More “emergency maintenance” for Nintendo services next week

GE: "Nintendo has scheduled a new round of “emergency maintenance” for its services next week. "

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MasterCornholio1755d ago

Meh normal.

The network is fairly new so its bound to have some issues.

Godmars2901755d ago

PSN never got that kind of forgiveness.

PopRocks3591755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

That's because Xbox fanatics never knew when to shut it. PSN had a rough start but became better and no one should fault Sony for trying something new. Same for Nintendo.

Canary1755d ago

I was under the impression the service had some fairly major issues... in that it did not work (at all) the way it was supposed to.

Nintendo needs to fix the big issues with the NN on Wii U.

Then Nintendo needs to fully launch the NN on Wii U.

And only then will we finally see the 3DS get the NN, and finally see Nintendo's digital distribution service enter the 2003-era.

Rrobba1755d ago

If it's an emergency, why wait until next week?

ZeekQuattro1754d ago

This happened maybe 2 weeks ago too. Please substitute the word emergency with routine. Emergency makes it sound like they were hacked or something. lmao If its almost a weekly thing it ain't an emergency especially if its a set date beforehand.

Nevers0ft1754d ago

It's referred to as "Emergency" in the US and "Scheduled" in the EU... Maybe NOA likes drama :D