Internal Microsoft event for Xbox to be held from March 4-7

Microsoft could be showcasing the new Xbox internally according to an event agenda leak.

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Gimmemorebubblez1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Well I doubt MS will change there specs in that short a time (between the PS meeting and the alleged internal Xbox event) .Should be interesting.... N4g is going to be a crazy place between now and well....its always been a crazy place and always will be.

PFFT1849d ago

They can and they will just watch. No next gen console is finalized YET at least.

Gimmemorebubblez1849d ago

They can but to change the architecture (considering they are already having problems with the Silicone supply) would cause a complete rethink .(the Durango leaked specs all work in symbiosis really well) If they changed from DDR3 to any other RAM they would probably miss Christmas 2013 and they would have to rethink the whole architecture and increase the costs of the device.

Godchild10201849d ago

Wouldn't the change of specs hinder game development? That would delay the system because it wouldn't have any launch titles. And I'm sure MSFT wouldn't release their system with no software.

GribbleGrunger1849d ago

Rock and a hard place:

Release at the same time as Sony and stick with what they have

Change their hardware and release 6 months to a year later.

MikeMyers1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Since when did specs deter success? The PS2 was the most popular system of all time and the original Xbox was more powerful and had a built in hard drive, all for the same price as the PS2.

This isn't like NVidia and AMD trying to outmatch each other.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

I hope sony lied about the ps4 and announce 10gb ram at e3. Then MS would be like O_O..

I am sure 720 will be the best media hub though.

dcbronco1849d ago

People are making a lot of assumptions about what the next Xbox will be capable of. They believe because the specs seem lower that ultimately the power will be. But design plays a huge part in ultimate power.

Microsoft has it's own chip designers. And I actually believe they are further along than AMD on HSA. HSA can make the same parts far more powerful. So The lower Microsoft specs could still lead to a lot more powerful console when it's all said and done.

Plus I think the rumored module design is because they want to use the parts for other things and they want the ability to add more than what they currently have shown. When it is released, the next Xbox will have two APUs, not one. Whether it's a BC APU or a ARM APU, it will still be available to the system to assist the other APU. And the design of the AMD base parts is all about the OS seeing all CPUs and GPUs as one part.

That added to better HSA features will add up to a much better machine. Plus they will have better tools and software. Also look at the last article about SuperDaE. Even he said he liked Durango better. If he really had access, he might know something about how those specs actually work.

nukeitall1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Like anything, it is the overall package of the architecture design. Remember how PS3 was supposed to be this monster and it cost almost 50% more at launch which didn't really translate to the performance.

Turns out, having EDRAM and shared memory which many claimed was a cheap design reserved for integrated graphics was a much better design. That is one of the reasons why many multiplatform games even when lead on the PS3 has better performance on the Xbox 360. Just see Metal Gear Rising as an example.

It's not the individual specs, but about the type of load the architecture is designed for. It is that bet, and we won't know for at least another year or two.

Furthermore, the PS Vita is far more powerful than the 3DS, yet the Nintendo 3DS has much more 3rd party support as well as a growing adoption rate, while the PS Vita seems to be diminishing.

It turns out, the specs are no longer what drives the industry, but rather the overall offering. Otherwise, the PC would have taken over the industry a long time ago.

HammadTheBeast1849d ago

Unless they want to delay the console a few months (probably 5-6 depending on speed of the manufacturer) they will not change the hardware or the motherboard.

dcbronco1849d ago

I also believe Microsoft has been so quiet because they know they have a better machine. I believe Sony knows too. That's why they have tried to bait Microsoft into talking. Whether it was the press conference or saying the specs are final. They know the 720 is more than the specs would have you believe.

Both work with AMD. But Microsoft does a ton of their own work. I bet some of those AMD guys talk a little and kinda hint that there are things that we know but can't talk about. Or things MS has done that they have given us rights to do. Sony messed up on the Cell and told IBM that what they found could be used for all future products. MS isn't going to give AMD anything to be used on the PS4. It may show up on later AMD chips, but not the PS4 chip. Maybe the PS5, but that will be when they have something even better.

Plus, I believe Microsoft has plans of shrinking and using this same chip in Surface and eventually phones. Also TVs and just about anything else you can think of. Look at the 2010 presentation leak.

The document has been removed from most sites because MS sent the lawyers in. But it's still out there. Almost everything the PS4 has was also listed in that document. Cloud services, remote play on other devices, recording gameplay, Smartglass, TV APPs. More and more is coming true with new announcements. We just haven't heard about that second APU. Though the leak has 3 CPUs. Which is still possible if you consider the cost of ARM APU($14 in the iPad 2). And the CPU in the 360 is about to be shrunk to 22nm by IBM. SO they will be very cheap.

