The PS4 makes an invisible debut

Imagine if you went to the launch of the new Beyonce album and she showed you the cover, played a couple of drum loops, and let you hear some recordings of her mumbling.
"Is that it?" you'd ask. "Yes!" she'd reply. "It'll be finished in eight months and it'll be awesome!"
The PS4 launch was a bit like that.

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smashcrashbash1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Just shut up already.

NewMonday1919d ago

the box debate is dumbest flamebait in a long time, even for N4G.

please people just stop with it, it's embarrassing.

Outside_ofthe_Box1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

lol they are comparing a launch of a new Beyonce album to an announcement of the PS4. Apples to oranges comparison and they know it. Comparing announcement to announcement wouldn't fit their agenda as they know full well that when an artist announces a new album they sure as hell don't reveal the entire track list and give you a full listen all on the day of the announcement.

People are just looking for something to complaint about. Had Sony shown the console they'd come up with something else.

soxfan20051918d ago

This is N4G. Everything Sony does is viewed as "perfect", and anyone who says even the slightest negative word about Sony will be rabidly attacked.

Of course, when Sony's competition has a conference, many of these same people will be the first to declare it a failure based on what's not shown.

HappyGaming1918d ago

I finished watching the conference, realised they didn't show the console and still thought it was a great presentation.

Then the next day on the newspapers I read all these articles about Sony failing to announce the PS4 properly because they didn't show the PS4.

And it got me thinking? Who cares what the PS4 looks like? Sure it is nice to have a sexy looking console but do you buy a console because it is sexy looking?

What is the most important think you want from a console? Good specs? Good games? A comfortable controller? A smooth OS with good features? Aren't those the most important things you need?

Those are the ONLY things you interact with when you are using a console and those are all the things we got to see.

That is why I as a "gamer" walked away please with a smile on my face and a positive attitude for the PS4 release next Christmas, while "casual gamers" the people who want phones that are "designed for humans" or console that will help you loose weight, walked away thinking the presentation was a failure.

Because you wouldn't buy a tshirt if you didn't know what it looked like right? So the most important thing of a console you want to buy to show of would be the cool design of its box!


sinncross1918d ago

What articles like this fail to realise is that Sony have pretty much set themselves up for a 2nd reveal at E3.

Not only will we get the solid release info (outside of holiday 2013), but we will get the pricing AND what the hardware looks like. All of this is important... and not showing the hardware will create some easy buzz for Sony going into E3.

HappyGaming1918d ago

Very true, I didn't think about it that way.
Once the picture of the PS4 comes out every newspaper tech magazine and only gaming news site will have to publish it along with a second article about the PS4.

Rainstorm811918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

The biggest difference is .......This Wasn't the LAUNCH of the PS4 but the announcement of its existence.

Now if Beyonce announced she was making a new Album, I doubt the same day she would give you the album cover full track list and exact release date.

Story Quality WTF?

Anon19741918d ago

It could come in a shoebox for all I care. As long as it's capable of playing the games I want to play, that's all that matters. It's not like I play the hardware, stacking multiple PS4's up for amusement, or using them to prop open doors. The physical aspect of what the hardware looks like, while not unimportant, isn't even remotely as important as what the system is capable of.

You'd think a site like techradar would understand that fact, instead of leading into their article with that nonsense.

doublejj1918d ago

i liked what you said here and the main reason why they didn't reveal the PS4 is because its not complete yet those were only mere tech demos and gameplay performed on a PC - PlayStation power concept and im pretty sure that E3 will be a big event for PS4 as they will have a finished product and all will be reveled release date price games list and actual gameplay from what they shows at the meeting. now the only thing that is left in these 4 months of waiting till E3 are what Sony has in their line up for the event and if Microsoft has an event between now and then, im damn sure that Sony will be watching.

Statix1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

The analogy doesn't even make sense.

A more apt analogy would be "Beyonce sang a couple songs from her new album, but didn't show the cover art."

Because that's exactly what they (the haters) are complaining about--the lack of cover art.

user39158001918d ago

Agree the ps4 reveal was hollow, soulless, and dissapointment.

Aceman181918d ago

haha i know even i knew they wouldn't reveal the actual system, price, and release date so they can have more to show throughout the year.

media and people complaining are acting really retarded about this for the dumbest of reasons.

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Relientk771919d ago

Who cares? we saw the games, thats what its really about

Pyrrhus1919d ago

' There was "nothing mind-blowing", although the announcement "wasn't exactly disappointing". Sadly "plenty of the things on our most-wanted list were notably absent" - like the actual console itself. "The PlayStation 4's price and specific launch dates were conspicuously left out, as well." '

The trend of the article seems to follow that they wished EVERYTHING would have been revealed. Sounds like someone feels entitled. Realistically, its quite sad that people cant put the obvious together (i.e. Sony saving some information for latter events) and would rather bitch and moan about a non-issue.

deanobi1918d ago

We didn't get shown the cover though :/

abc12331918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

1. I couldn't care less if it's just a black box with PS4 written on it in pencil, don't know about the writers but I tend to look at the TV when playing games.

2. You were an idiot for expecting the price to be revealed at this point

3. They are clearly still working on the Gaikai services so they couldn't have given a specific release date even if they wanted to.

Rainstorm811918d ago

I was discussing this absurdity with some buddies and I came to the realization that I have never cared about what any console I have ever purchased looked like.

If anything, the main make or break form factor is the Controller...and the DS4 looks great

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