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IGN - Microsoft's Lessons from the PlayStation 4 Reveal

Sony has set the bar for a next-gen console unveiling. How can Microsoft raise it? (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

auragenz  +   801d ago
I like pizza.
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black911  +   801d ago
PS Plus is the New Xbox Live!
Karpetburnz  +   801d ago
The only difference is you wont be required to pay for PS+ to play your games online.
--Onilink--  +   801d ago

Ok so 1st of all, we do have to pay for PS+ anyway, its the PSN that is free. And well considering all the online features sony is looking to add, i think it would be wise to assume that this gen we will have to pay for online, they have to pay for all those services somehow, not toention recover the $380mill spent on gaikai

In the end if they keep it free i will be pleasently surprised, if i think its going ro remain free and they charge i would be dissapointed
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joab777  +   801d ago
I am almost sure i read somewhere that there will be a subscription fee for playstation 4 online and it will be called playstation world. It may be a rumor but they were smart in proving to everyone that if the pay $50 a year, they will get their monies worth. Xbox is in the unenviable position of matching this. Though, they may release an entirely different pay structure, at least as an option.

I think xbox, and i hope i am wrong, will show alot of kinect and its future. It will also have bungie there. They will show a glimpse of halo 5, even if its a teaser. Also, forza will be there. There will be 2-3 games we dont know about and then there will be timed exclusive announcements...sound familiar? Its because its been every xbox meeting for 2 yrs.

In reality, they cant show halo or gears yet. How can they show CoD or do timed exclusives if MW4 is gonna be this gen (announcing a next gen CoD with some exclusivity would help a tom though). Also, bungie may be there but does that mean both systems get exclusive content. And if they dont, why have bungje there...to remind ppl that the ps4 not only gets destiny but gets exclusivity? I was thinking before last week that xboxs announcement would be all about activision with a new cod, and destiny,but then i saw ps meeting and read that mw4 is this gen. Yeah, fable may be there. Forza most likely will. There may be a few cool titles, but its gonna be rough. Maybe tbey struck a deal with respawn, though that would be wierd and EA seems to have better arrangement with the ps4.

I think xbox will offer some type of streaming service. But, most importantly, i think they are confident enough in their vision that games may not be the centerpiece. They may remind gamers that great games will be there, but that xbox is a better investment because of its entire entertainment value. They will show ppl watching superbowl and tweeting and uskng facebook. Or playing halo while video conferencing with one another. Multitasking will be big. Achievement hunters playing a game while watching the same youtube video. Or watching a show like game of thrones, pausing it, and playing a game instantly.

This is long, i know. They could win some points by showing the xbox and a new controller and everyone will be talking. The feeling i get is that after MS meeting, everyone will be full of the same wonder and awe but not because of games, because of what it will do. And they are banking on tech and the wow factorso ppl will think, man i gotta have that!
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3-4-5  +   801d ago
ahhh..It's different. Some good things and some not but PS Plus was a really good idea on Sony's part.
ABizzel1  +   801d ago
1. Be Up Front with the Technical Specifications

The rumors are the Nextbox isn't a powerful as the PS4. The leaked documents from sources were practically spot on with the PS4 final specs. (8GB vs. 4GB), and are likely pretty close with the Nextbox as well. MS won't come out and give specs. if they're console is overall weaker. However, they will highlight what they feel is better about their console which is likely going to services.

2. Focus on the Next Xbox as a Games Machine

With Kinect being a big feature in the new Xbox, MS is going to have to spend time on explaining why core gamers should care. This means we'll get a good amount of applications and services, Kinect 2.0, and a few game announcements from MS and 3rd parties. I expect MS to have a 1 hour - 1:30 presentation.