Since the OS should see all of those parts as one part and they are all modular, the dev kit can be changed once the parts are finalized with no consequences to any program previous developed. It's like getting more money after making your plans. It doesn't mean you can no longer do what you wanted to do. You now just have extra. So for second generation games, you know what you're really working with. Plus, I think the next Xbox will include that technology that makes last generation games look better. That upgrade to the DVD was about that more than security(just a hunch).

DOMination-1849d ago

How can it be too late for MS to change the specs. The consoles won't go into production until around July so its pretty of time to alter some minor logistics. Sony change their ram at the last minute, pretty sure MS could do the same.

Munky1849d ago


you sir a breath of fresh air on this site. Bub+ for you

dcbronco1849d ago


The only dev kits we have seen(?) have been PC cases. We don't know what the motherboard or case looks like on the final product. So we don't know if their is room for changes. We know from leaks that the 720 architecture might be modular. Most thought for upgrades. I believe it is for two reasons. First, the final specs of the console will be secret until the last moment. HSA sees all resources as one part. Adding more parts just adds more resources. It doesn't change the previous development. Two, these parts will be sold to make TVs, Set-top boxes, phones and Surface.

If you look at the old 2010 Xbox leak(you can still find it online, the lawyers didn't get all of it), you'll see that direction. They originally had two APUs and a CPU planned, so I'm not sure what adjustments need to be made. Plus DDR5 takes more power but less space so adding a bigger PS is offset by the space created by fewer RAM sticks. And that power supply might be on the outside again.

ArmrdChaos1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Gotta love these threads. So much effort wasted on a subject that don't mean $hit until the product is in the box and on the truck. Sony hasn't released all their specs... namely price... and Microsoft hasn't given up anything official to date. Yet here are all the cheerleaders, panties in a bunch, throwing conjecture around like they were proverbial boulders in efforts of crushing the "enemy". It would be nice to courtesy flush all this opinionated crap and get back to posting concrete NEWS on this site.

dcbronco1849d ago

Chaos the purpose of the comment section is for people to give their opinion. Your comment was about your opinion that people shouldn't be giving their opinions? Huh...WHAT?

xxLuckyStrike1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Lol that Sony fanboys think they know the 720's specs and that there final. that M$ wouldn't go back and change them. I think Sony fanboys HOPE M$ doesn't go and revise specs. Means they 1up Sony and the PS4. If the leak is accurate M$ has not choice but to change specs.

1. An accurate leak almost a year before launch just looks bad. And the fact that they sat on it after Sony's great PS4 conference and Steam box announcement last year.

2. To 1up or match the PS4 specs

3. To gain some of Nintendo's Marketshare (buyers on the fence) by being able to offer a console just as powerful if not more.

4. It's a two console race this gen and a large % of Nintendo's market share is up for grabs.

5. An answer for Steam Box

Sony fanboy wont like that and want to believe the supposed leaked documents are etched in stone.. That M$ cant go back and change specs. If true Maybe they already did. Its likely M$ has/had 2-3 options to chose from.

*But I could be wrong

3GenGames1849d ago

Agreed. People saying they can't change the hardware easily...well at this point, they can easily. Early games don't push the API's to the limits. And UPGRADING hardware means you can push it further by default. Just upate the hardware, libs, and then send the new API to the devs to test/work with with updated guides to how it works with the hardware. It's not that bad right now. But will they? I don't think so. I can see 8GB of DDR3 being used. But still, it's easy to change hardware at this point in time. It'll be interesting to see what the reveal specs will be! I don't think they'll be much different from what we've seen, though.

Ju1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Can I ask my X friends a question? So, what if...let's just say, what if PS4's specs are so much better. Will you be hurt a lot? Just asking because you go the extra mile to pull those fancy ideas out of miracle land that all those fancy features happen because its MS. Weird. Reading through here, it quite looks that way. ;) LOL

GraveLord1849d ago

They pretty much are. The leaked PS4 specs were spot on except for Sony decided to double the RAM.

Rageanitus1849d ago

If its coming out this year. You can count on specs being pretty much final. It is just that they are not disclosing it (for marketing reasons).

It takes at least 6 months to ask China to build the parts in quantity and ship it through the supply chain.

