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With the PS4 Sony is turning the PlayStation Network into a social network

With the PlayStation 4, Sony is trying to turn the PlayStation Network into a true social network.

Will it succeed though? (PS4)

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pat_11_5  +   963d ago
I think it will succeed. It sounds like it's being directly integrated into the website and isn't some kind of ridiculous gimmick.
DivineAssault  +   963d ago
move over miiverse.. This looks much more appealing
PopRocks359  +   962d ago
Miiverse is an open forum. Sony's going in a completely different direction with this.
DivineAssault  +   962d ago
idk man.. It looked a lot like facebook but for PSN communities.. Miiverse is a forum but i dont see why sony wouldnt create different game rooms for those chat sessions making it the same thing but without the lil cutesy miis n crayon drawings.. Wait, u can draw with the touchpad.. so ya, same thing i think but enhanced with videos, real pictures of yourself, trophies, bios, etc..
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Link079  +   962d ago
MiiVerse is a success now this ps4 thing who know's.

May i also say that wiiu with Nintendo TVii allows u to pause tv and save screen shots and post them on twitter/facebook/or MiiVerse ?
In other words if i'm watching F1 on my Tivo i can save screen captures and post them on any of the big social networks.look it up they also have spoke about video downloads as well only the interface on TVii looks impressive compared to ps4.

Does ps4 have a TVii service making watching Tivo,Netflix,Lovefilm,Amazon instant,Sky,Normal tv,ect a better more streamlined service ??? i didn't think so.
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stage88  +   962d ago
"Does ps4 have a TVii service making watching Tivo,Netflix,Lovefilm,Amazon instant,Sky,Normal tv,ect a better more streamlined service ??? i didn't think so."

Yeah they do, it's called PlayTV and will no doubt make an appearance on PS4. It's been out for years on PS3 and I use it every single day. Not only does it allow you to set recordings and play, pause and rewind live tv, it also allows you to chat with anyone watching the same channel. It's very social. It can even schedule the PS3 to switch itself on, record a programme, then turn itself off.

Sorry if I've embarrassed you.
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DeadlyFire  +   962d ago
CES 2013 Sony showed this...

TV SideView is a new application for tablets — it's a second screen app that shows you what is available to view on TV, and navigate to what's on.

So yes it does have a chance of having TVii like service as well. Possibly on the Vita or phone app in the future.
DERKADER  +   963d ago
Expect a lot of useless Facebook integration next gen on every platform.
The_Infected  +   963d ago
Yea I wish they would forget Facebook and just make it all part of the gaming network on the PS4 that way all focus would be on gaming and not some big social crazy website.
Link079  +   962d ago
Your right at least on WiiU us gamers have a social network for all things gaming :) un-biased reviews straight from the gamers playing the actual games is a big plus for me,no more fanboy reviews.
NukaCola  +   962d ago
That is the thing. This new PSN/SEN is a dedicated Social Network for the Sony community. Yes, there is twitter, FB integration but the are turning the PS4 into a gaming hub for the entire community. I think it's neat. Everything is interactive, social and streamed line. I think this is a good way of going. I am really excited to see the new UI and how it all will flow together.
Godchild1020  +   963d ago
I hope at E3 they talk about home or at least mention they will support it with the PS4. I don't use it, but if its integrated into the system, it would load faster and become what most of us expected from home.

Imagine using home and your Gameplay would be streamed in a specific room or your house.
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DarkBlood  +   962d ago
im just wondering if my account will be the same on the ps4 with the freind list and all that or will i have seperate ones under the same hotmail account when going to my ps4 to ps3 or vita whenever i feel like it?
infamousinfolite  +   962d ago
I think it will be like Google, Apple, etc where it is one account and content is the same and available on many devices.
DarkBlood  +   962d ago
sure hope so.
lovegames718  +   962d ago
Funniest thing in the world, is that wiiu has been, slobbing pd3 Knob with, all its fan for years lol its trying to be a media hub which ps3 Already did with blu ray, dolby surround sound, true steroscopic true 3D and web browser, etcc lol and copied, home and near to be miiverse haha. Home has tons of fans and is better, than miiverse with, thousands daily but Sony dorsnt have toboast.

You, guys are hatets bcus pd4 Specs make, wiiu look, silly like we all knrwit would lol launch game is kilzone confirmed 1080P Native while wiiu, couldnt even do a bs side scroller like mario in 1080P' you guys are mad ncus your reggie and iwata hroupies and once again they took, you for a ride lol its me marioooo, gtgo of here Hahahaha lol we feel your pain
TheDivine  +   962d ago
Um miiverse isn't a avatar mall/dating sim. It's basically gaming forums, news, online, media, and comment sections integrated into every game. Home is a wasteland virtual world of horny dudes stalking other dudes who happen to have female avatars. You dont need Facebook on wii-u because it has its own social networking built in. That's what I hope Sony figures out. I'm not even on Facebook, I don't want their shit in all my games and I don't want to tweet stupid ass shit from my game either. I would however like to communicate to others using psn and not just friends but similar to the wii-u where its an open Forum everyone who plays can see. There's some good ideas though and the graphics are dope at least. Biggest thing is none of my ps3 games will play, disks or psn games. I have about 300 psn titles so il prob stick with that until I can get a ps4 for under 300. Same for next Xbox.
StreetsofRage  +   962d ago
I hate Facebook. It has passed it's prime and time for something new.

I do like the ability to share clips on facebook but I rather be able to easily upload them on forums with other gamers. I used to frequent the Baraka forums or the Blanka forums and it would be pretty cool uploading great matchups.
DigitalRaptor  +   962d ago
Facebook is just a tool man. It's passed its prime simply for those who don't use it anymore, which is less than the amount of those who still do every day. Pages are updated by musicians, game developers, comedians and it's just a way to branch out socially. I use it to keep up to date with these things, post amusing things and get feedback from comments from friends. So many people on these social media streams are people who want to share more of their gaming experiences outside forums and gaming communities. This sort of service with wider appeal removes that.

Not just that, but this is more than just Facebook. YouTube will allow uploading, UStream for sharing your current gameplay with friends. So you can easily post those links on forums. It's more about integrating your friends (who most likely are your friends IRL) into your gaming experience, making everything MUCH more open in nature.
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just-joe  +   962d ago
I won't use it, simple as that.
RememberThe357  +   962d ago
Whats wrong with being social? God forbid you make some f#ckin friends. I'm cool with it, I love the idea of beating a friend at NBA 2k14 and uploading it to gloat.

In reality I can't see myself using this for much more than linking up with friends for multiplayer games and saving some insane moment for replay later. But you never really know how you'll adapt to technology so I'm looking forward to it.
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pennywhyz  +   962d ago
Fuck facebook
kostchtchie_  +   962d ago
nothing wrong with it, Sony know how look after there core gamers, social side can live side by side with core gamers

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