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Next Xbox will still play games sometimes

GameZone's Lance Liebl writes: "I can't be the only one concerned with Microsoft's trend towards providing an entertainment console over a gaming console. With a series of moves and announcements, it appears more and more likely that Microsoft's next-gen console will put an emphasis on providing interactive television and live events. And what happens to gaming? It is doomed to become the forgotten mistress."

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Community1789d ago
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lifesanrpg1789d ago

I can't say I'm thrilled with Microsoft's move to more of an "entertainment" hub.

fluffydelusions1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I think people need to just wait and see what they have before jumping to conclusions. They supposedly have 4-5 new IP's in development within their own studios + some moneyhats and 3rd party exclusives I'm sure. I really like the entertainment apps 360 has + but yeah new IP's take precedence which hopefully they deliver on.

darthv721789d ago

since the earliest consoles, game systems have been trying to get their place among the other home entertainment devices.

Long had videogames been considered a kids thing but with each new system came a new generation of players that exceeded the previous one. When sony brought out the PS1, it radically changed the perception of videogames. Making it cool as an adult to play.

The logical step was to find new ways to integrate other functions into these units to extend their relevance. We got movie playback, then we got online and we got streaming media.

The evolution of the game platform is beyond games now. There is a market out there of smart enabled devices that is threatening consoles for the very same thing consoles have been wanting for decades.

Their rightful place in a persons entertainment center. Ever since sony demonstrated that adding something as 'simple' as dvd movie playback we knew game consoles were never going to be solely about games anymore.

StrongMan1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

None of the core gamers are. That's why they lost the core. The core won't be fooled again with 1 or 2 new IPs plus more Halo/Gears at the beginning to get them to buy the console and then 2 years later BAM, 100% focus on casuals. Who's going to fall for that again? Not me. Once you lose the hardcore you can never get them back, just ask Nintendo.

MS is in trouble next gen because they lost the hardcore and they forget one thing while they try to be the media hub in everyone's home. The everyday general public already have access to all media features such as Netflix, Skype, Hulu+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. for absolutely free on every device they already own. If you think all of those
people will all of a sudden pay MS to use features that they have been using for free for years already they you need to be committed to a mental institution. Good luck with that MS.


Yeah, I keep hearing about these "4 new IPs" from MS but I'd bet the farm that all of those "4 new IPs" are Kinect games. Just look at MS recent hisory since 2010 and tell me how many core new IPs have there been, ZERO. Now how many Kinect new IPs have MS released:

Kinect Sports
Kinect Joy Ride
Kinect Disneyland
Kinect Sesame Street
Dance Central
The Gunstringer
Kinect Pixar Entertainment
Kinect Adventures
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Kincet Nike Trainer
Kinect Personal Trainer
and many many many more

Now do you still trust MS?

SDF Repellent1789d ago

These comments, especially yours, are baseless. How do we know Microsoft arn't prepping core games? In 2012 they had Halo, Forza Horizon, The Witcher 2 and the PS3 released LBP Kart and a Sony Smash Brothers game?
, Black Tusk, formerly Vancouver studio, is making a brand new core IP as we speak, Ryse is being ported to the Next box and it will have controller integration as well as Kinect, rumored Project Gotham 5 in development, Turn 10 is making Forza 5, a Fable MMO RPG is being developed at Liohead studio, Epic game is most likely making a new Gears 4 with Unreal 4 engine, Alan Wake 2 is being mentioned as a possible Xbox 720 title, and we don't know what Rare is up to yet as they might be developing a new Killer Instinct or Perfect Dark, for all we know.

How is that any difference from Sony keep releasing old franchises like Killzone, GOW, and inFamous and yet they also have tons of casual and Move titles to crater to the casual.

I love the double standard here. Unbelievable!!

Cupid_Viper_31789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

@ SDF Repellent

"In 2012 they had Halo, Forza Horizon, The Witcher 2 and the PS3 released LBP Kart and a Sony Smash Brothers game? "

Please stop with the lies my man

Starhawk May 2012
Twisted Metal
LBP Kart

Then on Vita

Gravity Rush,
Uncharted Golden Abyss
LBP Vita
Unit 13
Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified
and a bunch more games.