Jockamo1849d ago

Plus the 360 changed it specs right before its announcement because Epic told them to increase their ram for the unreal engine. It was totally easy for them to change that...

slapedurmomsace1849d ago

@ ju....that depends..are you hurt the moment the ps4 is released it'll already be outta date tech compared to the tech for PC's? You really should take a look at some of the upcoming GPU's that are coming out. Amazing, and I'm not a PC only gamer. As a gamer who doesn't blindly follow any company just because they put they're name on it, I haven't missed 1 must have 10/10 game yet. It's a shame too from, Gears, to Mario Galaxy to Metro and to Uncharted, anyone who only follows one system just because it says sony, ms or nintendo are really missing out on a lot, and coming off as an elitest that no one is gonna take seriously anyway. If you can only afford 1 system (and I can completely understand that, thank god I never have anything planned for those months I get paid 3 times) than enjoy your system and everything it has to offer, but to come on a website to put down someone else who decided to pick a different's not gonna make your self esteem any better, and big Jim is still gonna take your lunch money monday.

andrewsqual1848d ago

They should be fine. They released a prototype to the masses before in 2005 and released the final product 4 and a half years later in Summer 2010 and people accepted it like it was an absolutely normal thing to do. So just do it again.

gaffyh1848d ago

MS did change the specs at the latest point last time, which caused the RROD issue. I can't see them making the same mistake again. Whatever they've already confirmed as specs, will be the same. Although the leaks in the first place may not have been accurate.

bicfitness1848d ago

If they swap out the RAM to be DDR5 (which they will NOT), they would have to cut the EDRAM off the mobo. That only exists in lieu of a faster RAM solution. So we'd be talking about a redesign, plus an new order for silicon, plus an increase in price. It's simply not going to happen. MS would miss Xmas for sure. No matter how much money they could throw at the issue.

If the leaked Orbis specs were as accurate as they were, we can expect the same with Durango. MS has EDRAM and their architecture will be "good enough". They'll just market the crap out of what they already have.

Last gen, Epic asking/ demanding for another MODULE of the SAME RAM MS were already planning on using is clearly a simpler and unrelated resolution to a DIFFERENT issue. Please stop comparing them.

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greenpowerz1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

You guys keep saying that hoping it's true.


- Xbox 360 specs were changed for Gears Of War after Epic requested more RAM just a few months before launch.

-PS3 specs were changed before it's launch(something to do with PS3 Laser Diode?)

-PS4 specs were changed from 4 gigs to 8 gigs after needing to match the 720's rumored ram one up-ing the old spces(can't find the article)

-720 specs have been changing over time

^^^720 4 gigs of RAM

^^^720 8 gigs of RAM

-Leaked docs of 720 specs were old unfinalized docs for internal employee discussion and dev kit specs are changed all the time since cosnoles before they are built are on PC.

Sony is trying to get MSFT to copy their announced specs so they can one up MSFT but MSFT will make the 720 strong enough to avoid the trap. This specs race started after MSFT specs were leaked.

The Next Xbox will end up with 10 to 12 gigs of the best RAM. MSFT has come too far with too many investors tasting the crown.

barb_wire1849d ago

12GB's of RAM!?! - yeah right genius and no doubt expect to pay $1000+ for that next box..

Hellsvacancy1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

"10 to 12 gigs of the best RAM" I shall come back to this silly comment in a few months time and remember how laughable it was "10 to 12 gigs of the best RAM" MS doesnt love you that much, I doubt itll be above 6 (was going to say 4)

TheGamerDood1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

"The Next Xbox will end up with 10 to 12 gigs of the best RAM"

Is there anything better than GDDR5 right now? teehee

MS said a while ago that it's pointless to fight over hardware specs, they saw what happened on the PC and have no desire to replicate that on consoles.

(guys, guys no need to be jerks about it, we don't like it when they do it to respect and you'll get it)

Rainstorm811849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Because there is no article.......just rumor and speculation that sheep love to eat up.

10-12gb of Ram? Oh I see how this works make up shyt and pass it off as fact....well in that case I saw a rumor Halo And Gears would be PS4 exclusives.....your move green.

Crazy-land is fun :)

@green below

The thing is nothing is getting changed this late in the game....your proof articles are old as hell and with the 360 the could've made the chage well over a year before the console hardware changes will be made within the same year the console go read the articles you posted and do the math

BigStef711849d ago

What you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul

greenpowerz1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Holy crap LMAO

Ruffled some feathers?

I guess Sony is allowed to change specs but not MSFT then?

Assuming MSFT needs to change anything because of PS4 being better spec-ed is just seculation based on not knowing what MSFT is really doing.