3. Bring the First-Party Thunder

Just looking at the list of games goes to show just how limited MS first party is. Gears and Alan Wake are third party exclusives, not first party. Halo, Forza, Fable has worn a lot of gamers out with at least 3 versions of those franchise on the Xbox 360 alone. As the article said Gears isn't going to be shown, but Halo might in some form since MS wants it to be an annual franchise like COD (Halo Wars 2 / Halo: ODST 2). My guess is we'll see:

Year 1

"Halo ODST 2" / Halo Wars 2
Rare New IP / Reboot IP
"Project Gotham Racing 5" / Forza 5
Kinect Games

Year 2

Halo 5
Fable MMO
"Forza 5" / Project Gotham Racing 5

4. …And Flex the Third-Party Muscle Too

Timed exclusive DLC for Call of Duty: MW4, GTA5, Destiny, and a few other high profile games.

5. Keep Xbox Live Alive

XBL Gold will go free, XBL Platinum will be the new subscription service. Platinum will have many similar features that the PS4 has such as recording gameplay, but others like DVR.

6. What About Backwards Compatibility?

No Disc based BC, but digital still has a chance.

MS has a tough sale on their hands, but we'll see what they bring. I have a feeling they're going to try and be very "Gaming is for Everyone" at their conference, which is a mistake unless they drop a price of like $299. YEar 1 Gaming is for the hardcore, because we're the only ones going out to pre-order and drop $400+ on a console Day 1, not the casual. I hope MS understands that.
profgerbik  +   801d ago
Italian sausage and Canadian bacon please.
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egidem  +   800d ago
My primary interest is first and foremost about games - after all it is a games console. The rest (social apps, movie apps etc) I consider them as added bonuses.

Just bring me the games, that's all I ask.
and games..
EVILDEAD360  +   800d ago
Microsoft has never had problems with effective presentations.

They promote what they need to promote.

They have two major opportunites to show the goods and the build-up will be huge.

Sony's approach was fine, but they will really ramp up the reveals at E3.

If MS wait till April they can use the first conference to dispel the myths and do more of an Apple type press conference.

But, E3 is where you save the big guns because Sony will be ready with some heavy hitters.

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BigStef71  +   801d ago
What style do you like? My favorite is Chicago style stuffed deep dish
Knight_Crawler  +   801d ago
Boston Deep Dish Pizza for life!!!
TheGamerDood  +   801d ago
Nothing beats NY style. :P But I have to admit that Chicago style is pretty tasty.
WeAreLegion  +   801d ago
Everything beats New York style. It's just thin... That's it. Why waste time folding your pizza when you can have a deep dish? ;)
user3915800  +   801d ago
Talk about MS and the sony trolls open up their panties.

Simple just do what a revel does, show the 720 and you win, third party its what sony showed lol,, first party E3 i guess. I thinkk ps4 will be more powerfull with ddr5, unless ms changes at last minute and also use ddr5, i doubt it. Not imposible, all ddr5 are reversed compatible with ddr3, but then they have to ship more development tools and machines, a little late.

Well, we will see soon enough, PS4 its a beast a blind one but a beast.

I really dont care much for MS, but illumiroom and virtual glasses got me excited. Keep the power I take the fun.
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brave27heart  +   801d ago
Would you care to clarify how the PS4 is a "blind beast"?

From what I saw Sony have married a powerful console to a "gamer focused and developer centric" strategy that will be hugely successful for them. I would argue the PS4 is a beast with very focused, long sighted vision.
Cueil  +   800d ago
they wouldn't have to ship more kits... it would be an upgrade and thus more wiggle room... those to far in don't need to change and those who can maybe need to do less nip and tuck... though in reality you've got a differnt way of dealing with how data moves in the 360
HammadTheBeast  +   800d ago
You guys are so mad PS4 will have DDR5.
GamersRulz  +   801d ago
I have a question. Let say that MS rumored X720 specs were true but MS decided to use 8GB Gddr5 ram. Dosen't that essentially mean that PS4 and X720 are the same except for the exterior looks?
GamersRulz  +   801d ago
It was an innocent question guys. Can someone at least explain to me the technical difference between the PS4/720 in case of MS adoption of gddr5 ram?
brave27heart  +   801d ago
In terms of specs they'd be pretty similar. Slight differences in how its all laid out but essentially the same "power" under the hood if you like.

