Deus Ex movie will avoid trappings of 'videogame movies' - director

The crew behind the forthcoming Deus Ex film adaptation will avoid making a "videogame movie", according to a new interview.

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Root1887d ago

Yeah Yeah Yeah....heard it all before and they always end up crap

If they just followed the source material for once, maybe include some memroable word to word cutscenes as a nod to gamers and maybe so copies of epic fights in the game it would work

Gamers might see them as "We've seen all this before" but at least they would be good

thegathering1887d ago

mortal kombat's reboot budget is set at $50 million. Thats pathetic for a movie that will be cgi intensive as mortal kombat. Its almost as if hollywood wants video game movies to fail.

DarkBlood1887d ago

well thats pretty good assuming the actors already know martial arts so that elminates the need for stuntdoubles

it doesnt take much for costumes as i understand it

they may do it in a way where they dont have to cgi every day thing on the screen lol

and theres the fact that none of these actors as i know it are in the range to be paid so much money because they arent that well known thus the 50 million budget in total

i dont know but thats just my take on it

Baka-akaB1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

making it a cgi fest of over 50 millions is what would kill the MK movie instead .

There is very little way if any that a MK movie should need more

All it needs are competent fighters and a few effects mostly gory ones ... not another painful cgi liu kang turned dragon scene , even by 2013 standards .

thegathering1887d ago

300 proved without a reasonable doubt that a movie can be cgi completely and be successful. As long as the movie has a compelling director and storyline. Did you see who's directing mk reboot?

flop after flop after flop. How does this guy even get a job in hollywood??!!!

Baka-akaB1887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Er you do realise that 300 was shot with a 60 million budget ? You are just ironically helping my point .

300's cgi was smartly used , as it was cost effective AND MOSTLY fit the art and design of Miller's original comics vision

And for the record i never said i believed in the MK movie or that director ... i just can't agree with the idea that it's a matter of more funding , especially for CGI .

Besides where are the so called flops after flops after flops ? He mostly did tv stuff , almost all of it real tv , one movie that could only be crap given the subject (come on Fame ? ) and a so far praised serie of short MK stuff .

Jsynn71887d ago

I think the secret to making a successful movie based on a game is to take it seriously. Don't look at it as making a movie based on a game, look at it as making a movie based on a great story which Deus Ex is.

MooseyXTC1887d ago

I would have said "hell yes, and the stories for >both< [because there's 2] Deus Ex games are incredibly intelligent and engaging, which makes it even easier for a director to dig into."
And then I remembered the Max Payne movie.
Dammit all.

Jsynn71886d ago

What Max Payne movie?....(that's one of the movies that shall not be named. lol) Seriously, that's another game with a great story that could've turned out awesome if it were aken more seriously. Hollywood doesn't care about the gaming industry and they make these movies based on games just to fill quotas for studios. Sad.

Soldierone1887d ago

Hollywood always feels the need to change video games to "suit Hollywood movie standards." To them video games don't tell stories properly so they need to make them do it. This is where the movie adaptations start to suck arse, but yet they keep doing it.