You're entitled to believe your double standards over which company can make changes. It's your right to assume the PS4 is the best spec-ed console even now, forget about MSFT changing anything.


You didn't understand that?

It was a response to a troll saying MSFT can't change the specs of the 720 and I responded with examples of it happening all the time. I guess you wish MSFT will not be able to change the 720 aswell?

Your response is the most childish a$$hurt thing I've heard in a while. Selective intelligence?

My post was examples of changes to specs and the spec war going on, that started this generation.

An Ape could grasp what I said LOL


If you're responding to me I wasn't talking about ram a Console or PC wouldn't use.

DethWish1849d ago

Yes there is better ram than gddr5, its used by server machines and its expensive as fuck. Don't expect to see "the best ram" in a console anytime soon :)

stage881849d ago

Bookmarked to laugh at later once MS unveil the new Xbox and its less than superior ram.

PS. Hi, future Stage88, I hope April is treating you well

Cyrax41849d ago

"The Next Xbox will end up with 10 to 12 gigs of the best RAM."

You haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about, kiddo. If you honestly think that MS will have 10-12 GB of GDDR5 RAM, you must be younger than 12 years old.

MS will have 8GB of DDR3 RAM and try to counter Sony be offering a system that is underpowered but much cheaper.

MasterCornholio1849d ago

Nice article

"It would have been nice to see the screenshot that squeezed a further billion dollars from Microsoft's budget just to swap out 256MB for 512MB."

But heres the problem with it. Microsoft was told by epic to upgrade the amount of ram from 256MB to 512MB however if you read the article the ram type is still the same. The reason why they could upgrade the ram was because the motherboard supported DDR3 ram so they could swap out the 256MB stick and replace it with a 512MB one.

However Microsoft is using DDR3 with the 720 which is a type of ram thats slower than the PS4s GDDR5 so while they both have 8GB of ram the PS4s ram is still faster. Now here comes the reason why Microsoft cant upgrade the ram for the console.

The reason why they cant replace the ram with a faster one is because of this.

"First up, unless Microsoft has radically upgraded its graphics and memory configuration for Durango in the last nine months (an engineering nightmare unlikely to happen - it can't really add more chips as Sony has done)"

What this means is that if Microsoft wants GDDR5 ram, they would have to redesign the motherboard which is something that could delay the 720 by a substantial amount. Which is the reason why they are not doing it because they dont want to give Sony a head start with this.

This is just something that you have to live with.

Kur01849d ago

There is a difference between just adding more of the same type of ram to a motherboard then completely changing the type of ram a console architecture runs on.

adorie1849d ago

i bet you don't game on pc and understand the basics of the hardware market. Because it at least seems that way.

grayfoxx8811849d ago

I am so tired of reading your delusional comments. Please, stop embarrassing yourself.

nukeitall1849d ago

As I pointed out in the previous comment, specs aren't the defining factor nor is carefully computed numbers to show a system in its best condition.

It is the overall architecture for a type of load.

That said, MS likely has several designs for the next Xbox architecture. They all have contingency plans so it wouldn't be impossible for MS to change.

Question is, do they want to or do they think their architecture can match the competitors?

BlueTemplar1849d ago

@greenpowerz you deserve more bubbles for being hilarious.

xxLuckyStrike1849d ago


their worried. They say it's too late for M$ to have changed anything an that's final. Cause nothing can be more powerful then the PS4. If it does they'll all start jumping off bridges or continue to live in denial

dubt721849d ago

@stef I don't think green knows that that was an insanely funny scene in Billy Madison, or else he'd see the comedy in it and realize you were joking around (I think). But kudos, nonetheless.

Dee_911849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Maybe you and greenpower should learn how to read.Nobody said they cant change their specs or its too late.
They can update or change if they want but its common sense that it wont release this year.Like what everyone is saying ... geniuses.
Any way.. I dont think they will change their specs.

NonApplicable1849d ago

Can I subtract a bubble for being a complete moron?

Epic_Troy1849d ago

Why soo many disagrees you was speaking the truth and the Ps3 fan boys disagree smfh

fsfsxii1848d ago

I like how you couldn't find the article and made up these facts and built the 720 facts over rumors....

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SDF Repellent1849d ago

Man, another kaz avatar, let me guess you are a Sony fan. The fact of the matter is no one really knows the final spec of the next Xbox, the rumored for Sony is close and mostly true except for the 8gb ram part, but that doesn't mean the spec for the next Xbox is correct. For all we know, there might be several prototype of the x720 in preparation for a counter like this. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Remember, Microsoft has billions in cash and Sony is still in the Red.

