Retailers Already Luring Gamers With PS4 Pre-Orders, Free PlayStation 4 Consoles

Sony confirmed a holiday release date for its next generation PlayStation 4 at PlayStation Meeting 2013, but it saved a lot of the important details like price point, actual release date and what the console even looks like for a later date. But that hasn’t stopped retailers around the world from starting to take pre-orders for the new device.

Tony Bartel, president of GameStop, told me: “We are very excited about the upcoming holiday launch of the new Sony PS4. The new system brings much needed innovation to the video game market. Our consumer base has shown strong early enthusiasm for the PS4 as evidenced by more than 100,000 people who have already signed up for our First To Know List.”

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jagiii2034d ago

People are fanatics pre-ordering something without even knowing the price.

OneAboveAll2034d ago

That's the beauty of it. They can cancel anytime.

ApolloTheBoss2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Not at Gamestop they can't.

Edit: People I'm being serious here. I once tried to pre-order a game there and when I decided I didn't want the game anymore they told me I couldn't cancel it. I had to pick another game. I did this five damn times and the $5 to this day is STILL in the account. Those guys are nothing but crooks.

nanostar2034d ago

Not sure if its really that different in canada but i have canceled a few from gamestop most recent being assassin's creed 3

rainslacker2034d ago

You can cancel a pre-order from GameStop. You just got a crappy rep. They get penalized from their pre-order count if they cancel a pre-order even if it isn't one they made originally, and that's one thing that really affects their hours.

I would have asked for their manager, and if the manager told you that, then ask for the regional supervisors number.

Technically, until they provide you with an actual product the money is yours. In the US it has to be kept in an escrow account until purchase, of which they collect interest on until they can move it out of escrow.

Mounce2034d ago


Everytime I had pre-ordered a game, I was allowed to always cancel my pre-order so as long as I never came to pick it up and showed that I had a receipt for proof of purchase. Like the time I pre-ordered Duke Nukem Forever, I was being given a BAD feeling that it was going to suck balls just 1 day before its actual release. So the next day on release I went to the guy behind the desk and was like "I Don't want to pick it up and I want to take back my pre-order" He said no problem, and gave me my full money back, and it wasn't in-store credit either since I never technically Owned the game nor used it.

gta28002033d ago

I'd pre-order it...but knowing how my girl is, she might just try and surprise me with it for Christmas so ima have to skip on the preorder lol.

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cervantes992034d ago

People generally know what the price will be - $399 - $499.

I'll preorder without knowing the price - if it's less than above prices then great, if it's more then so be it. I want it and I can afford it.

Nuff said!

Knight_Crawler2034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Am I the only one who thinks that just maybe Sony did not show the PS4 console because the Dual Shock 4 controller is actually the console O_o...hey anything is possible.

Edit: LOL... just re-read my comment and was like WTF was I thinking.

2034d ago
Donnieboi2034d ago

Yep. Like controller will store harddrive, 8gb ram, etc in it. What u been smoking?

morkendo232034d ago

"DUAL SHOCK 4 CONTROLLER" is the console. that is a possibility so its not technically a dumb ideal we'll see @ e3.

LOGICWINS2034d ago

I'm not getting a PS4 at launch. More likely when the first Slim version is announced. Still, I'm excited that Sony is turning things around this generation and have learned from their mistakes.

cervantes992034d ago

I love how you get disagrees!

It's YOUR money and you can spend how you see fit. Your logic is sound and I'm sure many will do the same.

I will have it day one! I just have to :)

Oh_Yeah2034d ago

Right there with you Logic, I got ps3 and 360 both close to launch and won't be doing the same.. Because 1. Possible faulty hardware 2. the cost 3. lack of games.. Might as well wait for the slims. Should have done that this gen.. I ended up picking up a ps3 slim 2 years ago, with a controller and all for 150$ at a pawn shop. < now that was a deal and it's currently my only working system.

evilhasitsway2034d ago

i dont really care how much it cost i will buy it even though i havent preordered sony to me has always been my choice of a gaming device. and what they showed wowed me i will but it no matter price goes the sameway with new xbox. as long as it can show me games.

rainslacker2034d ago

Or a known SKU. Would suck to get stuck in an SKU that you don't want. Stores do it to get your money, but it should be illegal since there is no actual official product UPC to use yet. They're basically reserving an idea, and not a product.

sourav932034d ago

Actually, in the UK, the retailer Zavvi are letting you pre-order the PS4, with the price shown as £399. The best part of the pre-order deal is that it has a pre-order price promise i.e. if the price drops before the release, you pay the lower price. But if the price is actually higher, you only pay the amount for which you pre-order the console for. So its more or less a win win.

BlmThug2034d ago

I've reserved mine at Shopto in the UK :) They have a placeholder for £400 so i'm hoping the price is Sub £400

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Chupa-Chupa2034d ago

I'll pre-order and drop any price requested. I can do that too. I've done it for every console and call-girl since the Sega Dreamcast dropped.

sdozzo2034d ago

Paying for women and games since 1985.

cervantes992034d ago

I'll be right there with ya (figuratively).

I've been day one for every console since PS1.

sonic9892034d ago

ps4 day oner over here too lol

WooHooAlex2034d ago

I'm on the first to know list, now hurry up GameStop, and let me get my pre-order in!

QuebecSuperstar2034d ago

I'm on the list too! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.....

jagiii2034d ago

PlayStation 5 pre-orders will start soon too. Who needs any info, just give GameStop your money.

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