Can the PS4 Save the Vita Before its Next Birthday?

Today, the Vita turns one in North America, Europe, South America and Singapore. Joining in on the birthday festivities, Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan discuss the road so far, what’s next and if the PS4 will mean good things for the struggling little handheld.

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Foolsjoker1913d ago

Kaz looks awesome in shorts...just saying.

doctorstrange1913d ago

He is a good looking man, certainly.

Happy Bday Vita!

Killzoner991913d ago

I completely agree, Kaz has very strong and masculine facial features and he has a look of determination about him . He just seems like he would be a really great guy to get to know and hangout with. Maybe even camping or something if he likes that.

ftwrthtx1913d ago

The PS3 could do it if Sony would just give us what they said they would.

Is the PS3 and PS Vita relationship dead now? WTH?

Trenta271913d ago

I agree. It's like they all of a sudden forgot.

doctorstrange1913d ago

The PS3 didn't call the Vita back, so they're taking a break.

ftwrthtx1912d ago

I hope they didn't burn any bridges.

gta28001913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

I'm gonna be honest. I've been interested in the Vita ever since it was announced(Owned PSP and want to play Uncharted)..but the Vita didn't really have anything that made me say I NEED THAT NOW! I was just kinda waiting till they drop the price but after they showed the remote play capabilities with the PS4, that pretty much is gonna make me get one before the PS4 comes out.

delboy1913d ago

Didn't you tried remote play with psp and ps3?
It's almost unplayable because of input lag.
It's enjoyable only with slow games like rpgs.
And streaming games from Gaikai to Vita or Ps4 in the future culd be even worse.
Actually it will be worse then psp and ps3 remote play, because you will use Internet connection to stream from Gaikai.

Cmo891912d ago

he actually said in the conference that there wont be any lag because of new ps4 technology. or something like that

Baylex1912d ago

I think when they started to make the vita, the objective was to get it to connect with ps4 from the start.. But the ps3 is still here, so they had to say that they could connect with each other. But the primary objective was to the vita and the ps4 hang out perfectly.

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alexcosborn1913d ago

No, don't think so. Remote Play is great in reaffirming the purchase of early adopters but not reason enough to shell out $250.

gta28001913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

It is for me. I want a Vita but wasn't willing to shell out the dough for it right now...but after I saw the remote play feature, I'm ready pull that money out lol.

1913d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.