2K Sports Releases Trailer For MLB 2K12

Christopher Jones of gives his take on what the trailer for MLB 2K13 shows, or rather doesn't show, and reflects on the overall quality of the series as this generation of systems nears the end of its lifespan. Yes, he is aware he put MLB 2K12 and not 2K13, and you'll see why when you watch the trailer.

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NYC_Gamer1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

2K really need to give up on the MLB license

Qrphe1729d ago

I'd think so too since not only do they not sell but also the The Show series are much higher quality. However, this would pretty much give Sony a monopoly over baseball videogames which doesn't sound that well.

NYC_Gamer1729d ago

I can't stand EA but they made good MLB games

Blaze9291729d ago

Some things 2K Sports are good at, some they arent. Baseball, is not one of them. Basketball, possibly the greatest at it. NFL, possibly WAS the greatest. Their hockey games were pretty fun too.

Actually all their sports titles were...the fck happened with this one >_<?