PS4: “Specs Don’t Matter!” – Sure They Do

At the outset of a new generation we hear a lot of gamers, journalists, developers and even console manufacturers themselves repeating the mantra “Specs don’t matter”, or a rather wide array of equivalent lines downplaying the importance of the hardware specifications of current and future platforms.

Giuseppe Nelva of explains why specs do, indeed, matter.

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mandf1918d ago

Great article and they even admit their journalism brothers are negative for no reason.

MasterCornholio1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

The common cry of Nintendo fanboys. This is the reason why the Wii missed out on so many fantastic titles.

Oh you disagree with me?

Then where was GTAIV, Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2, Battlefield 3, Read Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 13-2, Just Cause 2, Darkstalkers, Darkstalkers 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Dishonored, Mortal Kombat 9, Vanquish, Bayonetta, Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row the 3rd, Quantum Conundrum, Limbo and on and on and on on the Wii?

Thats right because the Wii couldn't handle any of these games.

TongkatAli1918d ago

Yeah, but you didn't get Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy, haha, what suckers, JK.

Studio-YaMi1918d ago

I actually LOVE Mario Kart + Mario Galaxy 1&2 ..

although I have to agree that Fanboys from PC,Xbox & Nintendo sides are trying hard to troll the PS4 & failing hard.

I said "fanboys",not fans! I respect you for being a fan of something you like,so you're not the one mentioned in this comment,thank you.

Tonester9251918d ago

People don't buy Wii's for those types of games. So they didn't miss out.

Studio-YaMi1918d ago

True,but not having these games is still a lost for the Nintendo fanbase since some of them are actually pretty good.

PhantomTommy1918d ago

Limbo? Ah come on, the Wii could easily handle Limbo!!

khowat1918d ago

DO you think one hardcore nintendo fanboy gives one fuck about any of those titles

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NYC_Gamer1918d ago

People who say specs don't matter really have no clue on game development

Seraphemz1918d ago

Im starting to wonder if games from now on will make it to the WiiU...

I mean the PS4 is going to be a beast, and im sure that the nextbox will have good specs too.

Will developers want to waste time and money dumbing down games so they can be on the WiiU?

NYC_Gamer1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

It's doubtful since Wii-U will be weak in the hardware department compared to PS4 and 720...Nintendo put themselves in a tough spot by releasing a console in 2013 that should have came out 05-06.

Tonester9251918d ago

If the game is coming out on PS3 and Xbox 360 then yes it can make it on the Wii U.

I haven't even touched the Wii U controller yet so I'm not sure if developers want to make stand alone software specifically for the console with a dual screen.

Then again, the PS4 will have dual screens via PS Vita. Could get interesting

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