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Submitted by FlexRex 1081d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft Kinect The 2012 Peripheral of the Year? Hardly

Why did the Microsoft Kinect win the Engadget Readers Choice award for Best Peripheral of 2012? It came out in 2010! (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

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Tonester925  +   1081d ago
I think that maybe this was just a prototype of what's to come in the 720 maybe.

Even though I'm not buying it I would want to see how it plays out.

Milo was amazing even though it was fake........... lol
StrongMan  +   1081d ago
No core gamer will agree with this.
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BanBrother  +   1081d ago
Fruit Ninja for Kinect works better than the one on a lot of touch-screens, as you can have 2 players going at it, with both arms = 4 blades. My tablet allows to fingers simultaneously, but not all tablets/phones do.

My opinion on Kinect is that it is great for the kids, and for a bit of silly fun. It is good at bringing the family together. IT IS NOT, however, a good device for 'hardcore' gamers. It is too imprecise, and clunky.
Squall5005  +   1081d ago
The actual technology is good but the best use for Kinect are not Xbox related. People have done some brilliant things with it for the PC. Check out people using Gary's Mod having fun with Kinect on YouTube. It looks like great fun.

I also went to an event called Hyper Japan in London last year and there was a guy demonstrating a bionic hand that was being controlled by Kinect. It was brilliant.

There's just nothing on the Xbox that's really excited me.

EDIT: I've just found a video of the bionic hand I mentioned but now I'm unsure if it is a Kinect he is using. From where I was standing it looked like one.
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clintagious650  +   1081d ago
For those that enjoy kinect that is fine & I have nothing against those who enjoy kinect but I didnt buy a 360 for kinect or kinect games, same as the ps3, i didnt buy a ps3 to play move games. Like I said I have nuttin against kinect itself, im more disappointed at MS for ignoring us the core audience who dont care about kinect. I honestly am not happy that they are IGNORING us & is why I am not as excited as those who only own an xbox 360 for the nextbox because if they are IGNORING us now, they can do the exact same thing with the nextbox.
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