A Mysterious Next-Gen Project Sponsored By Bill Gates, And Other Gaming Secrets

In his LinkedIn profile, a Seattle engineer who joined Activision as vice president of research and development this month states that he is "looking for graphics and systems software developers in the Greater Seattle area," seemingly suggesting that the publisher is establishing an office in Washington. (Presumably this is unrelated to Bungie and Destiny, as Bungie are an independent company with their own proprietary tech base and HR department.)

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AngelicIceDiamond1882d ago

Bill Gates sponsoring a next gen project? Whoa, this is serious.

mandf1882d ago

His name brings hits. He's retired and not coming out of it just for a console.

matchu_peechu1882d ago

Just because he's reitred doesn't mean ge can't give input to the company that he founded. It's HIS legacy

RuleofOne343 1881d ago

Maybe not for a Console, but it would be cool to see him at the helm of MS again.

dcbronco1881d ago

Bill Gates retired from full-time work, not retired completely. He still works for Microsoft.

Donnieboi1882d ago

No. Ps4 is serious. M$ is strictly just casual now. And Bill Gates doesn't play videogames.

UnholyLight1881d ago

He's the Chairman to Microsoft you idiots. What the hell do you think a FUCKING chairman does in any situation.

Sony fanboyism, the worst I have ever seen.

@matchu_peechu EXACTLY

People, get some logic before you comment. How do you think a business/investors work. What are you all 13years old?

mwjw6961882d ago

I really don't think Bill cares about projects like this. He is so rich at this point that its crazy. He is giving money away to help poor people all over the world. Tech to help people is his big thing right now.

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TheGamerDood1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Remember when MS stated that hardly anyone was going to even notice Sony's press event? Yeah that was hilarious. xD So now they have to drag poor old Bill from his nice warm bed to try and disrupt the PS4 love fest that's going on with whispers of awesome next-gen projects and super gaming secrets. lmao So sad.

Jakens1882d ago

I don't like secerts. They suck!

MiloGarret1882d ago

Well, apart from people actively following video gaming news, no one did. Most adults, that is, those paying for video game consoles, have no idea the ps4 has been announced.

Pintheshadows1882d ago

It was on the front page of BBC news and in all the papers so...

TheGamerDood1882d ago


The BBC you say...that's big. :D

Rainstorm811882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

The Ps meeting was covered by CNN ABC news, to USA today.....I think many more adults know about it then u think



USA Today:

Even FOX

MiloGarret1881d ago

Believe what you will, I know better than to argue with the deluded inhabitants of this site.

Tito081881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

You sure about that?? even spanish only news channels, especially Univision were talking about Sony announcing the PS4, looks like you're trying to copy everything Microsoft says like their pet! In Dominican Republic, almost nobody knows what's an Xbox, & knows what is a Playstation, lol! Do not say believe what you will when proof was already proven, you the only delusional for listening to Microsoft execs!!

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UnholyLight1881d ago

All they said was that they didnt think the UK would know much about it. Kinda overextended their statement there buddy. They never said the event was gonna go "unnoticed by the majority of people" as you seem to say.

I love your pic of Kaz, I hate your fanboyism though!

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