Xbox Live having issues with cloud storage

GE: "Xbox Live users have been reporting problems pertaining to the services' cloud storage features. Such issues have since been confirmed by Microsoft."

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matrixman921789d ago

im literally using it right now lol

Nevers1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Last time this happened, I had just put my saves on Cloud. As soon as it came back for me, I put all my saves back on my HDD. My girlfriend's was affected for the whole weekend... it sucked. But, we did get codes for 1 free month of gold.

Hope it comes back for those affected.

nukeitall1789d ago

You can still use the cloud saves on your hard drive even if cloud saves is offline. Your current saves will just contain the last savegame, which may or may not be the one in the cloud.

KwietStorm1789d ago

Why would you not have local saves/backups? The cloud saves really should be backups in the first place.

Nevers1788d ago

Specifically? Ok.

Her case - she still has an original 360 running (god knows how) w/ a 20gig HDD and we had just got Borderlands 2. We are still going through B-lands 1 DLC, which takes a lot of space, but needed to find room for her B-lands 2 DLC so she moved everything she could over to the cloud and her memory stick. I don't think she thought of cloud as a backup, but as just another bit of space.

My case - I was willfully ignorant. I never back anything up but know I should. Lesson learned.

Intentions1789d ago

Also, halo 4 servers are down atm.

USMC_POLICE1789d ago

I don't understand you pay for live shouldn't have any problems. Lol

matrixman921789d ago

expecting any internet based service to NEVER have problems is a stupid and unreal expectation

Riderz13371789d ago

When you're paying for a "premium" service, I expect nothing more than having the ability to use it 24/7.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1789d ago

Are you serious? So PSN+ going down was bad too right. Get what you pay for right?

KwietStorm1789d ago

Why would ANYONE disagree with what matrixman said let alone 11 disagrees?

Intentions1789d ago

Nothing is 100% guaranteed you know.

J_Cob1789d ago

Death is guaranteed to all living things.

aquamala1789d ago

You do realize cloud storage is not free on ps3, you have to pay for ps+

Riderz13371789d ago

What's your point? Does it have any issues on the PS3 right now? No...? Then your argument is invalid.

nukeitall1789d ago


With PSN they don't actually report it if they have problems. Since most of these problems usually only affect a small portion of people, it pretty much goes unnoticed.

XBL actually reports it, but doesn't specify who is affected and therefore people always assume it affects everyone.

Fact is MS is being transparent.

badz1491789d ago

But hey, have you played Sly 4? The cross-save feature gives everybody free cloud space between PS3 and Vita and dear god it's smooth as butter! Switching gamesaves between PS3 and Vita has never been this convenient!


well then going by your logic then the psn is nothing but problems since its free

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Summons751789d ago

Again? And this cloud is the almighty godsend were suppose to trust with all our games and saves....oh happy day! /s

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