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Microsoft Kinect The 2012 Peripheral of the Year? Hardly

Why did the Microsoft Kinect win the Engadget Readers Choice award for Best Peripheral of 2012? It came out in 2010! (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

edonus  +   615d ago
Because their minds havent been filled with poison and bull$h!t.

If you meet someone that has actually spend some time with kinect and its game and functions and got areal feel for the device it is a really ground breaking piece of technology.
BlackTar187  +   615d ago
is it though?
Jockamo  +   615d ago
I've spent time with it and yes there are a lot of games that are clunky and even a few that are just plain bad. However, it shouldn't overshadow the games that are actually good on Kinect. I had a great time with Kinect Party (OMG the dubstep), and had fun with Dance Central. The novelty of it wore off, but let's also not forget the innovation of those hooking up their Kinect to their PC and demonstrating the tech.

MS really dropped the ball w/ implementation, but the tech is there--although this version of it may not be fully realized.

I'm just speaking as someone who has actually played the thing...
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darthv72  +   615d ago
that's what happens
when something is released as an afterthought. They have been making strides to maintain relevance in light of the games that overshadow its good points.

this could all be part of the plan though. Meaning that come next gen, kinect will not be an afterthought but a real integrated device that is standardized and made use of.

Next gen development of games for it has probably been going on behind the scenes like most game development does up to the release of a new platform.

We all know that games at the time of launch essentially start out as concepts built for the previous platform but they get shifted to the newer tech once its finalized. The same could be happening to inhouse (1st/2nd party) games right now.

Many may feel kinect is a bad direction but thats only because we havent see the realization of the tech used to its fullest extent. Also, lets look at the current move as any indication of the direction sony is planning to take with the ps4.

Each ds4 will be built with the light bar that would interface with their new pseye2 (or whatever its called). So even sony understands the idea of having it built in from the start is better served than trying to release it later and watch if it catches on or not.

Like it or not....the kinect vs pseye wars only began with the current gen. they will get even more interesting when they are a part of every new ps4/720 sold.
edonus  +   615d ago
In a real conversation about kinect that does digress into dancing Han Solos and extremely bias reviews you would find that kinect does have tons of shovel ware and terrible games (Balckwater) but it also has some really good experiences on it.

For instance most people dont know that they eliminated the lag you felt in the launch titles. And it can be extremely fast and track you really good.

I dont think MS really botched the implementation because it is used relly nicely in a lot of different games and features. But the truth is the 360 was underpowered and couldnt really fully support kinect, they have made great strides with it during development though. Kinect pixar Rush is full a 3d plat former that plays as fast as the old Crash Bandicoot games.

On PC they have done great things but thats because they dont have the lack of processing power. I also feel that with Kinect being standard (and now Sont with their PsKinect) dev will really start doing some cool things.

I am a core gamer and that plays everything from Chess to Battlefield 3 to Ni No Kuni and I feel very strongly that once the core market gets a real taste of this style of gaming they will love it.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   615d ago
Are you sure your mind isn't the one filled with said material?
fluffydelusions  +   615d ago
It's interesting tech for sure but it was sacrificed from a hw standpoint from original design to make it cheaper. Hopefully kinect 2 has built in chipset this time around.
KionicWarlord222  +   615d ago
"ground breaking piece of technology."

I`ll admit the tech is great but not what Microsoft promised and not as ground breaking as what they were hyping in the natal videos.


Kinect 2.0 will probably be more of what it was suppose to be.
fluffydelusions  +   615d ago
It's because they removed the dedicated chip to bring the cost down.
BitbyDeath  +   615d ago
The lag bugs me, especially in games like Kinect Sports boxing. It is really frustrating cause when you get punched you can't punch back and the lag causes it to be random as to who gets that first hit in.

Next Xbox should have that fixed.

Plug that hole, on Kinect Adventures is fun tho
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DigitalRaptor  +   615d ago
Let's wait until Kinect 2.0 comes out before calling it groundbreaking eh? They cut features from the original Natal specification and promise to reduce costs and ensure mass market success. No games were proclaimed as ground-breaking, because none were.

I'm watching what Microsoft is doing as far as next gen, but this sort of tech will never take off for me personally. Even with PS4's new Eye, I'm not gonna be preaching about the tech changing the ball game for this industry. All I can say for sure is "we'll see" because Kinect 1.0 was a letdown for a lot of people, and not just 'ignorant fanboys'.
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Dread  +   615d ago
kenect is an ms product

and this is n4g

dont waste your time. in the n4g "comnunity" (read sony fanatics) ms looses all the time.
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DigitalRaptor  +   615d ago
And back in 2005 this was Xbox fanland where everything Sony was ostracized before it was even rationally considered. Or shall we conveniently forget about that and look at PS3 fans in disgust like you do?? What difference does it make?

There's more Sony news on here than any other so it's it really that shocking that there are more Sony fans on here than any other?
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DigitalSmoke   615d ago | Trolling | show
Tonester925  +   615d ago
I think that maybe this was just a prototype of what's to come in the 720 maybe.

Even though I'm not buying it I would want to see how it plays out.

Milo was amazing even though it was fake........... lol
StrongMan  +   615d ago
No core gamer will agree with this.
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BanBrother  +   615d ago
Fruit Ninja for Kinect works better than the one on a lot of touch-screens, as you can have 2 players going at it, with both arms = 4 blades. My tablet allows to fingers simultaneously, but not all tablets/phones do.

My opinion on Kinect is that it is great for the kids, and for a bit of silly fun. It is good at bringing the family together. IT IS NOT, however, a good device for 'hardcore' gamers. It is too imprecise, and clunky.
Squall5005  +   615d ago
The actual technology is good but the best use for Kinect are not Xbox related. People have done some brilliant things with it for the PC. Check out people using Gary's Mod having fun with Kinect on YouTube. It looks like great fun.

I also went to an event called Hyper Japan in London last year and there was a guy demonstrating a bionic hand that was being controlled by Kinect. It was brilliant.

There's just nothing on the Xbox that's really excited me.

EDIT: I've just found a video of the bionic hand I mentioned but now I'm unsure if it is a Kinect he is using. From where I was standing it looked like one.

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clintagious650  +   615d ago
For those that enjoy kinect that is fine & I have nothing against those who enjoy kinect but I didnt buy a 360 for kinect or kinect games, same as the ps3, i didnt buy a ps3 to play move games. Like I said I have nuttin against kinect itself, im more disappointed at MS for ignoring us the core audience who dont care about kinect. I honestly am not happy that they are IGNORING us & is why I am not as excited as those who only own an xbox 360 for the nextbox because if they are IGNORING us now, they can do the exact same thing with the nextbox.
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