Ultra high res photos of the PlayStation 4 controller

"Sony has released some high-res images of its PlayStation 4 controller, showing all the little details we haven’t seen before"

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MakiManPR1886d ago

Haha Late Night. Those guys where really crazy.



Hydrolex1886d ago

Damn ! I like the shape of the L2 R2 triggers

Not like PS3 and not like Xbox 360, just in between

kingPoS1886d ago

I feel for Jimmy & Anthony. When your used to playing inverted, it takes some time getting used regular again.

Pre-rendered rumor Debased... It was live!!!

darthv721886d ago

looks similar to the one on my psp. Maybe i can use my existing headset.......?

As for the touchpad, is it just a pad or is it also a screen like on a cell phone?

miyamoto1886d ago

shhh...the Dual Shock 4 is staring at you...

XB1_PS41886d ago

The build of this controller reminds me of a sportscar. Like the curves of a matte black ferrari. It's a pretty controller, much like when the 360 controller was announced. Can't wait to own a few of these.

Wintersun6161886d ago


I believe it was confirmed to be a touchpad only. Also in the pics you can see it's slightly textured and it doesn't look like glass. It's a pad.

XB1_PS41886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

@wintersun The touch pad kinda looks like the back of the vita. I hope it doesn't scratch as easy as the back of the vita. The front of my vita is beautiful, but the back is horrendous.

Wintersun6161886d ago

I think it won't scratch so much. Considering it's position only your fingers should be touching it. It would have to be of VERY low quality material to scratch from fingers.

brave27heart1886d ago


I thinks its a simple headphone socket, next to the charging port for the controller (which would have to be on the bottom since the move light bar is on the top)

Wintersun6161886d ago


Actually the charge port is right below the lightbar. It can be seen there with a USB symbol in one of those pics.

crxss1885d ago

I don't mind how the triggers look but they better feel better than the ps3's triggers. To me, dreamcast, Xbox, and 360 has the best triggers

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blackbeld1886d ago

PlayStation 4 controller looks amazing!

Cant wait to have one.

irepbtown1886d ago

I absolutely hated it at first, but looking at these pictures man... I was wrong.

I 100% agree, heck Amazing is an understatement.

I would still like the option to also use a traditional DS3 controller on the PS4. Variety is what everyone needs.

Raf1k11886d ago

Definitely a good looking controller. A lot of us were judging it on the pictures of the protoype controller but the actual thing looks much nicer.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1886d ago

Looks pretty much the same as it's always been. Sucks they didn't move the analog sticks for those of us with bigger hands. Still using little boy hands as the mold it seems.

M4I0N31886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

edit: nvm, thanks MakiManPR

s8anicslayer1886d ago

That is one beautiful controller, top notch design and with the dual shock comfort I could only imagine what sight the actual console will be!

TheGamerDood1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

The more I see it the more I want to dry hump it. And now with the addition of the touch pad it will know the feel of my touch. lmao

Agent_00_Revan1886d ago

All that gif needs is some cheesy music and it would constitute porn. It looks sexy and I want to rub it all over.

SheenuTheLegend1886d ago

great, they pre inserted the battery again..
See microsoft

thereapersson1886d ago

But it takes a long-ass time before the stock battery wears down and won't hold a charge.

nosferatuzodd1885d ago

lol yes you tell Microsoft lol bat inside is the way to go have some bubbles

gta28001886d ago

I love the design. Especially the triggers and the grip on the bottom.

Statix1886d ago


Inverted is the way to go for hardcore/veteran gamers.

jakmckratos1886d ago

Jimmy Fallon's hands have never looked more beautiful..

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CaptainYesterday1886d ago

I love the look! It looks amazing I didn't think they could improve the Dualshock but they just did! I can't wait for the PS4! :)

Shadow Flare1886d ago

The new design approach reminds me of the GameCube controller in the sense that the GameCube controller was very comfortable to hold. They've clearer tried to make the dual shock 4 more ergonomic, can't wait to hold it. I'm interested to see how that touchpad will be implemented. Someone must have a good use for it.

CaptainYesterday1886d ago

When I first saw the leaked pictures of the PS4 controller it reminded me of the Dreamcast controller because of the screen :P
I can definitely see what your saying of how it reminds you of the Gamecube controller, it was a great controller fits in your hands nicely. One of my favourite controllers :)

Mister_G1886d ago

Already pre-orderd mine. But I'm in the UK so probably will have to wait until 2014 :'(

Mister_G1886d ago

@haggishurler: 2013 for the UK? I hope you're right mate :)

brave27heart1886d ago

If its 2013 in the UK I'll be amazed. Delighted but amazed.

gta28001886d ago

Do you remember that boomerang looking prototype for the PS3? lol. God, I'm glad the Dualshock didn't evolve into that. This controller looks very sleek. I love it.

RedDevils1886d ago

Come to think of it I want to try out that Boomerang lmao

HappyGaming1886d ago

I don't know what they were thinking with that controller but yes I think we are all glad.

DualShock has been around for so long now that making any bigger changes then what they have done with the DS4 would seem odd.

DS4 seems like a great improvement over DS3.

GiantFriendlyCrab1886d ago

so what will the pad be used during gameplay?, pointing?

DownNotOut1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

It will probably facilitate menu navigation, it would be perfect for the weapon wheel from resistance 3 too

Edit: it would have also made assassins creed 3 A LOT less frustrating lol

mochachino1886d ago

It wil make web browsing great too.

gta28001886d ago

I hope it has some sort of Swype feature to type messages. That will be so cool.

StrongMan1886d ago

That thing is sexy. The best controller just got better.