'Watch Dogs' will be "pushed further" on PS4, "easier" to develop for

While the upcoming open-world title will be the same across all versions, senior producer Dominic Guay said the PS4 pushes all aspects of the game further.

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Walker1850d ago

"If you have a lot of memory but it's very, very slow, it's not as useful," he said."

lol and now for everyone to assume this is a direct reference to Durango.

PFFT1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Well here is hoping MS makes some last minute changes. Whats the point of having more ram than the competition if that said ram is slower than constipated crap.........

MasterCornholio1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

The problem here is that if Microsoft wants to increase the speed of the ram they would have to redesign their motherboard which is something that i dont see happening.

Its pretty much confirmed that the PS4 will have faster ram than the Durango.

"Watch Dogs will use the PlayStation 4's new touch pad to control Aiden Pearce's phone in-game, something which is described as a "direct translation" and a "really cool" feature."

Now this sounds interesting.

""[PS4 has] very fast memory. I mean, 8GB of RAM. What that means in short is that there's a lot less limit on your creators, on our artists, and details and the diversity of what they can create. "

Well that says a lot about the Wii U, PS3 and 360 version.

AsimLeonheart1850d ago

I do not think that is possible now. The console (Durango) is probably in its final stages and MS is preparing for a reveal in a couple of months. A couple of days ago an article by Digital Foundry mentioned how it is almost impossible for MS to make any changes to the specs this late. Still who knows what might happen in a couple of months; we can only speculate.
Anyway it is great to see all this positive reception for the PS4 by the developers. This means we Playstation fans wont be getting inferior ports any more and more developers will be interested in bringing their best to the console.

Grap1850d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

MS doesn't need to change anything they will have only to add ESRAM chip, that's should speed up the ram. it isn't as fast as GDDR5 but they will at least catch up to it. what i am afraid is that MS is going to limit the developers to 4GB ram and lock the other 4G for there OS which something MS loves to do to F the dev.

Gamerjunki31849d ago

Here's a question I would like answering. If GDDR5 is still rather expensive, why didn't Sony just have 4GB of DDR3 for the CPU and 4GB of GDDR5 for the GPU? It's not like the CPU will benefit any more from GDDR5 (which is essentially a version of DDR3) than DDR3, due to the fact modern CPUs have not really reached the bandwidth limit of DDR3, and DDR3 has lower latency.
Would appreciate it if someone could respond, because I feel I may have got something wrong.

morganfell1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

You can't make last minute changes in the amount or type of RAM without pushing back development several months. This would mean either readjusting the launch window or quite a few titles won't hit the window.


Sony made that chouce for when the GPU may need more than 4GB. We have already seen examples where the GPU is not only rendering but also performing physics calculations. By keeping it unified it allows the GPU to tap what it needs and not be limited by 4GB when it is performing other than rendering functions.

Also remember that the CPU and GPU are on the same die making unified memory easier for either to utilize.

Muffins12231849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

MS also has a built in kinect for the next xbox....why do people think they even care for the gamer anymore?

greenpowerz1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Holy crap you people are fanatical.

He's just congratulating they type of memory SONY is supposedly using vs using lots of standard memory, nothing more.

What was said has nothing to do with 720 at all they're just giving praise to a console they *can* talk about.

PS3 fans nervous as heck talking about console makers not being able to change specs almost a year before the *assumed* launch. PS3 and 360 changed specs this gen in the last few months. MSFT added lots of extra RAM after EPIC wanted for gears much closer to launch than we are now.

Hell PS4 devs just the other day said PS4 originally had 4 gigs or RAM and changed their minds to match rumored 720 specs. That Story was on N4G just a few weeks ago and PS3 fans were very happy in the article.

Rumored 720 specs are from old internal rough drafting meetings meant for MSFT employees for direction/brainstorming that were leaked.

720 specs were an starting point of what they wanted to do doesn't mean they were finalized or up to date. LMAO

He's not talking about a console he's not allowed to say anything about LOL You'll hear the same rhetoric after the 720 is announced

TheGamerDood1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

"If you have a lot of memory but it's very, very slow, it's not as useful,"

I wonder who he could be talking about *cough*Xbox*cough*

edit: does the PS3 or xbox or Wii U have a lot of slow memory? That would be a no.

TheGamerDood1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

meant to write xbox 720. >.<


"PS3 and 360 changed specs this gen in the last few months."

Yes they changed it out for similar tech a version that was more efficient but still the same. MS going from DDR3 to GDDR5 a year or two after launch would divide up the user base and f-over the early adopters who'll get stuck with the sh*tty slower version and make things even more complicated for the developers because they would have to code for yet another system.

