top notch

knifefight1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Are you being sarcastic? There have been a lot of commercials for Vita games, including the one in your avatar.
For example:

Jeez, here's a Vita game commercial from over a year ago:

tubers1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Holy crap! There are more dislikes on the 1st video than likes.

Does Japan hate this game?

Sanquine901882d ago

76 dislikes and 20.000 people watched it! Just some X or N fanboys ;)