The differences then become about philosophy and strategy. Sony is going for gamers, Microsoft if rumours are to be believed are going for being the single entertainment device in the living room. Which you prefer is up to you and your needs.
user3915800  +   800d ago
No, If MS decide to go with ddr5 at last mnute the 720 will be more powerfull, dont matter how you slice it. You see they already had more edram then sony ps4 and to top that off they have 4 move engine which sony dont have. Pair that off with direct xI AND WINDOWS 8 AND DEVELOPERS WILL HAVE MORE knowledge than the ubuntu os sony its using.

With that in mind the only main diferent will go down into GPu and procesing power fron cpu. End of day, all that MS had to do its dump DDR3 and get DDR5, which should not be a problem at all. because DDR5 its reversed compatible to DDR3, but more tools or another kit for companies its probably asking too much.

Well, I would have taken that route, tell all developers to keep it on the lower denominator, ut be aware that new tools be on its way for ddr5, they will both be ok, just one have more memory. Advantage to 8gb DDR5 its that its about 16gb ddr3.

I really dont see anyone maxing out that onsole at all, those specs are high end pc tech. 8 core its about on par to an I7 with the discretion of less operations due to bandwith.

It wont really matter to be honest DDR3 will do just fine, just that you are able to have bigger worlds and have more enemies and not worry about lags. DDR5 memory are superb specially on top gaming pcs.
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Dark_Overlord  +   800d ago
Assuming the leaked next xbox specs are correct (Multiple sources say the same thing)

A user called superchunk made a good comparison table to look at


and Eurogamer made a somewhat in depth article (The only thing that was wrong is they believed Sony would use 4GB or RAM)


So even if MS used 8GB of DDR5 RAM, you'd have to factor in OS overheads (Which some sources are reporting at 3.5GB of RAM for the next XBOX) and also that the PS4 has a better GPU, but then MS has 32MB EDRAM.

So we couldn't say for certain as of yet which would be, however if those overheads are correct then it would mean that the PS4 would be more powerful due to having more resources available to devs.
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Zichu  +   801d ago
I can't believe 12 out of 28 people don't like Pizza...
kupomogli  +   800d ago
I like Pizza too. I also like your cat avatar. Some people like turtles. Like that one kid at the fair.
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Gamer-Z  +   801d ago
I'm getting the PS4 at launch but i'm still interested in what the next xbox has to offer and if MS decides to make Live go freemium.
UnholyLight  +   801d ago
Good call. always best to remain open and try new things. That's how I discovered I loved the Xbox 360 haha. I was always Nintendo stuff before then
Hicken  +   800d ago
Then why do you hate the PS3 so much?
UnholyLight  +   800d ago
Hicken. I don't hate PS3. I nearly bought one at least four times. I was fine this gen with just playing on friends' PS3's which I have had many fun times on!

I just like to point out the truth sometimes (like when PSN really was down for basically a month here in Canada). Hey, not everything Microsoft does is gospel for me either so when we are just talking about stuff like this I try not to hate on ANY specific console as much as I can. I just don't like how much and how many people are diehard Sony fanboys and can't listen to reason and truth sometimes!

Things could have been way different for me, I was like 10 when the PS2 came out and I wanted a PS2 or Xbox but my parents got me a Gamecube, had my parents got me a Playstation I would very likely be a sony fan still.
KaBaW  +   800d ago
I don't see them going free.. completely. They may implement a system like Sony.
BrianG  +   801d ago
Decent article, made some valid points.

Microsoft definitely has to be up front and show what their new hardware can do. Since live is such a big part of their ecosystem, I would expect a decent amount of the focus to be on that.

The only thing I found odd about the article was the ending, about Team Master Chief aka Microsoft being the market leader. Market leader where and in what sense?
guitarded77  +   801d ago
FROM ARTICLE: "even though one high-level industry executive told IGN that an incredibly small percentage of players ever make use of it, hardcore players nevertheless like the idea of the backwards compatibility security blanket."