BrianC62341849d ago

Microsoft definitely wasn't going to have more than 8GB of RAM. Everyone was saying before that the PS4 was going to be more powerful anyway. Now will the developers actually use that extra power and make the PS4 games better than the others? The PS3 is more powerful than the 360 but they make the games equal. Probably so they don't upset Microsoft. That has really hurt Sony since if the PS3 third party games were as good as they could be more people would buy a PS3. Instead they just say I don't see any difference or the 360 version is better.

Bigpappy1849d ago

Did M$ release specs for the 720 already? You guys are taking about specs like you know what M$ has. You were wrong about Sony and you are sure about M$.
Next thing is, that system boards do not take very long to make. The hardest think, and biggest bottle neck, is the availability of components. Things like RAM are off the shelf components that are already in mass production. M$ can make changes to RAM as late as August and still have millions of Xboxes by November. If you believe these rumors, then you also have to believe that Sony just made the change from 4Gig to 8Gig and that their system brds are not built yet. So why would it be to late for M$ to make changes, but Sony just announced a change that would also require a new system brd?

akaakaaka1849d ago

I as a future PS4 owner hope for the next box to have 8gb of gddr5 ..
I don't want devs to use the lower common denominator and never use the full power of the faster ram :/
come on m$ have some balls!

Upbeat1849d ago

I loved PFFT's reply made me LOL.

Qrphe1849d ago


It could be done but not without consequence. They could either delay their system or simply release on time but while going through manufacturing problems.

Let's remind ourselves the 360 was rushed out the door (the rest is history).

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ANIALATOR1361850d ago

isn't it releasing on PS3 and 360? He's probably referencing them

Skate-AK1850d ago

512MB is not a lot of RAM at all.

pecorre1850d ago

Wii U only has 1gb DDR3 for games, which is not a lot and very slow.

Qrphe1849d ago


So the rumor is DDR3? I thought it was GDDR3 (since even the 360 had it).

If that's that case it'll be slow, if it's GDDR3 it should be what's expected.

Nick_5151849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


I'm pretty sure the rumors were that Sony would have 4GB of GDDR5 RAM and Microsoft would have 8GB of GDDR3 RAM (with only 32MB of really fast RAM), but that Sony was thinking about going to 8GB, which they did. So, will Microsoft go to GDDR5? Who knows?

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Genuine-User1850d ago

Seems like the tides might turn this generation. Microsoft had the upper hand in how the Ram was used in current gen.
Now we see Sony leading, love it.

Minato-Namikaze1849d ago

I would say that's true but, naughty dog, sony santa monica, sucker punch games say other wide. 3rd party devs never really learned how to code for the ps3

Ju1849d ago

Legitimate statement from Minato-Namikaze. People have to stop with the "not capable" or "lazy" argument. No dev is lazy. That's just ridiculous.

A dedicated engine which can max the HW can always push the envelope further than one which must support multiple architectures. The only alternative would be to actually re-write everything from scratch for each platform. It's getting better lately, and engines can better utilize the proper HW.

But I am quite curious what devs will squeeze out of the next XBox. Just a normal curiosity as an engineer. Specs is not everything.

AngelicIceDiamond1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

You nor anybody knows how much, and how MS will use their RAM. Its still being finalized.

Wait till MS reveals something before making wild and wishful assumptions.


Btw Jack Tretton even said that 8GB of RAM and GDDR5 graphics processor is still being finalized by them. I hope the final hardware is that powerful but "subject is to change" at any time.

BitbyDeath1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

'Btw Jack Tretton even said that 8GB of RAM and GDDR5 graphics processor is still being finalized by them'

No he didn't. Go read it again.

The parts that aren't final is the overall design and how many USB's it'll contain etc.

UnholyLight1849d ago

"now we see Sony leading, love it"

And the rest of N4G:

Are you guys all fucking stupid? Microsoft hasn't even shown anything. The PS4 turned out to be packing more than most people expected as well.

Jesus people lol. I for one WILL be jumping on board with the PS4 but seriously, keep your allegiances a little more toned down until it is proven right that Microsoft's next Xbox is indeed less powerful.

At this point what the next Xbox is, is still nothing but an unknown until the truth is unveiled...

The only reason "Sony is leading" at this point is because they unveiled that the PS4 is coming this year with a great show that exceeded some people's expectations. Don't forget that BNN as well as CNN as stated that a lot of people find it disconcerting that Sony did not actually show the console and Sony stock did not respond favourably to the reveal

Anyways, this current gen I was an Xbox guy, but this time around, so far I'm all eyes and ears on everthing PS4 so don't just call me out as a diehard Xbox guy cus I most certainly am not. I just think you guys need to get your stuff straight a bit here..

evilhasitsway1849d ago

@ AngelicIceDiamond when they revailed specs he said he was proud to anounce that it was 8g so i doubt that will change since that was the one top thing devs wanted. you dont listen very well do you.

