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Eurogamer: PS4's PC-like architecture, 8GB RAM delight developers

What do developers think of the PS4? Most Eurogamer spoke to expressed their delight at the ease with which they will be able to make games for Sony's next-gen console. (Dev, Industry, PS4, Sony, Tech)

bebitech  +   424d ago
The dynamics will be interesting with this generation of consoles. Previously, it seemed that only 1st party studios were competent enough to get the real power of the PS3 out while most 3rd parties lacked the skills. With the PS4 architecture much more similar to that of a PC, I wonder if 3rd party developers will be able to create better multi-console games.
NewMonday  +   424d ago
the unrealized thing about this is that easy development and relatively similar code platform between PS4/720/PC means lower cost of development, only big titles will see a rise and only because games will be bigger in scale.
Spoon_  +   423d ago
After seeing ps4 I wanna see what specs the steambox have crammed in it
Red_Orange_Juice  +   424d ago
as a future PS4 owner I cannot wait to great games from both internal and 3rd party studios, this will be great
sorceror171  +   423d ago
You know what else is nice? Since the PS4 is so similar to a current higher-end PC, that means that developers will be tuning engines and games to run well on that kind of hardware for several years to come. And that means my current higher-end PC will likely be able to play games that come out several years from now.
hellvaguy  +   423d ago
"PS4 is so similar to a current higher-end PC"

You mean its similar to a current mid-low end laptop. 6-10 months from now, more of a low end.

Nonetheless, with optimization, games could very well look high end for the first few years. Plus, I'm liking the new controller design a lot.
GribbleGrunger  +   424d ago | Well said
It's good to see the PS4 is making all the right friends: Developers.
Walker  +   424d ago | Well said
PS4 is gonna be best gaming console for next gen .
deanobi   424d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Tei777  +   424d ago
lol, lets wait till the new xbox is announced before concluding such things.
Neixus  +   424d ago
uhm,kinect isn't better gaming
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GiantFriendlyCrab  +   424d ago
yep, real gaming as i see it is about something you cant possible do in real life, due to limitations humans have, and the fear of prosecution by the law etc
SpinalRemains138  +   423d ago
Ya know, that's a great point you have. I never looked @ it that way, but you're absolutely right.

I do not want to do what the guy on screen is doing. That's why it's considered fantasy. To actually jump around in an attempt to emulate the action is just lame. I've always thought Kinect to be lame anyway, but the real games are indeed about the impossible things which we cannot do. Who the hell wants to hop twice in SOTN for a double jump etc.....

Buttons and controllers are a standard and they work. Getting away from that is why we have tablets and Move and Kinect. They're way too different and limited to bring about an all encompassing full gaming experience.
deanobi  +   424d ago
I'm talking more of Illumiroom.

"The full system, creates the feeling of immersion, adding extra effects that fill up the room, rather than being constrained to a single screen."

Related video
clintagious650  +   424d ago
Id agree wit u if kinect had games that even did that but its been how many years now & still not 1 game like that. Sorry man but they just havent convinced me at all with kinect.
C-Thunder  +   423d ago
If people complain about the WiiU or Sony's new controller being gimmicky, I can only assume that if Microsoft announces Illumiroom, it will be universally panned as the biggest gimmick of all. Worst yet, they announce it isn't optional.

I want to play some awesome games, they seem to be wanting to be the next cool toy non-gamers flock to buy.
Oh_Yeah  +   423d ago
Illumiroom aka The seizure room because that's what it looks like it'll be causing a lot of.
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TheModernKamikaze  +   424d ago
Could possibly make games made for PS4 and PC easier.
Venox2008  +   424d ago
Wii U & PS4 = next gen all the way! :)
EvilFluff91  +   424d ago
God that controller is sexy. :)
dirthurts  +   424d ago
Ditching the cell was the best thing that ever happened to Sony.
I'm so glad they wised up and went with a mainstream cpu. It's going to benefit games across all platforms.
JsonHenry  +   424d ago | Well said
I remember how many bubbles I lost back in the day by stating that Sony's biggest mistake with the PS3 was the CELL and RAM configuration.

Now they basically admitted that it was a mistake and have gone the x86 PC in a box route and everyone is praising them and developers are salivating at the mouth and can't wait to work with it.

Congrats Sony fans!! You've been upgraded to a high end gaming PC!!
dirthurts  +   424d ago
Trying to talk sense is the fastest way to lose bubbles around here. I used to have 6...:/
deanobi  +   424d ago
Bubbles bubbles...
SpinalRemains138  +   423d ago
Perhaps, but that's also dismissing the fact that PS3 had the best exclusives this gen. Hands down, bar none, the best.

