Top Ten Gaming Duos

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Last Thursday we here at SuperPhillip Central took a look at the greatest gaming couples. Why not do something similar the following week and study some of the best gaming duos. While last week's relationships were built on a fond affection and even love, these platonic relationships and duos today are built on trust, respect, among other endearing qualities."

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imXify1919d ago

Aww dude, great memories in that article :P

darthv721919d ago

no toejam and earl.....

Nah just kidding. that is a pretty good list. TJ & E should get an honorable mention though.

gumgum991918d ago


Good gaming duos always seem to compliment one another in color scheme.

dafegamer1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

kat and dusty
jak and daxter

HonestDragon1918d ago

That was a very nice list. Brings up some good characters indeed.

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