So I'm sorry to burst your bubble, we Still have New IPs coming out for the PS3.

Killzone saw 2 releases on the PS3, KZ2 and KZ3. Same thing for God of War with GOW3, and GOW A. and the Same thing with inFamous 1 and 2.

The 360 on the Hand Saw Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo wars, and Halo 4. Then Gears of War 1,2,3, and Judgment. Forza 2,3,4, and Forza Horizon. So it's not a double standard but a mere fact that these games have seen more installment then most other games this generation.

Plus $500,000,000.00 in advertising alone, is all the proof you should need to know that Sony and Microsoft have different visions and focus for the casuals.

MikeMyers1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

I like how everyone assumes they lost their core audience. Why, because Sony has about 4 extra hardcore titles per year all of the sudden the PS3 is a hardcore platform? Lets get serious, the same Call of Duty fans on the PS3 dominating that platform are also doing the same on the Xbox 360. Software sales each month shows first hand what hardcore gamers are buying and when you go down the list they are awfully familiar each month. It's because most games on each system are multiplatform. Nintendo software sales support the argument much more of exclusives carrying their systems.

It's true, they were very aggressive later on with Kinect but that doesn't automatically mean the next Xbox will go down that same road. Why don't we actually wait and see before we get ahead of ourselves. I would like to see more articles like this calling out Microsoft so that hopefully they listen.

Skips1789d ago



That's a lot of Kinect. lol

Outside_ofthe_Box1789d ago

@SDF Repellent

I love your name and avatar.

PS4isKing_821789d ago

The future of Xbox is kinect and media apps.
With one or two core games thrown in as a token gesture.

No thanks Microsoft.

nukeitall1789d ago

Just ignore StrongMan, he is a Playstation fanboy and a MS hater. Just look at his comment history.

You know what is even worse, he is gaining bubbles!

People here are a group of niche hardcore gamers, but reality is that niche market isn't going to keep the industry growing. The Wii increased the market significantly and really brought gaming into mainstream acceptance.

Just remember, when the PS Vita was announced it was hailed like the second coming of Christ by both media and core gamers alike. When the price was announced, it was praised to high heavens.

Upon release, PS Vita is a total disaster that keeps heading downwards despite all the praise. The Wii was almost universally hated by all hardcore gamers, yet it was and still is the most successful console of the three.

Again, many hate the Kinect, but it alone is the fastest selling device and is the reason why Xbox 360 is on schedule to overtake Wii as the dominant console.

Want other examples? CoD!

Point being, extreme hardcore gamers are a niche group and the real gamers i.e the average Joes will just continue playing without a care in the world.

J_Cob1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )


So you're telling us to ignore Strongman by agreeing with him and backing up his statements?

Okay, I guess.

dcbronco1789d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

This Microsoft doesn't do hardcore crap is old, wrong and plain stupid.


Did you really think that through when you listed those games. Two of five are casual. Three barely sold. What the hell is PASBR. Pabst Blue Ribbon. Oh, it Playstation All-Stars. So you use three casual games from Sony as your argument that Microsoft has forgotten the hardcore. And I retort by adding All-stars to the list of games that didn't sell.

So okay, Sony does a lot of exclusives and Sony fans love exclusives and hardcore games. The only problem Sony needs to address now is how do they get Sony fans to like Sony's own exclusives and hardcore games.


46 million people pay for Live. I don't know who is being fooled. But I bet there are cable companies that wish they could get those numbers. And why do Playstation users use Netflix more than 360 users if they are really just gamers. And have Blu-ray. Microsoft wants all of those extra features just like Sony.

MrBeatdown1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

@SDF Repellent

Double standard? I don't think so.

You mentioned Halo, Forza, and Witcher 2. One of those games had nothing to do with Microsoft. The other two are the only core games MS released all year. 2011 was no different. It was just Gears, Forza, and a Halo remake. 2013 isn't any better for the 360 with only one game announced.

MS has produced nothing more than a handful of games in the same three franchises for years. Everything else you mentioned was rumor and games we have no hard info on.