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ABizzel11849d ago


That's true, but Durango is rumored to have eDRAM and Move engines basically doubling the speed of their RAM when needed.

Still not at fast as Sony's GDDR5 RAM, but it helps. Even if they go with 12GB or 16GB It's not going to out speed the PS4, but it would be the better multitasker, We'll see in April I guess, but for now PS4 is where it's at.

Capodastaro1849d ago

"Even if they go with 12GB or 16GB It's not going to out speed the PS4, but it would be the better multitasker, We'll see in April I guess, but for now PS4 is where it's at."

Says whom?

First of all, outside of the fact that its running GDDR5, we don't know what memory clock its running at, what bus clock its at, nor its data rate.

The RAM will be timed to the CPU and GPU to limit bottlenecks, you cannot stick in super clocked RAM if all its going to do is be brick walled by a slower CPU

nirwanda1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

If you go off the specs vgleaks leaked, and just about all bar the memory size were right and that was changed last min, the durango has everything compressed in memory and is decompressed into the gpu cache so depending how effective the compression is will depend on how the memory speed is compared to the ps4.
I wouldn't be worried about the memory speed on the durango but i do think the ps4 will be better with the gpu having more cu's

OpenGL1849d ago

Actually he's probably referencing the Wii U, as it's memory is only about half as fast as the memory in the PS3 and 360.

wastedcells1849d ago

My cuz works for ubi and he said they have already made ps4 their lead platform. He also said pretty much every studios will be doing the same. So Xbox and wiiU will be getting ports.

Rainstorm811849d ago

I know I've seen it myself ...cause I already have the game, I would post a pic but I left my PS4 and Watch Dogs at my grandmothers house

evilhasitsway1849d ago

that would be believeable since the rumor is ms would be more competeing with nintendo and sony with valve with the steam box.

wastedcells1848d ago

Dont know why people are against my comment? It's what he said and they already use ps3 as their lead platform for AC3. Not sure if people understand what lead platform means in development terms.

falcon791840d ago

No mate pc will lead every game then ports will be made available to all 3 nextgen consoles,ps4 has bottlenecks with its memory look it up,GDDR memory is limited to just graphics,DDR is used for anything,eDRAM is embedded and many times more powerful and versatile and it quadruple's your Bandwidth ram,WiiU uses this RAM on everything cache,gpu,cpu,ect this RAM is used to push powerful hardware hard,and wiiu will have zero bottlenecks due to this.

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3-4-51849d ago

Well if next xbox isn't going to be much better than Wii U I might just grab that and a PS4....I've always had an xbox and would prefer it but this isn't good news.

Hopefully they smarten up a bit.

Mounce1849d ago

Since 360 doesn't have a 'Lot of memory' and PS3 doesn't, Wii U haaaas, 2GB of DDR3 if I recall?... (likely wrong).

I'd comically come to think you're right...since they would OBVIOUSLY have devkits for Micrsofts new console...

Nick_5151849d ago

It's only 1GB of DDR3, but yeah, I'm sure they were making a sly hint at the 720. We'll see, but so far the rumors have been true and supposedly Microsoft has 8GB of GDDR3 with only 32MB (yes, only 32MB) of really fast memory, so it's now up to MS to up their RAM like Sony (according to the rumor Sony only had 4GB of GDDR5, but was thinking of going with 8GB, which they did.)

zeddy1849d ago

im looking forward to more pc games being made available for the ps4, would like morefree to play games. hopefully something similar to steam.

ALLWRONG1849d ago

You know what they say about "assume"

Knux1849d ago

PS4 is more powerful than Duragno, eh Ubisoft? I'm not surprised...

falcon791840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

WiiU gpgpu is customised to be a beast end of and devs will show you this 1st hand,combining DDR3 with eDRAM will pose zero bottlenecks,8GB of RAM with rubbish chip RAM means nothing it bottlenecks your main RAM,GDDR ram is for graphics only ??? nothing else where as DDR is used for anything you wish.

Plus ive seen no proof that 8GB is the retail version,so far everything points to half that for retail 4GB,2GB for games,2GB OS,Killzone ps4 used 1.5GB if retail versions were 8GB and not the dev-kits then Killzone would of used more RAM end of,so going off my calculations Killzone will get another 0.5 Gb to play with.

720 will have the same amount of RAM as WiiU,4GB dev-kits,half that for retail.

Show me a link that says retail versions will have 8GB on ps4 and 4GB on 720 ?

I think it's a case of..

