Why the PS4 will be just fine without backwards compatibility

Stick Skills says, "Sony began the current generation extremely confident that the PlayStation 3 would be a given. Everyone would buy it because of the Sony name, no matter the price, and games would come, no matter the difficulty of development. They were wrong. A series of mistakes, one being the decision to continue with their often maligned cell processor, caused a number of hiccups in the PS3's early life. The most notable on the consumer side was backwards compatibility with the PS2. Early models had varying degrees of backwards compatibility, but the process was difficult, and within a few years Sony was scrambling to lower the price of the console. One of the quickest to do this was to drop compatibility. It was a financial decision made to help the consumer with a lower price point, and a reality of upgrading consoles."

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Abash1971d ago

Either way, BC will be coming via streaming thanks to Gaikai

NewMonday1971d ago

or just keep the PS3

it's not like they will impound it when the PS4 is released.

crxss1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

i will be selling my ps3 when i get my ps4. any amount helps. will also sell my 360 once i get the next xbox.

LAZL0-Panaflex1971d ago

I know what a bunch of dorks. "I wanna pay $400 so i can play twisted metal 2 and other $2 games"

NewMonday1971d ago

you can't have the cake and eat it too.

BC of PS3 games can't be simply emulated, they would need the same Cell chip/GPU setup from the PS3, they would have to stick an extra card on the PS4 that would rise the price up 100$-150$.

joab7771971d ago

I dont understand why everyone wants to sell it. It isnt like past consoles that only played games. If they implement backwards compatibility, it will cost more to produce, especially since the architexture is entirely different. Yeah, it may help with transition but if it costs more to produce, they will have to charge more. Maybe not as much as someone may get for selling their ps3, but if its a $75-100 difference, then whats the point. Wouldnt it be better to pay less and keep the ps3. Remember too, that the price will drop for the ps3 so u wont be able to sell urs for as much, especially a used one without a warranty. And heres the kicker, asi mentioned at the beginning, it does a lot of shit. It streams everything. It has netflix, obviously but also streams all the movies on my pc. Also, the store is full of stuff to buy yet. And if u r a ps + member, i am sure u have a backlog of stuff u have not got to. Its great for kids too. Oh, yeah, and its a bluray player. I will throw this badboy in my bedrroom so i dont have to move my ps4.

And, i understand how the industry works. I love playstation and i want them to be successful. They are not doing well because samsung is kicking their ass. I want to support them. The ps3 will remain strong for awhile and with a price drop, many ppl will be able to get one if they couldnt before. I guess i would prefer if the money went to Sony right now. I am not against used games etc. But i know how important the ps4 is to sonys success. I just wish they had offered some type of incentive for ppl to keep their ps3. Some type of cross play or something.

princejb1341971d ago

I don't want the extra clutter in my apartment
Especially all this money I spend on games

I would love if bc is included but if it isn't than say bye to my ps3 games as well as my ps3

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Peppino71971d ago

That's good news unless they somehow start charging you for it. I like the idea of putting in the physical disk that you own so the system knows what you have. Digital media should just come down too your purchase history. I don't see what would be so hard about that.

Donnieboi1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

But how will Sony make any money from letting us stream old games via disc readings? I mean, we can all just simply buy the games used at gamestop, couldn't we? Then how will Gaikai tell the difference? THEN, there's also the cost of running cloud servers 24/7. The cost of renting the data centers that hold the cloud servers. And finally, IF the reason why we can't play our ps3 games on PS4 is due to the fact that PS4 won't be using the IBM Cell chip, then doesn't that mean that the Gaikai has to use Cell technology back at the data center it rents, in order for the PS3 game to be emulated properly, before it is streamed into our houses? Wouldn't the ironic use of Cell Chips back at the cloud data centers cost just as much for Sony, as it would have cost to put in each PS4? Also, the streaming 24/7 and rental of data centers will cost Sony even MORE money. At the PS4 conference last Tuesday, even the Gaikai guy didn't seem entirely sure as to how practical this plan is. It really is a tricky one to turn a profit from.