PS3 is different beast. Tough to master but the potential is there. It was a lot of unnecessary challenge I suppose, but the games were great. It's not as if we're talking about a huge mistake.
nosferatuzodd  +   423d ago
very intelligent here have a bubble
josephayal  +   424d ago
Good news for Bungie, Epic and guerilla
leogets   424d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
Bathyj  +   424d ago
Yeah, all this negativity coming already from media and fanboys, I bet NONE of it is coming from developers.
JsonHenry  +   424d ago
I think most devs jizzed their pants a little when they were told that it is actually going to be a x86 system with a full 8gigs of RAM. And not just any ram but GDDR5. I can't even buy that for my high end gaming PC. That should be pretty telling of how well Sony learned from their mistakes and how much they mean business this time around.

Another thing that didn't get a lot of praise is the extra silicon they added just to handle the system overlay/XMB and background services. No more 3-4 second pauses when bring up the system menu and stuff like that while playing a game.
Somebody  +   423d ago
You already have those GDDR5 RAM in your PC if you have a high end PC. It's in your graphic card hence the "G" in GDDR.
Nick_515  +   423d ago
I don't think any graphics cards come with 8GB of GDDR5. Even the Nvidia Titan that isn't even out yet only has 6GB and it costs $1000 by itself.
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acmegamer  +   423d ago
But not the PC & Xbox owners who are the REAL experts!(apparently)
Kennytaur  +   423d ago
On PS4, third party games can be of similar quality tech-wise as first party. This is really good.
Picnic  +   423d ago
I'm a bit more pessimistic.

If the PS4 is easier to develop for, then you can probably guarantee that its very high end stuff will never quite stand out so much. i.e. Uncharted 4 will not blow away a lot of the other games visually.

The presentation showed us that they wanted to display how characters could easily disintegrate in to many pieces.
Apart from that, they are essentially slightly souped up PS3 games. Yes- slightly. There is no Emotion Engine or Cell/Bluray introduction this time.

It will always be the quirkier games that interest me to a console. And increased power is no guarantee that imaginations will improve in that respect.
You hopefully know it to be true. That's why people still shout 'Shenmue 3!' (although I'm not a big fan of the series myself) rather than 'Sleeping Dogs 2!'

I'm afraid that the PS4 presentation firmly cements Playstation a bit more in the 'bore's console' catgeory with me. Some PC players. Those who care about 90s management buzzwords like 'connectivity'.

It really is primarily about the games for me. I don't want to sculpt the games either unless it's in some Unfinished Swan kind of 'reveal' way. I want you to do that for me. That's why I stopped playing Little Big Planet.
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kingPoS  +   423d ago
I'm a bit worried about that too. I can't deny that I had a little pride in the PS3's uniqueness.
nosferatuzodd  +   423d ago
dont worry about that if naughty dog can do that with a hard to use ps3 architecture can you imagine the trick they'll use now that its easier
you're going to see graphics that is out of this world ..
akaakaaka  +   423d ago
Game play will play a big part in here and new ideas not just graphics this tie around..
and ND has proves them self in innovation on every level not just visuals.

we will see who are really talented here.. and KILLZONE SF has a lot of old gen features but let say the gun mutation from AF to SF was something unique and next gen, the rest seam PS3 beside the visual and sound obviously.. but there where only 8 min game play and let's see what else GG bring to the table.
oh and also the transition of the huge explosion into game play is something new, that was not cut scena and it was all in game play..
FrigidDARKNESS  +   423d ago
I was a ms fanboy now i have defected to the Sony side of life. I love the tech specs of the ps4 should be able to do ports of pc games easily.
TotalHitman  +   423d ago
I wonder if development times will decrease due to the decrease in cost and the ease of developing for PS4/PC. I hope so.
Tundra  +   423d ago
Hopefully this means a better porting process across the board so everyone can be happy. Development times might drop to due to a much more familiar architecture for devs.
SaveFerris  +   423d ago
I'm hoping it'll lead to better game experiences for PS4, Next Xbox and PC gamers too as developers learn how to get the most out of the systems.
50Terabytespersec  +   423d ago
The 8GB of ram was the Deal maker for me!! This PS4 will now be be the system of choice.
This along with the Xperia ZL! Sony is about to return to its glory days!
Having been deeply offended to find the fact Sony only made one (FULL) Gran Tourismo game on PS3.. I figured that Sony did not live up to their PS3 promise..I was going to Jump ship.. but I said if they don't put in 8 GB of Fast Ram in PS4! I wont even bother looking. But now Sony Got it Right!!!

I am excited for Sony and they are Doing amazing things once again..
4K and Bravia Technology!, Their Superior Slim Aps-C Cameras and Theater SXRD Projectors and HDFC Cameras!!Bluray Technology,
Now ad to the list !
PS4 and Xperia Zl!!!
My mouth is watering!!Thank You Sony!
fsfsxii  +   423d ago
Hmm, the question people keep forgetting is since the console is easier to code on, will the games be any longer??
arbitor365  +   423d ago
funny how all the xbox fanboys bashed the PS3 because of its "hard to develop for" infrastructure and its online network are now deafeningly silent, now that sony has rectified both these issues and gone above and beyond.
tachy0n  +   423d ago
good guy sony changes architecture,

to help devs develop easier on consoles and on the PC.

as a PC player, i thank sony for this move with their specs, ports will not be crappy anymore on the PC :)
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