Need For Speed: Most Wanted U Video Demonstration

NWR: ''In the following video demonstration, EA's Jayme Figueroa takes us the through a demo version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted U.''

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1upgamer991734d ago

Very nice looking game! Gamepad options are interesting.

jacksheen00001734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Looks great. If only other Dev can do the same thing for the wii U it would do much better in sales.

Hufandpuf1734d ago

That looks awesome, if more devs took advantage of these features... The Wii U actually looks interesting now.

PopRocks3591734d ago

A little patience goes a long way. I think I've said it many times before that developers, including Nintendo, have really only scratched the surface with this platform.

grailly1734d ago

and these are tacked on features! Imagine what can be done with a game thought out from the beginning to support the gamepad.

anyway, this just makes me like criterion even more.

zalanis1734d ago

not sure about this co-driver thing but the game looks so crazy.

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The story is too old to be commented.