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Submitted by DarkFireHawk 1079d ago | news

Crysis 3 Pirated Over 70 Thousand Times

TheNexusNews reports - Based on the reports, Crysis 3 (latest EA title) has been pirate over 70,000 times. (Crysis 3, EA, PC)

hiredhelp  +   1080d ago
Yeh now add the 360 to that too please.
AlienBlaster  +   1080d ago
Agreed, the game is pirated on all platforms not just PC.
thereapersson  +   1079d ago
Hacked PS3's, even....
At least that's what you were implying?
Intentions  +   1079d ago

Autodidactdystopia  +   1079d ago
i bought this game full price AT LAUNCH, and i dont do that often i usually wait till about 3-5 months for the price to go down.

I feel that 60 bucks is worth it for the absolute cutting edge most state of the art experience that you can technically have on a home pc and i was not dissappointed
slayorofgods  +   1079d ago
Wow @ auto's dissagree's.. I think everyone except him pirated Crysis 3
DeadlyFire  +   1079d ago
Only 70000? That honestly is not bad at all.
Blackdeath_663  +   1079d ago
also how can you quantify the number of games pirated?
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1079d ago
cryis 2 was pirated 4.3 million times on pc.

"Yet they still sold 3 million copies of Crysis on pc. Which was more than Crysis 2 sold on ps3 and 360 put together. "

maybe for $10 on steam.

I would take less sold for $60.

Also it seems they feel going free 2 play will make them more money.
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DarkFireHawk  +   1079d ago
I suspect these are week 1 numbers, and are mainly number of downloads made on various websites and torrents which are not very hard to find.

Heck, if time comes and this goes on the streets the number goes up to millions.
slayorofgods  +   1079d ago
No I'm pretty sure Crysis sold more 60$ copies on the pc too.. It just so happens that steam has really good deals.

Even though this is a fact, with the announcement of the PS4 I'm sure pro pc facts will go to the wayside for a while.
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KrystofKage  +   1079d ago
360 is not even close to the piracy rate of PC. While on the subject, PC sales aren't even close to 360.

I'm not trying to sound like a fan boy, but if that wasn't the case they wouldn't of whored the franchise out to consoles.
Statix  +   1079d ago
Crytek said it themselves. Cevat Yerli said right after Crysis 1 came out that piracy on PC was a huge problem, and that they could not afford to make blockbuster games exclusive to PC anymore; hence, the transition to consoles.

Right from the horse's mouth, whether you agree with him or not.
TechnicianTed  +   1079d ago

Yet they still sold 3 million copies of Crysis on pc. Which was more than Crysis 2 sold on ps3 and 360 put together.
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KrystofKage  +   1079d ago

Source? Last I checked Xbox360 made up over %50 of sales on all platforms and it was 3 million sales TOTAL. PC made up a miserable %14 sales.

If you are talking about the first Crysis, it was released years later as a downloadable game only.
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kevnb  +   1079d ago
at retail, and in the first week. Havent you noticed that crytek has changed their tune drastically after crysis 2 bombed? And crysis made them enough money to buy sudios and open new ones. For some reason they thought the only thing holding them back from halo numbers was piracy, they were clearly wrong and realize that now.

Lets take a look at final retail numbers according to vgchartz.

this suggests that pc was the biggest platform, vgchartz only reports crysis 1 selling .69 million at retail but total sales of over 3 million were reported by crytek.

Its a similar story with battlefield 3, there are more pc players online than either console. But the game everyone on here hates, but they bring up everytime in pc vs console arguments is way more popular on console. Yes the dumbed down yearly crap of cod is for consoles.

At TechnicianTed not to mention crytek compltely changing their tune.

and the real kicker
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TechnicianTed  +   1079d ago

Read what Statix said -

'Crytek said it themselves. Cevat Yerli said right after Crysis 1 came out that piracy on PC was a huge problem, and that they could not afford to make blockbuster games exclusive to PC anymore; hence, the transition to consoles. '

Then read what I said -

'Yet they still sold 3 million copies of Crysis on pc. Which was more than Crysis 2 sold on ps3 and 360 put together. '

If you read it properly you can see I'm talking about the first Crysis on pc.

Reading is fundamental.

Aside from that, you are basing numbers for Crysis 2 pc sales on retail sales at launch. Pc sells more through digital dontchaknow?

So your 'PC made up a miserable %14 sales.' comment is pretty redundant anyway.
KrystofKage  +   1079d ago

It doesn't matter what Crysis1 sold since there was no console port at the time to base it on. Crysis2 for PC still underperformed compared to it's console counterpart. Whenever there has been a console version released by side, it always outperforms PC. Always.

