Soul Sacrifice has a magical new trailer

SCE has released a new trailer for Soul Sacrifice.

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Blastoise1945d ago

Pre-ordering this bad boy asap

Abash1945d ago

Looks amazing, I'd love to see Sony make a Soul Sacrifice sequel on PS4

Knight_Crawler1945d ago

That would be stupid because Sony needs more game like this where we can only play them on the VITA.

I do not want to play Uncharted, Killzone, God of War, infamous, LBP or Battle Royal on my VITA because I already get me fix on the PS3.

Sony needs AAA PS Vita exclusives.

pain777pas1945d ago

I want the downloadable version though cause this is a keeper.

tubers1945d ago

I'm looking forward to the Eng. demo :)

George Sears1945d ago

I recently bought Persona 4 Golden and I have done nothing more than play this baby on my Vita and wow I'm REALLY starting to love this thing.

Can't wait for this one (Soul Sacrifice) as well. Hopefully, CAPCOM can finally announce a Monster Hunter game for it on TGS or something. I'd also would like to get that FFX HD remake as well.

This handheld has so much potential I just hope Sony backs this beast a lot more than its PSP.

HarryMasonHerpderp1945d ago

Same here I've just started Persona 4 and it's awesome.
I will be buying Soul Sacrifice day one, the game looks amazing. Sony are doing such a good job at supporting hardcore gamers they deserve more credit than they get.

rezzah1945d ago

If you haven't played it yet I'd recommend Gravity Rush. It is a very unique game.

PFFT1945d ago

Unfortunately all Handheld Monster Hunter games are Nintendo Exclusive. So the chance for a Monster Hunter game to appear on the Vita is extremely slim. Well at least for now. Cause i can only imagine how awesome Monster Hunter 4 would look on the Vita.

HexxedAvenger1945d ago

OMG! This game looks so awesome!! This game was one of the reasons I got a Vita. Dragon Crown was the second lol.

wtfbbq81945d ago

I hope there is a bundle with a crimson red Vita or something similar. Will even pay 300 for it lol.

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