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Submitted by Vinc360 1009d ago | opinion piece

The PS4 Could Be More Of A Revolution Than You Think

Vincent Deshaies of GameFocus shares some reasons why PS4 could make a huge impact on the future of video games. (Next-Gen, PS4, Sony Computer Entertainment)

Vinc360  +   1009d ago
I see so many possibilities! It could give a lot of exposure to gaming in general, but also to "hardcore" games as opposed to casual-oriented or phone games. Show the entire world how PS4 works and how its games work (through streaming footage online to people who don't even HAVE PS4s, then pull them in... then show them how to play using remote play abilities! Sony may have a winning formula right there.
unworthy15  +   1009d ago
Maybe people will watch games live and get interested in it given how many more people will stream their things. Could give exposure to e-sports.
shivvy24  +   1009d ago
Vinc360  +   1009d ago
Exactly what I was thinking, it'll introduce more people to more advanced games as opposed to phone games. Impressive, movie-like graphics also help, even though we don't usually think of that as mainstream appeal. Who DOESN'T get impressed by amazing visuals?
ANIALATOR136  +   1009d ago
Yes I see great potential in the new features. someone who necessarily isnt interested in a game might watch over one of their friends play it and be convinced. I know that when God Of War 3 was looming I'd never played a God Of War game and my friend let me borrow his old PS2 copy. I wasn't excited about it to tell you the truth but after playing the first one I "got it" and was so hyped for 3 coming out. And now I am so hyped for Acsension. Can't wait to hear Kratos' infamous RAWWWWWWR again :)
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BananaEatingSquid  +   1009d ago
I'm more impressed than I was during the PS3 reveal
MasterCornholio  +   1008d ago
Same here because in my opinion the PS3 reveal was pretty bad because it was filled with more tech demos than actual games. Not to mention the fact that we were taught a little bit of Japanese history about the battles against the giant enemy crabs.

Sorry every time i mention the PS3 conference i have to mention the crabs.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1009d ago
Gaikai gives so much potential for the advertising of Playstation content on other devices.

People on iphones and ipads could stream prerecorded gameplay of games for limited time and get hooked
Knight_Crawler  +   1009d ago
I notice that Sony did not mention anything about Skype on the PS4...Skype could be a huge plus for MS if implemented right on the 720.
Cerberus2125  +   1008d ago
That is because Microsoft pay more than 8 mills for Skype.
unworthy15  +   1009d ago
Good points in this article
Vinc360  +   1009d ago
I remember when the 360 was announced and I was kind of overwhelmed with the new social features they were bringing up. I was thinking it was giong to be too complex though I wasn't hating any of them. I just wasn't THAT interested in gamerscore and similar things. I just wanted to play games... now I find these features almost necessary (not gamerscore, but seeing what your friends are playing online, comparing games, etc)... I'm sure it'll be the same with PS4.
BananaEatingSquid  +   1009d ago
It was the same thing for me, I know better now though ^^
unworthy15  +   1009d ago
I hope so at least
BananaEatingSquid  +   1009d ago
That does sound really cool
deanobi  +   1009d ago
Xbox will have a heads up on Sony in the social uploading department
Baka-akaB  +   1008d ago
Not necessarily . At some point they were cast aside in the pc and mobile world with their outdated live messenger . Their last versions of it was horrendous and the remaining messenger fan mostly installed older versions back or moved on to other entwoks and apps . Except of course on the xbox consoles

There is a good reason why they quickly bought skype to get back in that game and to replace live messenger .

Those things and social sharing trends change very very quickly .
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DOOMZ  +   1009d ago
PS4 has no 4k TV support!
With no 4k TV support, I doubt it...
GoldenMonkey34   1008d ago | Spam
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Picnic  +   1008d ago
I miss when being a gamer meant playing Silent Hill 3 in the dark or your own.

A lot of games now are aiming to be more like sports - achievements etc. They'll be trying to get them in the Olympics next.

But Silent Hill 3 - on your own - was always better than the Olympics.

The slogan for the new PS4 should be 'Because you're afraid that you'll end up on your own'.
50Terabytespersec  +   1008d ago
The 8GB of ram was the Deal maker for me!! This PS4 will now be be the system of choice.
This along with the Xperia ZL! Sony is about to return to its glory days!
Having been deeply offended to find the fact Sony only made one (FULL) Gran Tourismo game on PS3.. I figured that Sony did not live up to their PS3 promise..I was going to Jump ship.. but I said if they don't put in 8 GB of Fast Ram in PS4! I wont even bother looking. But now Sony Got it Right!!!

I am excited for Sony and they are Doing amazing things once again..
4K and Bravia Technology!, Their Superior Slim Aps-C Cameras and Theater SXRD Projectors and HDFC Cameras!!Bluray Technology,
Now ad to the list !
PS4 and Xperia Zl!!!
My mouth is watering!!Thank You Sony!
jonboi24  +   1008d ago
The ramifications this will have for the fighting community is huge. This will only vastly improve the way community reaches out to on another. I thank you Sony.

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