PlayStation Vita Is One Year Old, Here Are Five Games You Must Play

Push Square: "Much like those people forced to celebrate their birthday on Christmas Eve, the PlayStation Vita’s first anniversary on the market has been somewhat overshadowed by the impending PlayStation 4. But we couldn’t let the handheld’s big day pass without a commemoration of some sort, so we’ve compiled a list of five of the system’s must play games. The console may not be setting the sales charts alight – but few could argue with the quality of the titles within."

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Blastoise1884d ago

Says Sammy Barker from

jakmckratos1884d ago

Shut up and go lick Tom Brady's butt. Boom youre roasted.

Playstation4LyFe1884d ago

Yeah ok.. coming from someone who watches American Football, go crawl back in ur little hole!

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Deku-Johnny1884d ago

I recommend Vita owners sell it and get a 3DS instead. Nintendo always have and always will be number one for handhelds in terms of hardware and software.

Agheil1884d ago

I love nintendo and I love mario as much as the next guy, but don't get it twisted. Nintendo re-wraps its old franchises and puts the out into new games. When is the last time you saw nintendo create a memorable new IP. it always Zelda, mario, luigi, yoshi, kirby, samus , etc. The same characters we see in each iteration on the nintendo consoles.

Kamikaze1351884d ago

It's pathetic, but I just only started to realize recently. It's like after Mario Galaxy, they stopped trying to release original Mario games.

r211884d ago

Nintendo used to be for me. Loved the GB, GBC and GBA. After that, not much until the PS vita :D

IMightBeRetarded1884d ago

*Sniff* *sniff*
Whats this? do I smell a fanboy?

rainslacker1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Both systems offer completely different types of experiences. I have both, and I like the 3DS for it's Nintendo and RPG stuff, but nothing else on it interests me that much. The Vita has a wide range of genres that play and mostly look like their console counter-parts, as well as Sony exclusives and RPG's on the horizon which I'm really excited about.

I couldn't care less who's number one. I play games.

Protagonist1884d ago


Please dont recommend anything.

Jake_the_Dog1883d ago

In terms of software, yes, hardware, no, not by a mile.

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maniac761884d ago

1 year old and only 5 must plays lol

TheGrimOfDeath1884d ago

He could make a list of 10 must plays. There could be even 15 must plays. Yes I am dead serious.

karlowma1884d ago

I don't have a Vita, but probably will eventually. Was the Uncharted game so bad it deserved not be included on this list ahead of the ports and remakes?

IMightBeRetarded1884d ago

The only remake was persona 4 golden. The others were original vita games. Although many of them werent new IPs

tack1291884d ago

Uncharted was actually a good title if you take away the gimmicks.
It's not a port or a remake. It's a new game from an already established IP.

Kur01884d ago

It was't bad. it had a good story and the voice acting was top notch. The gameplay was about on par with the first uncharted but there were some annoyances like swiping the touch screen and stuff. It was around a 75 for me. The best non-port game for the Vita right now is probably Gravity Rush but the ports and remakes are amazing like Persona 4 golden and Little Big Planet. If you're really unsure just wait until games like Soul Sacrifice and Killzone Mercenary are out.

Hicken1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Only one remake, and it's a superb one.

NO ports.

Three existing IPs.

One new IP.

The list could have been a bit bigger, honestly.

And yes, there would be ports and remakes on the list. Just like on every other system. Is that a problem?

Edit: I ask because you bring it up like it IS. And you're not the only one. For some reason, the Vita having a couple of ports or remakes is bad, yet EVERY system out there has libraries full of ports and remakes, including some of the best in the library.

So why treat the Vita like those are a bad thing? I'm not "defensive." Just curious as to why the Vita is treated differently.

karlowma1884d ago

"Is that a problem?"

I don't know, is it? Defensive much? Lol.

karlowma1884d ago

Come on dude, even you can see through your rose-colored glasses that these are all fairly unoriginal titles, with the exception of Gravity Rush.

And I didn't imply it as a negative. In fact I even said I would be getting a Vita.

I'm just curious that the Uncharted game wasn't on the list, since it's so A+ on the PS3.

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