New PS3 Debug firmware does nothing new

Geekpulp reports that the new Firmware which was metioned a few days ago does not offer any new features such as ingame XMB

"The complete indifference actually surprised me somewhat. If you were hoping for ground breaking features it might pay to hold tight and just enjoy some games in the mean time"

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resistance1003939d ago

Well isn't the whole point of Debug firmware just to fix any bugs not to add new features?

xplosneer3939d ago

but to test the bugs with new features it would obviously have to have new features onboard to test.

Synex3939d ago

Sony has the new features (like in game XMB), they just released this debug firmware so our systems would be ready for the future updates.

phonyforceslayer3939d ago

debug does not mean new features that u should have from day 1 lol

Brian52473939d ago

@ people expecting in-game XMB and home in the next week. Get a life!

Lifendz3939d ago

Why does it have to be get a life? These are exciting features and there's nothing wrong with wanting them now. I was hoping we'd at least get to use a custom avatar for our PSN avatar much like we can for our user id. That should've been there from day one imo.

callahan093939d ago

I can wait as long as it takes. Most of the features that having in-game XMB will provide will not get used frequently in my household. I don't play a lot of games online, so accessing friends lists and communication features won't be a widely utilized thing for me. I have my PC in the same room as my consoles so I can just listen to music off of my PC, therefore having access for custom soundtracks directly via the PS3 is not terribly essential for me either.

There are plenty of nice things that will come with in-game XMB, and it'll be excellent for the users who want those features when they come. I'll use them when they come, but I have no problem waiting. Honestly, though, my most wanted feature is a sleep timer for when I'm watching Blu-Ray movies. There's a sleep timer in the [email protected] application, so they can do it for Blu-Ray as well, I just hope somebody over there thinks of that. I'm not the only one who would find that useful, am I?

Ri0tSquad3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

No other way to put it, IMO. What I don't understand is why wouldn't there be any new features added in this update? I find it hard to believe that it jumped to 2.15 with out any accessible features. I was expecting big features from this firmware update since this is the longest we had to wait for a firmware update(close to 3 months). PS3 usually gets them every month. I hope this 'leaked debug firmware' is nothing but old unreleased firmware leaked.

No FanS Land3939d ago

XMB will not arrive soon since it takes already a lot of ram to run properly.

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The story is too old to be commented.