Hell, I'm willing to bet Crysis3 will sell even worse this time around on PC, and that these piracy numbers are very modest.
ATi_Elite  +   1079d ago
Arrrg The Pirates!
Crysis 3 is Pirated on ALL 3 platforms, PS3, 360, and PC.

Most of the Pirating is done in Brazil and Australia where game prices are outrageous compared to what people actually make as far as take home pay!

I myself have played Crysis 3 on a friends PC and I don't plan on buying that Linear mess! I'm not gonna pirate it either!

Crysis 1 PC = 3.5 million units sold
Crysis 2 x360/ps3 = 2.28m
Crysis 2 PC = 1m

So yeh Crytek made a big to do about Piracy when going to the consoles but yet the PC Exclusive Crysis sold 3.5 million units while Crysis 2 sold like crap!

Crysis 2 and 3 are nothing but a Tech Demo! Crysis 1 is the real game!
piroh  +   1079d ago
i see you are taking numbers from vgchartz, well then
PC Crysis sold 0.59m. i know about digital sales so don´t forget about PSN and Xbox live, also that C1 was released for consoles last year

Crysis going multiplatform says it all. you should be happy, more money for developer means shorter development cycle, or would you rather wait another 10 years for a new Diablo?

why you hate all multiplat games? sure exclusives are far better but it doesn´t mean multiplats are junk
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DarkFireHawk  +   1079d ago
I suspect these are week 1 numbers, and are mainly number of downloads made on various websites and torrents which are not very hard to find.

Heck, if time comes and this goes on the streets the number goes up to millions.
Moncole  +   1079d ago
If it was on Steam it would have been lower.
Jessewb  +   1079d ago
That's pretty true and I'm one of those people. I refuse to buy anything that EA decides to limit to origin. Doesn't mean I don't like that games nor that I don't play them. I just won't deal with EA's nonsense of a digital distribution system. It's either steam or I simply don't buy it. If more people actually stopped buying crap on origin, EA would either straighten out or earn nothing from the PC market.
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soultecc  +   1079d ago
exactly what i do too
Sucitta  +   1079d ago
Origin is the worst..
kevnb  +   1079d ago
well most of those pirated copies were on console, the pc torrent only came out recently and is giving pirates all kinds of issues with clever drm. Im betting alot of fans just gave up and bought it on pc.
mrdeli  +   1079d ago
I find that the value proposition of Steam is the best deterrent against piracy. And once you get in the groove of using Steam, my consoles are sitting collecting dust. I just like seeing DirectX 11 games on my HDTV it makes the 360 look last-gen.

I think the Steambox could be the major disruptor this year. Should be interesting !
RandomDude655  +   1079d ago
Why not pirate a better game?
Feralkitsune  +   1079d ago
Because PC gamers actually buy good games. Look at Alan Wake, LA Noire, and Dark Souls for examples of games they PC gamers wanted. And look at how well they have sold.
GiantFriendlyCrab   1079d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
susanto1228  +   1079d ago
Origin is turning me off I am not willing to pirate Crysis 3 so I just won't play it like one poster said I just bought my
EVGA GTX 670 FTW with TRUE next gen graphics on my Sandybridge 4.0 GHZ so I need my money for that. Put Cyris 3 on Steam and I will buy it day 1..shame really
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   1079d ago
It'll probably come to steam eventually the same way Crysis 2 returned to steam with the "maximum edition"
Jessewb  +   1079d ago
Same here, either put it on steam or go home.
Feralkitsune  +   1079d ago
I honestly don't get why so many gamers hate Origin. Does it matter who gets your money? Just buy games if you like games. No need for all this senseless political nonsense over video games. If the game looks fun to you buy it.

Hell, at least people can play the games they buy through origin offline. Steam has to connect to the internet just to start offline mode.
Sucitta  +   1079d ago
have you even used the so called service named Origin?
Feralkitsune  +   1079d ago
Sucitta, please, then tell me what is so terrible about Origin.

Update: Changed my username to JustFeral so it matches my name here more. Even added my steam list to show I've used both extensively.
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DarkFireHawk  +   1079d ago
Actually I think its important who takes your money. EA is a corrupt company that enslaves good developers and reduces their talents down to monkeys with type writers.

Also, I'm not sure how open minded you are, but if you care about other people then you should know that Origin does not have language compatibility. If I live in germany or asia, I get the page entirely in their language eventhough I cant read it.

