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5 Things Microsoft Should Reveal at Their Conference - Analog Addiction

Ever since the first news regarding Sony’s conference on February 20th broke out, everyone speculated that the company would announce their next generation console. They indeed announced it, but the conference also held many surprises: from new titles like inFAMOUS: Second Son or Killzone: Shadow Fall, to the new DualShock 4 controller, or to how accessible the new PlayStation is for developing, Sony had one of its best conferences in recent memory. So what about Microsoft? (Industry, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Xbox One)

Chaostar  +   1004d ago
They need to match the share button feature.

I get the impression that few people will really appreciate how much a brilliant innovation the share button will be until they actually start using it. I felt, although it was put across well, Sony haven't trumpeted this feature as much as they should.

If MS doesn't have a similar system in place it will be a huge feather in PS4's cap.

@vlad94pintea More than likely but since there's been no rumour or whisper of anything of the sort (unlike in Sony's case) you have to wonder if they have even thought about something like this. There's a small chance it just passed them by completely.
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Captain_Mushroom  +   1004d ago
Seeing as MS has recently been focused on more social aspects of gaming than actual games, I think there's a strong possibility they will come out with something similar.
user3915800  +   1004d ago

StrongMan  +   1004d ago
MS also needs a cloud gaming system to compete with the Sony owned Gaikai. MS can't seem to be able to get a simple cloud save system to work properly so I don't see how they can get cloud gaming to work.
lastofgen  +   1004d ago
you do realize that ms's azure cloud platform is ranked highly, even first place ahead amazon's services in recent reports.

if anyone besides sony has the proper resources and man-power to successfully implement something akin to what sony showed off, it's Microsoft.
Dragos75  +   1004d ago
lol... Even though sony bought Gaikai I bet they are still behind. Saying that the service will be coming out in stages isn't very convincing. As for MS conference I'm sure they will stick to their guns and strong points.
greenpowerz  +   1004d ago
The purchase of Gaikai was a short cut for Sony with Sony knowing MSFT is a head. Using Gaikai insures Sony can at least give the appearance of being on par to average joe.
SDF Repellent  +   1004d ago
At the conference, the spokesperson from Gaikai just said they just got green lighted from Sony to develop their cloud system, which mean it is not even in the alpha stage yet. If you know anything about azure from Microsoft, then you know Microsoft is already ahead of Sony in that regard. Again, I expect nothing more from Stronman other than talking without any hard evidence and pro Sony.
Bigpappy  +   1004d ago
Actually, M$ already has a system setup for sharing pics and vids from 360 to face book and a data base of there own. I was really implemented for Kinect games, but could easily be done in other core games. This is not a revolutionary feature as those who were eager to do this, just recorded their games and posted what they wanted to share on YouTube. That will still continue to happen by the way.
Chaostar  +   1004d ago
Sometimes a revolution can be about more than creating something new, it can be taking something that already exists and making it easier and more enjoyable to use. In this respect, Sony most definitely does have a revolutionary feature under it's belt.

To my knowledge there is no share button on the 360 and MS have yet to implement this level of social interaction to XBL, what you mention is not comparable.
greenpowerz  +   1004d ago
There doesn't need to be a button for sharing features. The button is actually kind of corny and sounds half baked/desperate gimmic

If enabling a share feature had to be a face button MSFT could easily swap holding the guide button to turn off hardware *with* sharing, without the cheap gimmic dedicated button on DS4

^^(Kinect-2 is always live for console operating system instructions possibly having control of games not even developed for Kinect-2 in a gameplay sense)

Obviously Sony knows MSFT is working on spectator and recording features hence the PS4 reveal without a live demo of any of "their system/console ideas" on vaporware PS4 hardware.
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jimbobwahey  +   1004d ago
Sony gave a live demo of Killzone being played and then after the player finished the demonstration he utilized the share features to upload the gameplay video straight to Facebook.

It was actually pretty impressive.
Kalowest  +   1004d ago
MS has Windows Azure, Skydrive, and Skype that they can
use to their advantage, when it come to making the 720 more social(like the PS4).
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1004d ago
1.) Make the new Xbox powerful
2.) Show hardcore exclusive games (none Kinect)
3.) Basic multiplayer needs to be free. With optional subscriptions.

