Gaikai is the game stealer for Ps4

The PlayStation 4 announcement from Sony brought us more games than I thought but for me Gaikai is the game stealer for PlayStation 4. When Dave Perry, who seems to have lost his Northern Ireland accent, started speaking, the possibilities for the PlayStation 4 where starting to unveil

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Gimmemorebubblez2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

It steals games! No thank you I live in country with enough thieves.

The article headline should be "Gakai is a game changer for the Ps4"

Shadow Flare2002d ago

I watched the conference again a couple hours ago and the gaikai section was absolutely brilliant. Of the whole show, that part was the thing that made me think "this is what's going to be big for the ps4. This is going to be the big thing next gen"

The amount of features and services incorporated with it, the social capabilities and instantaneousness (that's not a word) of the service is ground breaking. Big leap over the current psn.

And this is just the start for gaikai. Who knows how else they can improve the psn in the future. They certainly seem ambitious to say the least. Brilliant move from Sony

Live better step it up a gear if they want to stay relevant

Godchild10202002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I watched the first hour again on my way to work and I can't believe that they started looking into making a new console 2 years after the launch of the PS3. That means they really are listening to developers and taking in the consumer feedback on this one.

I can't for Microsoft's unveiling.

Shadow Flare2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

I don't think that's an uncommon thing, I seem to remember Sony researching the ps3 very early into the ps2's life.

Traditionally a console generation gap for Sony is 6 years until the next console is released. If they start working on the next console 2 years after launch, that leaves 4 years of research which is completely practical

What they said in the conference was that ps3 launched before the whole consumer market changed into consumers that wanted their devices to do everything, like Netflix, iplayer etc. And ps3 had to sort of adapt to that. So in 2008 onwards they were studying consumer trends and deciding how to build the ps4 towards that

Just think, 2 years from now PlayStation 5 will be in the works

How Sony juggled PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and Vita is beyond me

All Microsoft had to worry about is Xbox 360 and they still screwed their consumers over with a broken console and then it's massive casual focus

forcefullpower2002d ago

Bang on that was what i was really interested in. The backwards compatibility for PS1,2 & 3. But the clincher for me was no downloading demo's but immediate play which means no crappy specially made demo's.

Imagine this service will help in future too as they will never have to worry about adding in BC to any new console. Meaning we get best bang for buck when buying new consoles. Not like this gen when my PS3 was more expensive because of the PS2 hardware in it.

StrongMan2001d ago

If MS don't have a cloud gaming feature then they will be severely lacking next gen compared to Sony.

WeAreLegion2001d ago

I think they'll have some sort of cloud gaming, but getting a service like Gaikai up and running takes years and tons of experience. That's why Sony bought them. According to Jack Tretton, it saved them TONS of time by leapfrogging with Gaikai. :)

I doubt it will touch Sony's streaming. I mean, PS4 games on my Vita with no LAG?!? Uh...yes, please!

2001d ago
DivineAssault 2001d ago

ya they are.. Imagine just bringing your fresh dual shock 4 with you around anywhere u want & just bluetooth it to a smart tv, smart phone, tablet etc & going online n gaming it out anywhere anytime! thats effin amazing! Vita is going to be with me everywhere i go

abzdine2001d ago

Gaikai implementation is sick! that's how i always imagined the far future of video games.

lovegames7182001d ago

Gakai is one of the strongrst selling points for me. I know everyone dorsnt have fast isps but I have verizon fios 120 Mps downloads kust for gaming so im good.

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