EA doesnt care about people like us because we are the minority. How does you feel when someone in power doesnt care about the minority? I assume you will be enraged. Same here - the list actually goes on.

Another thing is that this act seperates gaming communities. So in overall is bad for the players.

And last point is the DRM - EA DRM is crazy and stupid. Forcing you to login twice just makes no sense.

anyway thats my opinion. I respect your, I hope you do too.
Capodastaro  +   1079d ago
How many people bought it used?

That too stops money going to devs and publishers
InTheZoneAC  +   1079d ago
there are very little hacked ps3's compared to 360/pc owners pirating games

I guess as long as they're making money off the 360/pc platforms they'll make it for those two anyway, but if it ever got to a point where they never made a profit from either of those two they should simply stop making games for it.
snake_eater  +   1079d ago
EA deserves this... people should punish companies like EA or Activision.
JohnApocalypse  +   1079d ago
The thing with stuff like this is that your hurting then developer more then the publisher. I don't think this will hurt the game anyway
#9.1 (Edited 1079d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kostchtchie_  +   1079d ago
developers are hurting themselves by working for these people and allowing them to get a less cut because publishers and shareholders steal ALL the cash, don't cry for developers that do not have back bones or morals and cry about gamers pirating, when they cannot even stand up to people that rip us off
kudakadere  +   1079d ago
I think this is why some PC developers don't take advantage of the hardware because PC games being soo easy to pirate they loose money and it becomes are waste of effort , console games such as Ps3 exclusives suffer way way less of this promblem so developers know their gonna get their money's worth for their efforts .
ninjahunter  +   1079d ago
Wait wait wait wait wait, hold the phone, Piracy is bad, yea yea yea, i agree with you there, but im noticing this other part of what you said. That developers dont take advantage of PC hardware. I think your being fed false information! You better check your sources haha. But really, PC gaming it at its prime right now. Games are actaully so well optimized that people are getting mad that it doesnt push their machines at all! And PC gaming is being pushed further and further these days! I cant remember buying a single console port in the last year that didnt have extensive PC enhancements.

In fact, i would say that PC support has skyrocketed recently, i think developers are actually making more money than ever on PC, you know without microsoft/sony double dipping and less need for expensive publishing costs.
ApexHell  +   1079d ago
i still bought a copy on pc but it was only 40$ :P
Bladesfist  +   1079d ago
ApolloTheBoss  +   1079d ago
pandehz  +   1079d ago
Regardless of this piracy issue I am having a blast with the game on PC. Getting better with the bow too. Hunter mode here I come
masa2009  +   1079d ago
Come on guys, why don't you pay your 70 Euros for those 5 hours of content like everybody else?
Plagasx  +   1079d ago
I hate when people call out the PC first.

aliengmr  +   1079d ago
And what portion of that will turn into sales?

Despite the logic the PC rarely gets demos.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   1079d ago
Piracy is not the problem greedy people are... actually its some what easier to pirate a game on console then on PC lol oh and piracy is the best thing to happen for legit gamers of all platforms, why you might ask ? No demos and bad games simple really, would you really give 60+ of your hard earned money just based on reviews and youtube vids... ofc not well some of you will xD and then its like WTF is THIS @$%& i payed 60+ for THIS %#@$ -_- damn it. So yeah GOOD GAMES will always sell better even if its pirated cuz eventualy you will get it just cuz its good and want to support the developer.

happy gaming to all :D
Zha1tan  +   1079d ago
Crytek, so much potential with their engine squandered on linear shooters.

At least one guy is doing something interesting and ambitious with it, check out Star Citizen, it is an ambitious idea but it is innovating with the cry engine.
ninjahunter  +   1079d ago
I really cant see waht justifies all the hate for crysis 3, at least on PC. Theres no game out that matches it as far as graphics, the gameplay is pretty well streamlined and thought out, it no worse than any other big shooter on the market.
christian6694  +   1079d ago
I finished Crysis 3 on "Post-Human Warrior" difficulty in about 5 hours and 35 minutes. It was my first time playing a Crysis game, loved it! But, I can see why other people are against paying money for the game. If you actually look for everything while playing, it can take.10+ hours. I just did a quick run through on the hardest difficulty so I can go to back on the easiest and look for the data, upgrades, etc.
I don't like multi player on anything, but PS3. So, the SP isn't worth $60. Except I got Crysis 1 with it too.
Look up how many times Modern Warfare 3 was DLed, it will make this whole thread irrelevant most likely.

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