Rainbow Skies will be out on handhelds, consoles in 2014

Publisher Eastasiasoft announced the next installment of Rainbow Moon.Rainbow skies will include new characters but the game will consist of same gameplay as the previous Rainbow Moon.

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Catoplepas1757d ago

Excellent news. The original is a fantastic title.

I wouldn't bank on a Xbox release though. Eastasiasoft are traditionally a Sony exclusive developer. At least console wise.

guitarded771756d ago

I don't mind if it goes to more platfroms... just means the franchise will grow and have more funding. I just wish they'd hurry the hell up and get Rainbow Moon on Vita. I stopped playing on PS3, because I figured it would be a great game to play on Vita.

Lovable1757d ago

Friggin love the first one. I put over 100 hours on that game.

dragunrising1756d ago

I hope Rainbow Moon wins best indie game on PSN for 2012 so I can buy it on the cheap. I've wanted to get it since it came out but was waiting for a Vita version.

With that said, I'm looking for a handheld version of the sequel game :-)

Blastoise1756d ago

The original is in the making for Vita, with cross play (saves crossing over ect)

The devs have said so on a few of these articles

motherboop1756d ago

It surely deserves to win. Definitely pick it up, you won't regret it - almostfeel they ccould've gotten away with a higher price point. Be on the lookout for the Vita version of the first game soon!

sherimae24131756d ago

is this game like disgaea?

LiViNgLeGaCY1756d ago IS an SRPG. But I would still say it's quite different than Disgaea.

3-4-51756d ago

The Art Style looks amazing / beautiful so they got that going. Hopefully the rest of the game is just as good.

r211756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Pretty different. Only thing similar is that their both SRPGs. IMO Rainbow Moon is way more difficult. So much grinding within the first few hours compared to Disgaea.