WiiU devkits 4GB
720 devkits 4GB
PS4 devkits 8GB

OR SHOW ME A LINK THAT SAYS OTHERWSE when it was said wiiu has 4GB everyone jumped on it oh its devkit specs retail is half that ect ect,but when they announce ps4/720 RAM,it's automatically retail ???? what ever.

FamilyGuy1849d ago

Is there anything that's stopping Microsoft from simply adding more RAM of the same type already in their dev kits? Like could they upgrade it to 16Gbs of DDR3 without having to start from scratch?

Would it help if they did? Is there any sort of bottleneck that would make doing this pointless?

Nick_5151849d ago

I don't think it would make much of a difference, they just need to go with GDDR5 and drop the other stuff they were using to try and accommodate for having slow RAM.

evilhasitsway1849d ago

maybe maybe not but even if they did it wouldnt equal to what ps4 has but it would be close though another factor to that is if the mother board has enough slots for that many sticks of ram.

falcon791840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

It wont happen,most games next gen at the very most will use 4GB and i'm talking devkits,not retail,4GB equates to 1GB it's why the WiiU devkits are 4GB devs just build on that then compress all the textures and video ect down to 1GB,no game will use more than this ???

Plus ive never seen such a bunch of desperate fanboys wow Sony fans think main RAM is the centre of the universe ? you have to look at what Ram your gpgpu's and cpu's are using ect and lots of other things main RAM means nothing with slow chip RAM,as devs had 256MB RAM for games last gen,what makes you think they need 8GB or 16GB ? look anything over 4GB in the devkits is overkill most developers will tell u this except ones that are less talented.

720 devkits have 4GB
WIIU devkits have 4GB
PS4 devkits have 8GB

END OF or show me a link that says the 720/PS4 Ram is retail amount ???? i dont think sp.

Peppino71849d ago

The title is a relief to all ps fans that worried about bad ports or bad multi plat games

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1849d ago

I hope 720 don't hold back ps4 and pc.

Simon_Brezhnev1849d ago

I dont really trust devs no more. Ubisoft also said AC3 on WiiU was way better.

Syntax-Error1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Can you people for once stop with your ridiculous rumors and speculation?!! If MS held their own press conference to make an announcement all of these conversations would be different. Just because MS didn't blow their wad early clearly indicates that they will be making their unveiling when the rest of the industry does E3. Sony did exactly what they wanted to do with you sheep. get some media hype and have you salivating over nothing yet, but announcements. They didnt show you shit except the controller. The gameplay footage of Watch Dogs was shown a year ago and the rest of the stuff were tech demo based on the game engines. WHAT DID YOU REALLY SEE? Absolutely nothing and now you're running around like children just as they wanted you to do.

showtimefolks1849d ago

i know next xbox specs were supposedly leaked but let's hope after watching sony ms actually make some changes, i know making changes now might mean coming 2-3 months after ps4 but i rather it be done right for future than rush to hit stores when ps4 launches

here is hoping for best, if ms talks about kinect for a long time in their conference and show crappy kinect games than it will loose their customers

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kingmushroom1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )


Plagasx1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Screw you guys, I'm getting the PC version.

I'm sure the PS4 version won't be running at 60fps...

shivvy241849d ago

@Plagasx , you killed it

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soultecc1850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

im sure my duel gtx 680's sli will handle this along with my 16 gig corsair vengance ram, so pc for me plus i have the option to upgrade to 32 gig or even 64 if i like

Pintheshadows1849d ago

You could just said i'll get it on PC rather than boasting about your specs. It won't make your willy bigger you know.

torchic1849d ago

I'm sure all the ladies que up at your door to see your dual 680s sli in action.

BrianG1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

Typical PC elitist.

First off, you can upgrade your memory, but it's the system memory and not your graphics memory. Upgrading from 16GB to 32GB of DDR3 system memory is not going to benefit your games since PC games right now don't use that much system memory.

Second, your GTX 680's cost a pretty penny, so I don't know why you are comparing a PC that easily cost over 1,000 dollars to a gaming console that is going to cost half that.

EDIT: On a side note though, sweet specs.

MRMagoo1231849d ago

grats you spent more on your 2 gpus than the ps4 will cost all up , you are def one smart shopper /s

ninjahunter1849d ago

Psssh son got 3 way crossfire fire pros like a real man, gawd. You havent lived till your PC costs more than your house! Haha, and CMon man step up, 256gb ram and use it as a ram drive! Sheesh i swear! I bet you use an i7 haha, what a noob, All the cool kids are hacking Xeons.

PS he doesnt actually have those specs, no one that makes enough money to buy a computer like that comes to N4G.

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fsfsxii1849d ago

Is it mine too?