The big difference of backward compatibility of past generations, and this coming generation is that games now days have longevity because of the online competitive and co-op aspects. Also, this gen saw MANY franchises come alive with titles of a series released, making back story very important. Backward compatibility and/or access to the back catalog is more important now than ever. I still do an annual/semiannual playthrough of The Legend of Zelda, and having access to it as a download was very important after the battery in my cart died. I can see myself playing through the Gears series co-op to catch a friend up on the story, or playing Killzone 2 online because it's still great multi-player. I would easily pay $100 more for a console to have access to thousands of dollars of games in my collection, as opposed to rebuying a digital download.
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PS4isKing_82  +   801d ago
Came here to discuss games, now I'm hungry lol
Mr_cheese  +   800d ago
i'd like to see you with one extra bubble +
Blade Runner  +   801d ago
Another stupid N4G article. There is no bar. They have not even shown the console. Idiots!
GribbleGrunger  +   800d ago
So you buy a console on the way it looks? I've got a Ferrari shaped Mini Metro if your interested.
Blade Runner  +   800d ago
Bathyj  +   801d ago
the main thing they should take away from sonys show was that it was about games first and foremost. ms has forgotten this in the last few years, they need to get back there
AngelicIceDiamond  +   801d ago
I agree but the only reason MS abandoned the core gamers in the fisrt place was because they wanted to maximize sales, late in the 360 life span. So they reached out to casuals.

MS will bring the games, and I'm not talkin about Halo, Gears and Forza. Those are already released (Gears soon)

Expect Alan Wake 2 Black Tusk's major new Ip. Some surprise new hardcore Ip's major third party support something MS is now known for.

Can't really say its aallll gonna be Kinect. If that's the case why need a controller?

@Legion OMG another dumb fanboy go away nobody asked you.

I'm not even talkin about who's sellin more nor am I even talkin about the PS3.

What are you talkin about?
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WeAreLegion  +   801d ago
Maximize sales?

Is that why the PS3 has been outselling the 360 for three years?

I understand that they want to make money off of Kinect, but they have to think long-term.
nukeitall  +   801d ago

"I understand that they want to make money off of Kinect, but they have to think long-term."

That is thinking long term. The hardcore market was pretty much tapped and MS padded those sales with Kinect buyers.

Of the 3 consoles, MS is the one most diversified at the moment.
stage88  +   801d ago
This is what should worry gamers. What if MS pull this stunt again? Great core line up at launch but completely abandon the core after a few years to rake in profits from the casuals.

I don't like that at all.
EverydayGuy  +   801d ago
I remembered being jealous at my friend Xbox for having games like, MechAssult, Jet Set Radio Future, Halo and some other games, not so much this gen though.
Father Murder X  +   801d ago
What the hell happened to Mech Assualt? That was my game back in the day?
NaiNaiNai  +   801d ago
You mean Pre-render bullshots just like killzone 2 and Motorstorm was for the ps3.

I actually hope you idiots continue to think all these videos are real and when they turn out not to be, watch you all say things like "well its better than xxxxxx" but it will never be 5 years within PC.
Cogan1  +   800d ago
Oh, right.
So the LIVE demonstrations using the actually PS4 and controllers were fake yeah? Actors on stage pretending again.
This isn't Microsoft presenting games they cant do! Its Sony presenting games they've been proven to provide over the last 15 years.
PC my arse, whats the point in having a pc so powerful it takes advantage of 1% of the games out there!
Persistantthug  +   801d ago
Microsoft needs games....
Not Usher, or Justin Bieber, or Oprah Winfrey.
Not more apps and not even more cable deals....

RioKing  +   800d ago
Nah dude you got it all wrong, they need more early-dlc deals with COD, etc..