But Sony? They released one core game already this year. They have three additional core games coming this year to PS3, two of which are new IPs. They have Killzone for the PS4. There are two more new IPs in Knack and DriveClub, and yet another core game in Infamous.

You downplay Sony's 2012 games too. For some reason, Starhawk and Twisted Metal weren't worth mentioning, and you treat LBP Karting and AllStars as if they are casual. Funny that a lot of Xbox guys do that. I've never heard that criticism for Mario, Smash Bros, Banjo Kazooie, Ratchet and Clank, or Jak and Daxter, and their fanbases are predominantly core gamers, but for some reason, all of the sudden, if it doesn't have guns, "gritty" visuals, and bad guys bleeding to death around every corner, it's casual.

On top of that, 2011 was Sony's biggest year ever with LBP2, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Socom 4, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, DC Universe, MotorStorm, and Uncharted.

What's that total up to? For Sony, that's seven announced core games, at least four of which are coming this year. They've released 14 core games in the past two years. 15 franchises are represented in total.

What's MS got? One announced core game. Four released in the past two years. Five if you count the Halo remake. Only three franchises represented.

And yet you think there is a double standard?

Sure, you've got your list of rumors, but then again, if Sony doesn't need Guerrilla's rumored new IP, Last Guardian, the other Uncharted team's game, Quantic Dream's rumored Singularity, the rumored LBP3 developed by Sumo Digital, Media Molecule's next game, any project Santa Monica is rumored to be working on, or the inevitable GT6 mentioned to bolster the appearance of their line-up, why does Microsoft need to have its rumored games mentioned?

SheenuTheLegend1788d ago

@SDF Repellent
"Black Tusk, formerly Vancouver studio, is making a brand new core IP as we speak"
as we speak lolz, everybody is typing
i bet they must have been in the toilet as the day goes

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jmac531789d ago

The people that would be thrilled about this will just buy a Roku. They need to focus on the games because this is supposed to be a games machine and gamers are the ones that are going to buy this first.

007Bond1789d ago

WOW just another fanboy article made for this site filled of PS fannys to swarm and agree on.

dalsang1788d ago

Europe doesn't care because the next generation will be almost over before we see any of those services.

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alousow1789d ago

all they goin do/show is more kinect. thats y they keep losing gamers each day. no new exclusives since idont remember when. i did the right thing do the same its not too late sony for ever

PFFT1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

Ummm yeah.......Bong water BADDDD. Remember no drinky drinky the bong water!

Godmars2901789d ago

Sound like that between an active and separate streaming/DL-only console and producing their own interactive events, AAA gaming is going to get watered down if not take a full backseat. Be left to 3rd parties.

Fun times...

richierich1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

All I wanted my 360 for was to play games if I wanted an entertainment hub I would just use my smart tv. I hope that MS focus more on games next generation and not these features that require a subscription

InMyOpinion1789d ago

Funny how some of you seem to confuse baseless speculation with fact.

I'll wait until they actually unveil something before passing judgement.

brbobcat1789d ago

Explain to me how direct quotes from Microsoft's Entertainment and Digital Media President is baseless? Microsoft has been talking about the transition to a media entertainment hub for months now. Even in their press releases they tout the system's entertainment apps.

I own a Xbox 360 and even I see this transition taking place. Take off your fanboy goggles.

GamersRulz1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

you should get worried a little bit by looking at how MS dealt with xbox in the last 3 years, this is a FACT.

MasterCornholio1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

The only thing that i will say is that Sony has proven that they are commited to bringing the core great experiences. Meanwhile Microsoft has concentrated on the casuals with Kinect and XBOXlive Apps. Theres plenty of reasons why people are doubting Microsoft at this point.

But i do agree with you that if we gave Sony a chance to show off the PS4 we should do the same with Microsoft and their Next XBOX.

WarThunder1789d ago

MS just like Apple (Windows says HI)they don't care about their fan base, if they feel their product makes a lot of money, they will improve it and won't change it. MS did a lot of money with Kinect for them its was more successful than core games.

SO MS's main focus right now is KINECT! (sadly)

Qrphe1789d ago

Whatever the case, what they're doing is definitely not cheap, meaning that it's something they're investing a lot of effort on. It's fair to assume this will be a huge focus for their console.

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