Most Wanted Next-Gen: Watch Dogs

OSP: "Here at we’ve been covering some of the titles gamers are hoping to see once the next-generation of consoles hit us. It has been mostly speculation and wishful thinking to this point, but since Sony held their PlayStation 4 event some next-gen games were made public. One of which is Ubisoft’s highly anticipated Watch Dogs. Ubisoft Montreal is making a version of the game for nearly every platform; PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC, Xbox 360 and mostly likely the Xbox 360′s successor. Ubisoft just can’t announce that version until Microsoft lifts the veil on the console."

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WarThunder1752d ago

For me its not most wanted. It looks great, but i have other games on my list.

Blastoise1752d ago

Meh, more interested in other thing's really.

Not really understanding the crazy hype for this game

jimmywolf1752d ago

for me it was the best of what we seen so far it hard build hype for a picture of a game versus a video after e3 am sure other games will be hyped more

1752d ago