The worlds of Destiny: Bungie takes us to Earth, Mars and beyond

OXM UK writes: "In the world of Destiny, Bungie's interplanetary "shared shooter" for current and next gen consoles, the very best guns have names. Not ubiquitous, abbreviated, military-sounding categories, but names like the Phaser of all Fools, Thorn, Pocket Infinity and Super Good Advice. They're the kind of names you give objects of sentimental value - baffling linguistic aberrations that evolve almost spontaneously from circumstances, names that evoke a turn of events, that somehow stick and begin to accrue history, names not for tools but for personalities."

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Summons751849d ago

Pluto better be there or they failed their job. Mars is overrated.

dirigiblebill1849d ago

LOL. I've been on N4G for years, but this is the first time I've met a planet fanboy ;)

3-4-51848d ago

I'm assuming you've been there by the way you speak of it.

Summons751848d ago

lol heck yeah, hot spot vacation area