EDIT: Kinect 2.0 is rumored to come bundled with every console. So if that's the case we won't have to worry about Kinect only games. Hardcore titles will still have the core functionality (controller) so all that means is all games will have some sort of Kinect feature. Think "better with Kinect" games Like ME and Deadspace.
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DOMination-  +   1004d ago
You don't need a share button for that. Just have it on the in game guide button menu. Besides, the sharing ideas Sony showed the other day was a copy of the ideas that MS had in their leaked document.
dcbronco  +   1004d ago

Halo 3.... Uploading and sharing video since 2007.
Chaostar  +   1004d ago
I can see I've accidentally hit a nerve with some people here. I concede whatever point you're all trying to make, I really don't care. All I said was that there's a small chance MS might not implement a similar thing, which as far we know for sure could be true, no matter what services they currently run or if a game implemented a similar feature in 2007.

I will reiterate that Sony has innovated the idea by running with it and implementing it into their entire system, revolutionising how we share gaming moments with our friends.

I'm also aware that it's not the button itself that is the innovation, it's their commitment to make it just work and the general ease of use that make it different from anything we've previously seen. That is not taking away from MS who may very well have exactly the same setup and I'm NOT going to be pulled into an immature 'who did it first' argument.
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dcbronco  +   1003d ago
It's not that you hit a nerve. Doing this system-wide is a great idea. It's just that it isn't a Sony innovation. If you search the Internet and find a copy of the Microsoft leak that MS lawyers have tried to remove, it list this very thing as a part of the next Xbox. Along with an Apps CPU(MS plans a APU for Apps) and several other features the PS4 will have.

You just have to understand that you're on a site where there are two camps of morons that spend their collective two brain cells trying to make one company seem better than the other. Applauding one company for doing things and hating the other for the same thing. Doing things at the system level has been a thing Microsoft has pushed since the 360 was announced and Sony fans have hated it as forgetting the hardcore. So it comes off kinda fanboyish when someone call Sony innovative for doing things MS gets criticized for.

You're just collateral damage. Don't take offense.
Chaostar  +   1003d ago
All you're arguing is that Sony didn't do it first? That's where I seem to have touched the nerve with xbox fans here, Sony have come out and showed us this first and not just rumour and leaked documents (in which I could find no mention of this feature btw, please provide a link) we've actually seen it work live onstage.

I most definitely understand how the fans work here, there's no need to tell me, and I'm trying my hardest not to get drawn into this moronic debate. The fact remains that Sony have taken an idea and produced a real world, working feature and demonstrated it's possibilities whereas MS hasn't... yet. I'll let the fanboys argue over who came up with the idea first because frankly, I don't care and, if you truly are not the thing you seem to despise, neither should you.
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JackAndJizz  +   1004d ago
1through 5 in no particular order.

4.Timed Exclusives
5.Xbox Live Fees
NoobJobz  +   1004d ago
That's what you want them to reveal? Hmm. Interesting.
Riderz1337  +   1004d ago
Halo 4 just released and Gears of War Judgement isn't even out yet. If you expect a Halo/Gears title at the reveal, get ready to be disappointed.
MadMen  +   1004d ago
I can guarantee you this, your digital content WILL transfer.

I am appalled at SONY for this not being done on their system completely unacceptable.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1004d ago
I already know MS gonna show us halo 5 & GOW 4 when they announce the next xbox
BanBrother  +   1004d ago
WOW!!!! Microsoft to reveal God Of War 4? Amazing. Not even Sony thought of doing that!!! /s

But yes, I would be not surprised at all to see another Gears and Halo. Those are quality titles, but I'd like to see MUCH more than that if I m going to buy a 720.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1002d ago
GOW = Gears of War
Angainor7  +   1004d ago
In my opinion these are the 5 key things that next xbox needs in order to compete with PS4.

1) NEW IPS (at least 4), except Gears, Halo, Forza and Alan Wake.

2 No block of used games and limitation of the 'always connected' option.

3) Backwards Compatible.

4) RAM 8GB at least.