Jakens  +   800d ago
MS does need games and promise to keep it up the whole darn life cycle. I think there was four years of just getting by, and then what, casual crap. Spend some of your money on my experience MS.
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SOULJER  +   801d ago
Make Live FREE. Tha't the only way i will buy another X-box. Yeah New ip.s won't hurt either.
nigelp520  +   801d ago

BanBrother  +   800d ago
Gamerscore is a joke. Trophy system is evolution.

Some achievements are impossible, for 20g, while some games literally have 200-500g achievements that take no time at all.

Broken system is broken, but kids sure like numbers.
I like achievements, but the score doesn't mean shit. Give me a trophy any day.
Jakens  +   800d ago
I would like MS Achievements to add trophies aw well. I also like games with 50+ "challenges" or mini goals that award you no points.
Kevlar009  +   801d ago
They need to show a killer new IP, something I believe the Sony conference lacked (I do recall Knack, but I'm thinking something a bit more on the hardcore side). Not something we know about or a sequel, but something brand new.
MYSTERIO360  +   801d ago
Sony did show Driveclub aswell which is an exclusive title. But it is very early days once Sony fully settles in to the next gen cockpit and out of the PS3 situation they will start to show great games i believe.

Im not sure MS can show more than one new IP at this years event in march as its fairly early day for them to. MS have recently acquired a new studio just last year but i would be pleasantly surprised if they showed something this early.
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optimus  +   801d ago
well, i just feel bad for nintendo at this point (people know the wiiU is out, right?)...this is shaping up to be a 1-2 punch in the gut for them...i think if anyone should be paying attention it's them. they really need some killer games, and some killer promotions...if i were them i would try to become the winner of e3...the only thing that could save them now are games, and not rehashed games either.

I think having sony come out 1st is a big advantage for microsoft; they know they have to wow the crowd...considering all the patents they secured in the last year, i believe they will.
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WeAreLegion  +   801d ago
"Sure, the Quantic Dream and Media Molecule portions of the conference were misses"

No. No, they weren't. The tech demo from QD blew everyone away and Media Molecule showed 3D clay modelling without the need for actual clay. It was precision modelling, too. Did you see that stuff?!? It looked phenomenal! I can't wait to play that!

"Team Master Chief is the market leader now"

Again...not true. The PS3 surpassed the 360 recently and will continue to outsell it for the next few years.
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MYSTERIO360  +   801d ago
What im pondering is can MS offer Halo and Gears at the launch of the xbox 720. Gears of war judgement hasn't even come out yet so another gears at launch is highly unlikely and so is halo 5. The worrying thing for MS gamers is will MS be able to get those well recognized games that have helped sell MS consoles in the past at launch (likely this year). I would be surprised to see gameplay from halo 5 and gears at the MS event. But new IP from them which would have to be great would have to be shown and at the launch of the console.
brave27heart  +   801d ago
My concern for MS would be if they follow a strategy of being an entertainment device as their focus, will people buy it if they own a 360? Think of the things the 360 does as an entertainment device already, can MS offer more to justify upgrading? And if not they'll be falling back on games and Im not sure they can come out strong enough.

MS have put the 360 in such a strong position as an entertainment devicevits in danger of backfiring on them. Sony at least knows it can up its game in terms of what the PS4 can do. Cross game chat, video capture, livestreaming, updated psn friends lists, overhaul the OS, game trial streaming through Gaikai, remote play with vita aimed for most PS4 games, Sony have done a lot to improve their offering that justifies buying the new system.
Smeagol2033  +   800d ago
So many $ony trolls here. Even apple fanboys are better than all of you. Sony needs to do the learning, microsoft might well be the best selling console this gen
SaveFerris  +   800d ago
The Next Xbox will have great games. The PS4 will have great games. The PC will have great games. The WiiU will have great games.

Can't we all just get along?
Smeagol2033  +   800d ago
I will give an arm and a leg for microsoft
Smeagol2033  +   800d ago
Microsot"s unveiling will be much more popular than the ps4 unveiling. $ony's unveiling, What a disappointment?
Jek_Porkins  +   800d ago
If Microsoft busts out with a new console that is on par with the next PlayStation and it offers backwards compatibility, they are in a good position.

