6 Reasons Why you Shouldn't Buy A PS4

Sony just announced the Playstation 4! Here's why you probably shouldn't buy it.

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KingKelloggTheWH1919d ago

Not a single good reason :\

Also you can play the ps4 offline.

Starbucks_Fan1919d ago

I'm surprised for the serious responses! This is a humor website.

blackbeld1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )


Theres no humour in this trolling.

Zuperman1919d ago

LOL Funny read, I was like -_- are you serious at first? than I noticed the article was made for a good laugh. Nothing serious peeps

morganfell1919d ago

funnyordie is a site that, like 1up, should indeed die. Just die already.

Like 1up they do not want anyone to decide for themselves. They do not act as a conduit between developer and gamer in the manner sites and mags did a decade ago. No, instead we have some self appointed pompous jerk telling us what we should do, what you should think, and what we should or should not buy. No thanks pinheads I can decide for myself. I am tired of it and these sites need to go. They have no place in gaming.

These clowns should be especially afraid of the PS4 where gamers can rapidly sample and decide for themselves as to buy or not buy a title. At that time everyone else will realize what some of us already know - sites like funnyordie are the trash of the internet and are a disservice to gamers and their hobby.Good riddance.

Hydrolex1919d ago

Why do stupid articles like this get approved ???

GODDAMNN !! I wish there were mods for these type of news

these reasons reasons articles ARE NOT NEWSS !


TheGamerDood1919d ago


because it makes certain people without a next-gen console feel better about themselves. lol

JD_Shadow1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

You guys DO realize that Funny or Die is a comedy website, right? They do things for the sake of getting some laughs. Nothing more (and they do a pretty damn good job of it). It's not to be taken seriously, yet somehow it is, anyway. They're parodying the people who are posting the baseless FUD articles to begin with.

Perhaps it's because the people who are acting like they don't know what comedy is on here are just trolling because they know that it's getting the reactions from others that're commenting. Simply because there can't be THIS many people who don't get it.

Morganfell's ridiculous comment, whose comment is clearly meant to be from someone who actually took this thing that seriously, is a clear example of what happens when you have no one in the PS fanbase who's never allowed to have a sense of humor.

I'm a PS fan, and I get tired of the constant FUD, too. But I got this joke, and I know of this website, and immediately knew what they were doing, and found it rather funny.

Seriously, guys, we can't be THAT blind to not understand this kind of stuff. It's a funny parody from a comedy site. Either people on here are trolling hard or they can't get their heads around that. God help us all if it's the latter.

knowyourstuff1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

You can tell the idiots on N4G are overly defensive nerds with no sense of humour, who couldn't recognize satire if it bit them in the ass.

This is a satirical website with reasons that were so completely nonsense you should've gotten that they weren't serious. Like not getting PS4 because the inevitable PS5 will make it look ancient. I mean c'mon people, take off your fanboy hats for once in your life.

The "news" on N4g is 99% trolling and rumours anyway, with little to no facts backing up anything. There's no editor or fact checker, so don't sit there in your high chair with your head up your ass thinking that N4G has some sort of credibility and should be taken seriously as a hard news website.

Gamer19821919d ago

This article is exactly what people needed as it takes a shot at the xbox and wiiu fanboy sites who come up with articles like this and actually try and be serious.

RumbleFish1919d ago

The amount of agrees with the first post demonstrates the average IQ on this website...

Kevin ButIer1919d ago

Anti-Social Gaming LOL... if people start using streaming functionality as chat roullete... we are doomed :( LOL

Steelz4ever1919d ago

If you feed a Troll...they will come back!

Tr10wn1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

God you guys are stupid, how can you even call this an article hahaha, its Funny or Die you never heard of it? id you like it tell them is funny if not send it to die, i my self didnt find it funny except the PS5 part lol

@Gamer1982 wow your IQ must be like 10....

Reading all the other comment makes me wonder, WTF i'm doing in this site, you guys can't even tell the difference about an article or humor, taking this serious like if it was posted by a Nintendo/MS fanboy LOL you guys are a bunch of morons really, this "ARTICLE" show the level of IQ of the people on this site.....

MrAnderson1919d ago

Humour would imply something is funny.

FamilyGuy1918d ago

I thought it was pretty funny. The first two reasons were similar to something a troll would say but after that it was more obvious that they were being funny, even if you weren't familiar with this site and its satirical nature.

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Qrphe1919d ago

This isn't even trolling, it's more like shitposting.

MikeMyers1919d ago

This article is obviously tongue and cheek. Mentioning that the PS5 will come out as one reason is clear of that.

princejb1341919d ago

i wonder what crack this writer is on cause i want some

Aceman181919d ago

wow this type of article didnt take long haha. can someone list the reasons i dont want to give the site a hit.

007Bond1919d ago


ATi_Elite1919d ago

wow what a stupid list!

expensive and early problem are something to think about but it's Sony, they make quality stuff!

There will be NO PS5!

Pl4sm41919d ago

Looks at source name .... yeah im not even gonna click that

bigfish1919d ago

lol,, i bet you did though,, and read the whole article ,, no offence

wastedcells1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

There is only one reason not to buy a ps4..... Your not interested in playing games. Otherwise you would be a douce bag not to buy one. I have a wiiU already collecting dust and with destiny coming on ps4 with exclusive content I'm not buying another Xbox just for halo. Article was funny tho.

Bathyj1919d ago

yeah ok i get it, its supposed to be a joke. but jokes are supposed to be funny

nerdkiller1918d ago

you dont deserve that many bubbles

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Relientk771919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

Reason #5, they REALLY need to bring Vectorman back, that series was amazing on the Genesis

secretcode1919d ago

Dammit... I remember the attempt they shown to bring it back in the PS2 era. You have no idea how disappointed I was when it got cancelled.

StrongMan1919d ago

LOL, the fear is strong with this one.

Bumpmapping1919d ago

Its a joke article lmao PS5 that had me laughing.

StrongMan1919d ago

Oh, I didn't want to give the site hits.

MasterCornholio1919d ago

Joke article.


"Sony rolled out a great lineup of new games for the PS4, but one title was conspicuously absent: Vectorman. For those who don’t know, Vectorman was one of the greatest titles ever released on the Sega Genesis. You play new games, but worship the old. One is silver and the other is gold. What do we have to do to get a new Vectorman? Sign a White House petition? Make a Kickstarter? Riot in the streets? The studio that created Vectorman no longer exists, but there was almost a reboot of the series for PS2 according to a Wikipedia article I read way too often. So it’s possible! Possible to waste your life reading shit that doesn’t matter. "

HyperBear1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

LOL: "Possible to waste your life reading shit that doesn’t matter."

I did like his reasoning for #6: PlayStation 5
"I heard from a guy with a cousin who used to work at EB Games that the Playstation 9 will be a spaceship. The future is nuts!"

Number-Nine1919d ago (Edited 1919d ago )

YEAH...get on that vector man!