inFAMOUS: Second Son Footage Was A Mix Of Actual Gameplay

Sucker Punch confirms that most of the inFAMOUS: Second Son footage shown during the reveal trailer was gameplay.

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NewMonday1913d ago

ok now i'm mind blown

this game is #1 on my PS4 list, hope it's a launch title

KewDeGra1913d ago

It is from what i'm reading around the web.

Infamous deff one of my favorite games (platting infamous 1 as we speak).

So deff a day 1 for me :).

3dawg1913d ago

i plat both games ;) so much fun and addicting

Kevin ButIer1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I'm not sure why but I enjoyed more Infamous 1... a lot more actually. Can't wait for the second son.

Campy da Camper1913d ago

Getting all the shards was hands down my proudest trophy ever....what a bitch! Have plat for 1&2 and 100% for Festival of Blood. Love the series. Infamous, Metal Gear and Portal are my favorite IPs of all time.

Temporary1912d ago

Im only missing ONE damn blast shard to get my plat trophy. I LOVE infamous one, but I FUCKING HATE IT!!!!!!!!

Every couple of months i pick it up and ROAM the map looking at every square intch and i can never find it...then i give up for a few more months and try again .... lol Im due for a 2013 blast shard hunt.

inveni01912d ago

Not sure which inFamous you're stuck on, but the Blast Shard radar doesn't detect blast shards that are too high. So sometimes you have to find the tallest building and climb to the top *wink*wink*.


The inFamous games remain, to this day, as my only two platinum trophies. The most fun open world I've ever played. Love it.

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Chaostar1913d ago

I wasn't expecting any of what I saw to be gameplay, I will be very impressed if they can pull that kind of stuff off in a 'first-wave' game.

Rainstorm811913d ago

If the early first year games look any where near as good as Second Son and Deep Down then we will be in store for an amazing next generation

Studio-YaMi1913d ago

I meant to hit agree but pushed the disagree button,sorry Chaostar. :(

And I totally agree with you !

Chaostar1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Not a problem, it happens :)

On topic elaboration:

I was particularly impressed with the particle and fire effects.

I wonder why he has a Blades of Olympus/Chaos/whatever style chain on one arm.

BkaY1913d ago

first thing i picked up in game reveals and always complained current gen is particle effect...

and when i saw deep down and second son .. i was like umm umm ummmmmmmmm...

E3 this year my friends will be epic..


DigitalAnalog1913d ago

Gameplay? Wow, I couldn't tell which is which.

GiantFriendlyCrab1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

the combat with the stasi NWO police

Rainstorm811913d ago

Also in the very begging at the NWO checkpoint before the pan out to a security monitor that looked real time as well.

SuperM1913d ago

I think it was all real time but some of it obviously werent gameplay. The graphics was consistent so i dont think they add any effects for cutscenes

Y_51501913d ago

Like inFAMOUS 2. The cutscenes was in-game. this game would do the same I think.

GiantFriendlyCrab1913d ago

if you watch the HD video, you will not have any doubt that this was in fact ingame. But not so much gameplay though

ginsunuva1913d ago

That attack with the chain definitely looked like gameplay animation.

MasterCornholio1913d ago

And the scene with the checkpoint.

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