Live will continue to cost money, and it looks like Sony will start charging for some features next generation as well. Why would Microsoft give up Live fees when it grew 15% last year and they make over a billion a year on it?

They will have some amazing games to show off, sure they'll show Kinect 2.0, and some social functions, but Sony did the same thing. You need to appeal to everyone.
Jakens  +   800d ago
MS will charge for online play. This makes my eyes rain. Backwards compatibility will only do so much for me.
BladerunnerZX  +   800d ago
The one major mistake that both Microsoft and Sony are making is assuming that casul gamers and people that use their PS3s and Xbox360s mainly for apps like netflix are already perfectly happy with their current machines.

Consider this : the previous generation of games consoles - PS2 and Xbox - did not have apps like netflix and Facebook etc. The current consoles do.

These factors among others mean that many casuals will opt to keep their PS3s and 360s instead of upgrading to the next gen machines.

All in all I predict much lower sells of both the PS4 and Xboxnext. The large majority of early adapters will be the hardcore gamers.

The fact is that Microsoft has been moving toward the casual market since the Kinect was introduced.

Microsoft was lucky this generation with the fact that both the Xbox360 and Xboxlive were supported by Call of Duty and Halo fans. without those two franchises the Xbox brand would be dead in the water.

Hey maybe its a good thing that Microsoft is obsessed with capturing the casual market just look at what the casuals have done for the nintendo Wii U .... lots of continued support carried over from the Wii .. oh wait nevermind.

Halo , gears of war and an outdated overpriced online service called Xboxlive will not be enough in the next generation for Microsoft to hold what momentum Call of Duty and Halo gave them this gen.

Microsoft will have to do something drastic like making Call of Duty exclusive to Xbox to have a fighting chance against Sony next generation.
#22 (Edited 800d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
yweiuiqwur   800d ago | Spam
RealtorMDandDC  +   800d ago
I think the Next Xbox will focus more on Media
It will be two different shows. Some in the main stream press has been lambasting Sony for not showing off any Media functions, such as Netflix and blah blah (even tho more people watch Netflix on the PS3 than any other device). (www.Wired.com mostly) They also said that focusing on just games will be the death of Sony.

I loved the original Xbox and was totally excited about the 360...it was a day one purchase for me. It was a great gaming machine when it came out but now it's a set=up=box that plays casual games and a few hardcore games.

At this moment Microsoft is positioning the 360 as a set-up-box (like Sling box, Google TV and Apple TV). microsoft has not had anything really noteworthy in about two years and that's sad.

Don't get me wrong I like the direction Microsoft is heading because Im a "cord-cutter" and I want something that will give the cable companies a run for their money. My only fear is that Microsoft may nickel and dime me to death just because I'm a "cord-cutter".
DivineAssault  +   800d ago
nx gen is going to be awesome.. With these companies competing this hard, us consumers win in every direction.. I cant wait for E3.. i really want to see what wii u has incoming. If i see nothing, im selling it until a newer & more efficient model releases (if one is even made).. PS4 & vita wil have my FULL undivided attention because i know they have some great stuff incoming.. As for MS, i really want to see them do something thats not just an improved 360 & kinect.. I want them to do something new n fresh that makes my gaming unique to that console.. I have both PS3 & 360 but its a waste honestly.. I dont care for halo or gears so basically i have 2 systems that have the same multiplats n do virtually the same exact thing.. So with all due respect (cuz i love 360s UI far more than PS3s) my 360 sits n collects dust.. I wont pay for xblg just so i can cross game chat & play online.. & they dont have enough exclusives i like anymore since bioware went multiplat

My classic gaming with improved visuals, features, etc will be on PS4.. Hopefully wii u can bring me some great exclusives too or its gone.. & id like to see MS do something that makes gaming on their new machine feel like i have something different than my PS4 with a camera & illumiroom.. I really hope illumiroom isnt their selling point

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