New Arma 3 Screenshots

Here are some new screenshots of Bohemia Interactive's military sandbox game Arma 3.

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Sam Fisher1882d ago

Hmmm, i would like to see another dayZ mod on this

Rooted_Dust1881d ago

It won't need to. There is a stand alone version of DayZ coming out that uses a least part of Arma III's updated engine.

akaakaaka1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

look's gorgeous.. now bring it to the PS4 and I will buy it.. no excuse.

the textures on the environment look low res but i guess the environments are huge.. PS4 has spoil me O_o
the lighting in this game seem spectacular

Allsystemgamer1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

What do you mean the ps4 spoiled you? The graphics on the ps4 are great but not mind blowing. The low tea textures are to deal with the environment and the 100 kilometer plus view distance.

decrypt1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )


Take a look at the control Scheme and tell us how any of that will fit on a Lolpad.

No amount of dumbing down will work, unless you want them to take it down to COD levels, at which point why would want to create another COD. Better to just buy COD, will have plenty of that on PS4.

ATi_Elite1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

"PS4 has spoiled me"

The Got Dam thing is not even out yet, so WTF are you talking about!

The PS4 CPU and Ram are Great but the GPU is Low End! PS4 can run Arma 3 but not at this level of detail.

Arma 3 is a BEAST of a game as everything is drawn out and happens at once.

Example: you can see Fire fights, plane crashes, and explosions going on 100km away, The draw distances are these screenshots are OLD!

Also Arma 3 is NOT COD and it is NOT BATTLEFIELD, Arma 3 is as REAL as it gets to combat other than joining the military.

Arma 3 = Combat Simulator

and your gonna need a KB/m to play it, way too many input commands for a 10 button Controller unless they dumb it down which Bohemia Interactive will NOT DO!!

Somebody1881d ago

Which reminds me: Whatever happened to Operation Flashpoint?

Feralkitsune1881d ago

The name Operation Flashpoint is owned by some company now days. It's pretty shit compared to the ARMA games. That name hasn't held any real weight in a while.

TheGamerDood1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Aside from KZ:SF we haven't really seen what the PS4 can do. And it been revealed that even Sony's 1st party studios weren't aware of the increase to the ram so what you seeing in the demos are games that were coded for 4GB of ram, not 8GB. It'll probably be a year or so before we see what the PS4 can really do and these engines get optimized for the hardware and finally tap into all that power and all that glorious ram. *drool*

@decrypt the PS3 natively supports keyboards I'm sure the PS4 will do the same, I don't see why IS couldn't just code K/M support into their game for the console version.

cruckel1881d ago

I'll probably 4-6 years before we truly see what the PS4 is capable of. They need to learn the system and what it can do more. Look at Halo 3 vs Halo 4. I still can't believe it's the same console, but optimization does have it benefits, but it takes time.

TheGamerDood1881d ago

In 4-6 years we would have already moved on to the following generation.:D

"Aside from KZ:SF we haven't honestly seen what the PS4 can really do. And it was noted recently that even Sony's 1st party studios weren't aware of the increase in ram so what you're seeing are demos that were coded for 4GB not 8GB of ram.

It'll probably be a year or so before these engines get optimized the developers more comfortable with the hardware and then...then they'll be able to finally tap into all that power and glorious ram and demonstrate what the PS4 with 8GB of GDDR5 ram can truly do. *drool*"

akaakaaka1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Hey what's the hate here?
this game seem very possible on the PS4, we are talking about a 8gb gddr5 here and a architecture for games, plus they have not talk about all the specs of it yet! and like other's mention PS3 support mouse and keyboard, and even is not needed, I bet they can add command by voice while they keep a good control shame, this cameras on next gen console are very smart.

what's the hate here? I don't need to have a PS4 to be spoiled if like me, you saw the next gen games you can see what I'm talking about it look crystal clear and this not but I understand the env.. are huge in this game.
If you can't see how good they look you are been a hater, just get exited because it means PC games will catch up and pass it soon, but what was showed is ahead any PC gen from today's market.

Plus why you want me to play COD? I don't play that casual game since COD4 ..
I like the idea behind ARMAIII and I hope it comes in the PS4 if not It will not be missed and I will move on.

givemeshelter1881d ago

LOL The PS4 spolied you? Graphics that look like a PC two years ago?
Please stop...The PS4 like the upcoming Xbox are mid ranged closed PC consoles. Look at the specs.
Arma games are BEASTS to run...

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Yukicore1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

The depth of field makes the game look tasty, but honestly if you focus on the details the trees look a bit funny.

fossilfern1881d ago

Cant wait for the Wasteland mod to be on Arma 3! Its all I play on Arma 2

Plagasx1881d ago

Hopefully it's not an unoptimized piece of shit this time..

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