Why no glimpse of PS4 console? It's about the brains, not the plastic writes, "Why didn't Sony show the PlayStation 4 console at the PlayStation 4 unveiling? The truth is, it did. You might say to yourself that we didn't see what the shell of the PlayStation 4 looks like, so how can we be excited by a device which has yet to take physical form? Because this isn't an iPad, folks."

ALSO: In the video, NBC News reports that Sony isn't showing the actual console to avoid revealing a secret feature.

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Bigkurz851672d ago

NBCNews posted up an article yesterday about how it didn't matter that we didn't see the actual PS4 since what matters is what it DOES, not what it looks like. I happen to agree.

But if you watch the video, the guy said another reason why we didn't see it is because Sony doesn't want to give away one of their secret features that would be noticeable if we saw it. What do you guys think that could be?

Godchild10201672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

A console with about 5 or so years of R&D is rushed? I would love to see what you called the 360 at it's launch (Not a jab at the 360 or Microsoft, just a general statement).

On Topic. Don't judge a book by its cover, and its not what's on the outside by what's on the inside that counts, comes to mind.

Godmars2901672d ago

The same was likely true of the 360, it had plenty of time being designed but then in final stages pretty much ended up being rushed.

The same almost happened to the PS3 with the shortage of BR lasers, and can happen again with the PS4.

Riderz13371672d ago

The PS4 has been in development ever since the release of the PS3. This stuff doesn't happen overnight. They work years and years to perfect these consoles.

ProjectVulcan1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I'll tell you what it will look like.

A small box, probably a bit smaller than the original PS3 and a bit larger than Wii U. Probably black. Holes in it here and there.

Don't worry about the rest of the details. You won't be staring at the box when you play the games it runs.

NewMonday1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

the CPU/GPU are set for a long time now, and now they committed to 8G of DDR5 RAM. the camera is also done

they cant change these because the dev kits distributed are configured for them.

only few minor adjustments left like HDD size and ports.

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tubers1672d ago

Because all the demos might have ran on PC and that it would be a stigma to those who wouldn't understand even if it is very likely to have the same internals of the retail PS4.

Still, it makes you think if it was rushed.

raytraceme1672d ago

Right because somehow killzone was made on the pc and ported to the ps4??? Makes no freaking sense.

A 7870 gpu (similar to the ps4) can run crysis 3 maxed out at 1080p at over 30fps what makes you think that this was bs footage shown?

Battlefield 3 on ultra 1080p can run over 40fps on the pc using a 7870.

What the hell makes you think that the ps4 would be graphically weak when it has no os overhead and can be optimized to the fullest???

Virtual_Reality1672d ago

It was very clever from Sony to not reveal physically the PS4 and the price, they are waiting to see what MS can bring to the table. MS can announce something and Sony can counter with any of these with a competitive price.

Also, they are avoiding the mistakes of revealing the console very soon like they did with PS3 around in 2005 or 2006, the white PS3 with multiple HDMI ports, around 6 USB Ports, 2 Ethernet Ports, etc. And after that, the final design it didn't had the same amount of ports.

Notice in the spec list, there is no word about how many ports of HDMI it have (which is more likely 1), USB Ports, or how many GHz it have the CPU, or the speed of the memory and other specs. Most likely, Sony is waiting to see the next move from MS, to proceed and adopt the best flexible but technological PS4 version with a competitive price.

Thatguy-3101672d ago

People that don't understand specs are the ones that are complaining about the hardware no show. We saw what the product will be able to pull off so why does it matter how it looks like? Plus they need to space out there announcements or else they will get over shadow by new unveiling from the competition. Honestly Sony is playing it smart and the less we know the better the hype will get around e3. now e3 will be about the software that will back it up.

Enemy1672d ago

If Sony hadn't saved the PS4 reveal for E3, what would they have shown? Hating only makes sense when it actually makes sense.

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HyperBear1672d ago

Well...considering that Jack Tretton doesn't even currently know what the final design will look like, I'm guessing they've narrowed it down to about 2 or 3 designs and are tweaking each of them right now to make a final decision by the end of April, to get the final mold to manufacturing plants and start up production shortly after E3 (and to show it off at E3 as well).

I think the DualShock4 design is final though. (they may tweak some little things inside)

Zuperman1672d ago

The PS4 reminds me of the PS2 days for some reason, I don't know I just have a great feeling about Sony this gen.

MRMagoo1231672d ago

I have a great feeling about every sony console but i get what you mean its like they made this console with none of the flaws of the ps3 and added a lot more good stuff like the ram for instance.

theWB271672d ago

This thing better look good. I want it to look as powerful as it is. The controller is a good start..I dig its look.

GraveLord1672d ago

PS4 isn't a smartphone or tablet. I swear the media is so brainwashed these days. A console is a console. It sits under your TV. How it looks isn't nearly as important as what games it has and what it can do.

Bigkurz851672d ago

That's exactly what the article is saying!

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