Video Game Remakes: Nintendo, You’re Doing It Wrong

In the midst of the recently announced Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, Smart When Shouting examines the major faults most of Nintendo's modern video game remakes have.

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Jadedz1915d ago

They should add online for co-op play. Maybe this port is just a means to help fund the Retro Studios Wii U title(s).

Theyellowflash301914d ago

I disagree, The Windwaker was never in widescreen and has a unique art style. That should be remade for Wii U. It looks awesome.

DKC Returns was an amazing game hampered by some waggle controls. I beat the game on Wii but I look forward to downloading this on my 3DS for the better control options.

kirbyu1914d ago

I agree with you on Wind Waker. Making it HD ruins the artstyle.

I disagree with you on DKCR. I don't mind motion controls. What I hate is when you have to get up and point the Wii Remote.

chadboban1914d ago

I never had to point the Wii Remote in DKCR. Unless you're talking about the use of the Wii Remote pointer in other games that is.

kirbyu1914d ago

I am. I don't get why everyone hates motion controls and no one hates the standing up and pointing.

chadboban1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Never had to stand up and point either man, works great sitting from my couch, maybe you should change the position of your sensor bar.

Qrphe1914d ago

I was very excited for DKCR on the Wii since DKC is my favorite platformer series on the SNES but was very disappointed instead. It might have been a good game for those who play through it all but it did not have the DKC charm from back in the day.

kirbyu1914d ago

I had the original version on Wii, but I gave it to a GameStop-like store for a reason I don't know (this game was awesome). I was planning on buying a new copy, but then this was announced Do we know for sure that this 3DS version is just like the original? I already know about the downscaled graphics and the different contorls, but are there any other differences. Is the game shorter? Did they get rid of Cranky's shop or anything like that?

Venox20081914d ago

I dont know actually, I think it will have same content.. but I'm still hoping for some new extra stages.. and I think that there's a decent chance for that :)

TruthbeTold1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I'd say that everything looks to have a lower polygon count, but with the texturing, it looks pretty much the same. AND it can be played in 3D, which makes everything look fuller and more tangible anyway. You should download the free trailer on the 3DS EShop and check it out. I'm personally going to buy it again just to play it with the 3D effect, and to support Retro.

Yodagamer1914d ago

I'm looking forward to it, its a great game and it translates perfectly into 3d

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The story is too old to be commented.