5) Beautiful Design.
Jek_Porkins  +   1004d ago
I just want to see the damn console and...
Would like to see
New platform IP
New Adventure IP
Backwards compatibility
Strong third party support
Larger friends list and social aspects to compete with Mii Verse
Something big like Alan Wake 2 or Project Gotham 6
Twinzclipz  +   1004d ago
sorry mate
But Xbox fans love playing FPS only or ACTIOn games :)
Jek_Porkins  +   1004d ago
Funny, out of 235 Xbox 360 games, I count 25 in my collection that are FPS. I think American gamers like more than shooters. Sports, action, open world, we like it all. I cant really account for what someone across the world thinks or perceives us as.
Tito08  +   1004d ago
Project Gotham 6??? How if there have being only 4 PGs lol! And yeah, you might have more games that aren't FPSs, but seriously can't speak for the majority of the Xbox fanbase, & the controller is mostly favored because it is best suited for shooters!
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Gamer-40  +   1004d ago
1., Beautiful design -console and controller-
2., Awesome Forza 5.
3., Beautiful new Fable using UE4.
4., No block of used games.
5., New awesome IP using UE4.

Backwards compatible, Conker 2, new AAA JRPG.
SDF Repellent  +   1004d ago
Similar hardware, undercut Sony by $100, more advertisement, and show off a strong diverse collection of features and software. I don't know how Sony can survive this onslaught as long as all the key third party publishers, which Microsoft will surely have, is onboard making their core games for the x720.

You can talk about Sony having more first party games as you like but those games are not as popular as the X360 big hitters ans western blockbusters like CoD, elder scrolls, Mass Effect, and Bioshcok are more popular with the Xbox brand.

Another thing in Microsoft advantage is the fact that the Kinect is more popular and better perceive by the casual which in turns will guarantee more market penetration and more unit sold, at least in the western world.
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jakmckratos  +   1004d ago
What third party support are you talking about? Microsoft barely has any non-first party exclusives? Call of Duty , Mass Effect , Elder Scrolls and Bioshock still sell very well on PS3 so they're not as valuable as you think especially when games like Batman, Final Fantasy, AC2 and AC 3 and DMC outsell on the PS3. It's fairly balanced now. ANd SOny does have more first and third party exclusives. THat's a HUGE buying point for people who like wide variety of quality games. THey're not forced to play shooter games about machismo sci-fi marines over and over. I jest slightly though because MS does have a few interesting exclusives like Alan Wake, Fable..erm and several others.

THe Kinect is whack. Sorry I said it..the casual market has bought it, tried it , liked it for a little and they're tired of it. THat's not going to be a buying point for Xbox unless they REALLY step up what they can do. Sony's new camera is promising and the move ultimately works better that waving your hands about like an idiot.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1004d ago
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1004d ago
Why what?

That's a pretty stupid reply. What are you asking why to? Does your limited vocabulary restrict you from asking a clear question in order to get a clear answer?
DeadSpaced  +   1004d ago
1) Better specs than Sony.
2) New IPs
3) Focus on hardcore gamers
4) Free online
5) Used games aren't blocked
jakmckratos  +   1004d ago
They need to be as game focused if not more as SOny was. Sony's conferences was better than the last 3 E3's combined because of how new everything was. MS has clearly had a lot of their titles AWOL for years. It is hopefully to showcase them on thei Next-Gen console. No bogus Kinect stuff. It's semi-cool...we get it but enough. No lukewarm title releases. SOny didn't even bring their A-Game and they had a great presentation and with releases from GoW and Halo in the spread of time 720 plans on debuting in they really can't rely on those two franchises to hype up the console again without complaints of Milking the franchises. THey need to show off something that is as novel as Gears was at the time of it's announcement.
legendof117  +   1004d ago
But I want a glimpse of what Gears of War 4 will be like on the 720. As long as it's developed by Epic Games.
Max-Zorin  +   1004d ago
1. Killer Instinct 3
2. A new Conker
3. New IP's
4. Blu Ray
5. Built in hard drive
6. Reliable and don't make noise
7. Buy more studios and get them to make IP's other than shooters
nigelp520  +   1004d ago
Tres21  +   1004d ago
i was just gonna comment on crimson skies 2 i was hopin 4 that game this whole gen...nothing 2 me they did sleep on that along wit KI3

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