What I wonder is: Could Sony make a special attachment (with a cell chip in it) that connects to the PS4 externally to allow us to use our PS3 blu ray discs in our PS4 blu ray disc drives? Also, allowing us to save PS3 psn games on our ps4 harddrives, yet using this Cell Chip external attachment to let us still play downloadable ps3 psn games.

Maybe that's a better solution, because the cloud solution (for old games; new, paid-for games is at least somewhat profitable) is far too costly for Sony to run.

gta28001971d ago

If it doesn't come, it won't change anything for me. I'm getting a PS4 for PS4 games! I love my PS3 but once I transition over to the PS4 I probably won't be looking back. I'm ready for the next gen.

The Great Melon1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Depends. Can I play the plethora of disc based games I own across all three generations of Sony products? Or will I have to buy the Gaikai versions to "unlock" backwards compatibility on all my games?

Though I do think this is a great feature to have going forward, I cringe every time people call streaming games backwards compatibility. If we have to repurchase (speculation) everything to play what we already own in a physical format -- that is not backwards compatibility in any way. They are just selling us the games in a new format that has lag and video compression artifacts.

MikeMyers1971d ago

What Sony should do is have Gaikai take care of it. That way they can have the full PSOne, PS2, PS3, PSP, Vita and PS4 games running through it. They could easily tie it with the Plus service as well. A great revenue source that's for sure.

What we also may see is most games being online only aside from the bigger PS4 titles. Sony and other companies will slowly get consumers to buy digitally which of course will help reduce piracy and second hand game sales.

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clintagious6501971d ago

I understand that ppl love BC including myself but lets say sony did put it in the ps4 & sells it for $700 there is just no way i will spend $700 just for BC. Im buying a ps4 to play ps4 games & have 3 ps3's i can use for ps3 games.

crxss1971d ago

i would buy a ps4 w/ BC for $600 though

gta28001971d ago

You know...maybe Sony could of made a PS4 only console and a backwards compatible PS4 and just put the higher price tag on seems like it would be a win win situation for Sony and it's customers who want to keep their PS3 games. I have no idea if that would work but it seems pretty cool.

The Great Melon1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Does anyone know if PlayStation games run on the PS4? I know that it can't play PS3 games, but given that I can play PS2 and PSone games on a computer made within the last five years I would hope they implement such non-demanding emulation on the console. Sony would win major points in my book if they added PS2 and PSone emulation to the PS4. There really isn't anything technical preventing that.

cloud4951971d ago

I'm not 100% sure but on IGN's wiki it says that it doesn't play any previous Playstation disc games including PS1 and PS2. Don't know about digital.

But I'm pretty sure PS1 and PS2 emulation wouldn't be hard to pull off so we'll just have to wait and see.

Temporary1971d ago

I dont understand the big deal about just makes the console more expensive. Just dont get rid of your PS3. SImple as that ... I plan on keepig mine after I get the PS4.

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golsilva1971d ago

i wonder how gaikai bc would work. Lets assume it works. For psn purchases, it should be easy because gaikai can check your account download history and find which games you own on psn.

Yet for ps3 retail games, how can they check if you own the game. Yes, you can check game save data or trophies but that doesnt mean you own the game. You could have rented a game and still have some record on your account.

I was thinking if you insert the ps3 game into the ps4 and then use gaikai to recognize but doesnt that require the system to actually recognize the ps3 disc which means emulation which the ps4 likely wont have. So it gets tricky with retail ps3,ps2,ps1 games you own.

The Great Melon1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I like that implementation. Rather than having your previous physical games tied to your account, the PS4 just checks the authenticity of your disc and allows you access to the Gaikai version of the game. Therefore, if ownership of the game transfers to another, so does access to the game. Bubbles for what I think you were saying in the last paragraph.

colonel1791971d ago

I used backwards compatibility on my PS3 when it launched, because I finished playing Resistance: Fall of Man and there wasn't another game I wanted, because the launch games were very few and not so good. So I bought God of War 2, and Shadow of the Colossus. I never had a PS2. After that, I played Kingdom Hearts II and I never used BC again.

With the games that have been announced so far for the PS4 (Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs, Destiny, and all others that are yet to be revealed, I don't think there will be a reason to even need it in the first place. If you have a PS3, I don't see why would you need it, and If you never had a PS3, you can enjoy a great launch line up so far.

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