BioShock Infinite Steam Pre-Order Rewards Announced

In case you were still on the fence about pre-ordering BioShock Infinite on Steam, the offered rewards will probably push you over the edge.

- Action Trip

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dbjj120881584d ago

Wow, I was thinking ps3 but if it looks better on PC I might go that way.

nrvalleytime1584d ago

Free Bioshock and X-Com?

I don't know how much better of a deal we're going to get. :-)

TrendyGamers1584d ago

They're some great bonuses.

ftwrthtx1584d ago

If only my PC would run something other than Solitaire.

givemeshelter1584d ago

Pre order for me...coming right up!

Megaton1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Free X-Com is actually a really good bonus. Probably the best one Steam has ever done with these things. Usually it's just mundane DLC or a game that is normally a couple bucks during a sale.

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