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PS4′s non-appearance: Do we really need to see a console to understand it?

Some mainstream press outlets are so fixated on the absence of a box they failed to appreciate what we actually did see, writes Edge editor Alex Wiltshire.

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Community1793d ago
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a_bro1793d ago

no. they gave us the specs, that's more than enough to know whats under the hood.

Riderz13371793d ago

Of course we need to see how the console looks like! Haven't you heard? The look of a console matters more than the content it offers or the specs it has. It's more of a fashion contest nowadays, the games don't even matter anymore!


StrongMan1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

See how the MS fanatics have ruined gaming? They make actual games the last thing that matter.

First it was about games and not features when Xbox launch with many games and PS3 launched with few games and many media features

Then it became all about exclusives until the PS3 got the most exclusives and Xbox had very little

Then it became "wait til E3" every year when MS only had enough to show at E3 and don't attend other conferences like Sony and so the other conferences didn't matter anymore, only E3 reveals matter

Then it became all about review scores until the PS3 exclusives score better and won GOTY awards every year

Then it became all about game sales until until Xbox games stop selling and PS3 had more games that sold well

Then it became all about console sales until the PS3 beat the Xbox in sales and knocked away the Xbox year long head start

Then America became the only place that matters when it came to sales

Then it became social features are more important than games when Xbox got more social features than games(see how they flip flopped on this one)

Now it's about seeing a console is more important than the games and specs

DivineAssault 1793d ago

no, we see what it can do so thats whats important.. Plus sony doesnt make ugly looking products so im sure itl look awesome

alousow1793d ago

that was just an warm wait untill e3. wait have we seen nauthy dog and santa monica studios? no! E# going to explode. while M.S will be showing more kinect garbage lol