Outside_ofthe_Box1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Can I guess what fan you are lol?

It's safe to say the specs for both systems are going to be fairly close. That's why Sony revealed their specs. They know that even if the 720 out specs the PS4 the difference won't be super huge. Which one is more powerful than other isn't going to matter in the bigger scheme of things as the difference won't be big. Only fanboys are going to be gloating about it just like they do with sales. Most 3rd party devs are doing to develop for both console so as long the install bases are as close as it is this gen.

Luthiens11849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Talking of red, didnt ms change the ram for the 360 late in development. It has to be remembered how many launch machines whent belly up (mine included) because of heat issues. I hope they dont try to bandage stuff into it again.
*edit* My first paragraph is fact, so to disagree must mean you do want bandage's...lmfao.

adorie1849d ago

This buds for you.

Assets are as good as cash. Think of it as a more intelligent "yard sale"

DigitalSmoke1848d ago

Did you see Microsoft put out Sony's INCREDIBLE hype momentum with a "simple" remark saying that ofcourse!!! they will match, or go past the Sony spec!!!....
nope, so they can do NOTHING, or they would have shut this Sony party down days ago.

Microsoft is in bigger trouble then you realize.

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Dragos751849d ago

Why would MS have to change their specs? Specs are important but in the end both of theses consoles will be similar in power. Its all about strategy.

DigitalSmoke1848d ago

On a 1 to 1 hardware strength ratio Microsoft loses the battle to Sony on every single day.
They cannot match the software output Sony has generated.

If they underpower their console (wich i think they can do nothing about at this stage and level) they will get a beating so hard, that they will leave so much damage to their comunity that there's no choice but leave the console scene completely.
They cannot get Sega on us because they have no software.

ALLWRONG1849d ago

LOL PS fanboys hoping and wishing that rumored Xbox specs are true. I remember MS doing a couple serious upgrades to the 360 at the last minute. Hell even Sony added Blu-ray at the last minute. I don't know what is more "duh" comparing to rumored internet specs, or believing that those rumors are true.

user39158001849d ago

You see thats how events are done 3 days.

haggishurler1849d ago

You see thats how events are done internal.


morkendo231849d ago

all i hear these days: more power,more power,more power ps4 will have power with 720 with power.
all i want is more GAMES,more GAMES,more GAMES!!!!!

only power im concern with is the power button (on switch)

AngelicIceDiamond1849d ago

MS can't change their specs by that time? Or how bout MS probably already has powerful specs to begin with?

I'm just saying both Sony and MS will have powerful machines.

3-4-51849d ago

Basically it's this

A.) Leave it as is and Xbox 720 released Holiday 2013

B.) Add change memory to DDR5 and console is released in March 2014.

deanobi1849d ago

12 Gig Ram and March 2013 release for the new Xbox Trinity ;)

akaakaaka1849d ago

I'm sure I will not get one but let's hope they keep up with the 8gb gddr5 ram..

and this time we see EA games Konami where missing from the Sony conference..
I want to see more next gen games!!!

humbleopinion1848d ago

I also doubt MS will change it in such a short time, but the real question is: did they already change it months ago without this information leaking out?
Sony after all just surprised everyone with 8GB VS 4GB, and they didn't just decide to stick it in the system last month.

Time will tell...

otherZinc1848d ago

Wow, I didn't know M$ released final specs to its shareholders??? All M$'s specs to this point is PURE speculation.

M$ changed its specs only at the strong request of Epic. I'm positive they have a set of specs geared to choose from.

Tr10wn1848d ago

I dont understand how you can change something that isnt even announced yet, all the specs andanything 720 related is just rumors, the 720 might as well be powered by the sun but is just a rumor...

AmkOwns1848d ago

i hope MS will hit hard so sony can hit harder :-)

Munky1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )


So would bumping the amount of DDR3 RAM be a better/more realistic option at this point for MS? Would it even be worth the trouble to increase the amount of RAM or is DDR5 that much faster then DDR3 that any increase would be considered a waste of time? I'm curious of what you think as you seem to know what you are talking about.

r1sh121848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

they might.
They did it with the wireless controller for xbox 360, and with soo much media scrutiny over the generation of RAM in the nextbox I wouldnt be surprised if they are forced to

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Walker1849d ago Show
BrianC62341849d ago

Microsoft is going to show their console internally? I'd hope people at Microsoft have seen it by now.