Top Developers React To PlayStation 4

In this article, Epic Games' Tim Sweeney, Insomniac Games' Ted Price, and Watch Dogs producer Dominic Guay give Game Informer their initial impressions on the potential of PlayStation 4.

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Oldman1001947d ago

Well, they seem to be happy. The most interesting feature to me is the ability to spectate and interact with your friends gaming experiences. Virtual pass the controller ftw!

Gimme PS4 now!

shivvy241946d ago


ABizzel11946d ago

Did it seem like Tim Sweeney was more so trying to push Unreal Engine 4 than give a straight answer. I know you have a new engine to sell, but this was a simple interview about the PS4 not Epic's plans and why developers should support Unreal Engine 4, instead of CryEngine or building their own.

dlpg5851946d ago

well i'm hapy they like it, the console was basically made for them. well it's gonna be great (or at least seems that way). honestly i can't wait to see microsoft try to 1-up them. i hope they just keep shoving money into these consoles until one of them includes a time travel device.

DigitalSmoke1946d ago

Developers will not forget who dared to make the 8Gig GDDR5 jump, its crazy, and i love it.

MasterCornholio1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Jonathan Blow

"Our technical people like the PS4 specs a lot more than the leaked Durango specs."

Hes the first one to say this and i doubt that he will be the last. Microsoft has to step up their game and replace their DDR3 ram with GDDR5 otherwise they will have a severe disadvantage and the 720 wont be as developer friendly as the PS4.

Edit: Just a little promotion of his game because it really is beautiful to look at.

JoySticksFTW1946d ago

Honestly, I hope MS will upgrade their ram, but they don't need to.

MS seems to be after that casual market primarily, which doesn't require top of the line specs as Wii and Kinect's sales success demonstrated.

And what's to stop MS from playing hardball, and forcing parity across all platforms.

It's dirty pool, but it's rumored that's what happened this gen.

And then MS are miles ahead of Sony when it comes to marketing the heck out of their games and system.

I've said that PS4 seems to be the system for gamers and developers, but MS seems to have the marketshare, mindshare, deep pockets, and influence to lowball next gen specs and still get a pass.

Me personally, I'm not sure MS is even full-on competing with Sony. I think they're after that Wii crowd, and are probably licking their chops at Wii U's hardships.

ABizzel11946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )


I don't know. Things are really starting to ook different and "UP" for Sony. I love the PS3, but it had problems in Marketing, US Mass Appeal, Online communication, and had an uphill battle after launching at $599 without any established IP's to sell the console in the first year.

But this time around it seems like they realized all their mistakes, corrected them, and improved on everything that made them great to being with, as well as, getting the developers to realized and sending a message to gamers that PS is where games come first.

I've seen plenty of ads on YouTube (interrupting my videos) showing the PS4 already. So people are getting informed, but we'll have to see if they keep it up throughout the year. They have a new Marketing team, so things should be better.

I think MS is trying to be both core and casual, and it's a tough sell for them because they don't have a strong enough 1st party to really be that. The COD and Halo fans will stay, but I don't think the Kinect 2.0 is enough to get that Wii casual audience, unless it does VASTLY more than the original Kinect. With the casual it's all about cheap easy access games, and a fad device like the Wii's motion controller or Kinect Camera. The Camera fad has been done, so MS really needs something strong and new to get that audience along with a lower end Price. Wii U is struggling at $299 and $349 w. a tablet controller. MS isn't going to break out the gates with an expected $399 price tag and better version of Kinect.

As for the core, if they continue the same direction their going then it'll be the same Halo, Forza, Fable, Kinect, and paying 3rd parties to do exclusives like Gears, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, and exclusive content for the biggest games (COD, GTA, Elder Scrolls, etc...). It worked for the 360, but I don't think it's going to work this time around for gamers like myself who enjoy variety. As a core gamer I don't know if I want to buy an Xbox again unless they prove to me it's going to be more than just the same IP's (We'll get 3rd party games on PS4, and know we'll have new IP's every year). I support MS for getting online gaming up to the level it currently sits at, but as a games console they have to do better with their main selling point "GAMES".

Which is why I'll be getting Sony's console again at launch.

The next decision is between Wii U, Nextbox, Steambox, PC upgrade.

JoySticksFTW1946d ago

Good stuff. Well said.

I can see MS also pushing backwards compatibility and seamless transfer of gamerscore points to the Nextbox.

Those can actually mean a lot to people, as some find it hard to cut the cord and lose their accumulated gamer points or don't want their older Xbox taking up space.

But if those always online, no used games Durango leaks are true, I'd be shocked if Sony doesn't stress repeatedly that PS4 will still play used games

I hope you're right about Sony stepping up their marketing. I think it's their biggest weakness this console gen; that and development learning curve which they already solved with the PS4 specs it seems.

Angrymorgan1946d ago

What's the difference between GDDR 5 and DDR 5 ram?

ApolloTheBoss1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Nothing, really.
GDDR 5= Graphics Double Data Rate ver. 5
DDR 5 = Double Data Rate ver. 5

It's basically just a marketing thing. They call it graphics DDR because it's DDR dedicated to graphics memory, which is the case for all DDR on gfx cards.

Angrymorgan1946d ago

Oh thanks for reply dude + bubbs

Sarcasm1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Its not just a marketing thing. It also had to do with latency and timings. DDR had lower latency and tighter timings, while GDDR has higher bandwidth.

It has been proven by multiple tech oriented websites that latency and timings does not improve GAMING performance. See Tom's hardware or anandtech.

Clockspeed and bandwidth has also been shown to dramatically improve performance on AMDs APUs.

The reason we only see this on high end graphics cards is because it needs to be faster to handle the textures, shaders, effects, post processing, etc.

Now that Sony chose to use 8GB GDDR5 unified meaning it is both for the CPU and GPU to use freely.

Gamesgbkiller1946d ago

Big difference.
double the speed.

nikoado1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

The Watch Dogs guy described how they're using the touchpad.

"in Watch Dogs it allows us to directly refer to the way our main character, Aiden Pearce, interfaces with his smartphone, his primary tool to hack into the city systems.So the player has a natural and direct way of using his avatar's device."

That sounds nice and intuitive to me. It's a cool little addition in my opinion.