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Play Unreal Tournament 3 Tonight with Epic Games Staff

Flak- "Tonight at 4:00 PM EST, staff from Epic Games will get online to play Unreal Tournament 3 with the community. We will be joining the Official Epic UT3 Greed #1 Server.

The guys are a little rusty, but don’t go easy on them. We want them to see how much skill the UT3 community has!"...

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ThaTruthMVP1247d ago

This is going to be super fun!

MeatheadMilitia1247d ago

I've already started practicing for it. Should be a fun time!

BriTyBriT1247d ago

Sounds like this will be fun! Too bad I have to work! :(

BXbomber1247d ago

a chick that games mmmmm

NYC_Gamer1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Wow,UT3 is garbage and doubt it still has many users online.

Kingdom Come1247d ago

If you consider it to be garbage, why click on an article relating to it...

NYC_Gamer1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Because i bought the game plus i'm allowed to my opinion...

Sunnyknight1247d ago

yay! I miss UT. I'll definitely be checking this out.