Rumor: Call of Duty Teaser Image Leaked Online, Neversoft May be Developing

An image was recently posted online that shows the date 11-11-13 for what seems to be a teaser poster for the next Call of Duty.

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ThatKanadianKid1701d ago

That certainly does not look like a fake. It'll be interesting to see what Neversoft can do on the FPS side of things.

Jobesy1701d ago

I call fake. 11.11.13 is a Monday, COD games always release on Tuesdays, so it would be 11.12.13

PockyKing1701d ago

This one was on a Sunday -

Weird, but that's why it's a rumor I guess.

raWfodog1701d ago

Plus it flows better :)

Just like 11.10.09, when MW2 dropped.

PockyKing1701d ago

Also, games don't always release on Tuesday. Skyrim was 11-11-11 (Friday)

Hdz541701d ago

By now doesn't everyone know that 99% of new games release on Tuesdays in NA?

Pro tip: if you're going to post a fake poster or fake release date, look up a calendar to get a Tuesday date. That would add some semblance of credibility.

evilhasitsway1701d ago

midnight release which it will have just because its a cod.

gta28001701d ago

Why don't games release on Fridays? like Movies? I always hated that games came out on weekedays during school/work. I always wanted games on Fridays so I can play them throughout the weekend lol.

Old McGroin1700d ago

Oh my God!! I can't believe there's going to be a new Call Of Duty game this year! /s

AzaziL1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Maybe they'll finally just release it on monday by 7pm since we already know that retailers have it by then.

edit: Just sayin, why bother with midnight releases if the store can sell it before regular closing time. saves money for the stores, headache for employees and we get to play our games hours earlier than waiting till midnight. No need to call off work or ditch school because you want to play your favorite videogame at 1am.

sarshelyam1700d ago

Midnight launch festivities for Call of Duty are always the hours prior to the, it's a technicality I'd say.

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007Bond1701d ago

So that means Infinity Ward is on MW4 for next gen?

AzaziL1700d ago

IW has been dead since MW2, less than 50% of the original team is still there and look at how good they did with MW3. Activision should just hand the reigns to Bungie after they finish destiny.

Soldierone1701d ago

I wonder if they are just porting it to current generation while Treyarch works on next generation versions.

Based on the picture, its not future warfare, that kinda sucks. Treyarch did a good job with it. Then again its probably sledehammer working on it, so that explains the step backwards.

younglj011701d ago

I'm not any CoD fan but I have played a couple of title couple of times.And after see the same engine over and over and over again.Before I continue I'm not knocking the engine bc CoD brought in alot and I mean alot of dough on an 5 year old engine.

Now with the billions you made off CoD its finally time too give it the Next-gen treatment.Black Ops/Black Ops 2 and MW2 are the best CoD games I have played online.

The CoD franchise is an title that could really surprise people next-gen.

Riderz13371701d ago

NeverSoft - AlwaysHard.


spicelicka1701d ago

LOLLLL I said the same thing the first time I heard that name!!

SDF Repellent1701d ago

no doubt this will be reveal at the Xbox 720 briefing coming up.

Riderz13371701d ago

That's the perfect way to show off brand new technology! Have a game that runs on a 2005 engine on the Xbox 720. Heads shall explode.

JeffGUNZ1701d ago

They have been working on the next gen COD engine. The rumors I hear is it looks pretty freaking sweet and runs 60FPS. Again, it's just a rumor and I'll believe it when I see it.

haggishurler1701d ago

Call of duty doesn't even look anything special on PC max settings right now.

gta28001701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )


Don't hold your breath on that. Activision doesn't care about making the best looking shooter, they're more interested in getting every penny they can get. They won't invest in making a graphics heavy game. They don't need to. They can release a COD that looks like my ass after I take a shit and people will still buy it.

AzaziL1700d ago


That's what I'm worried about, they may have gotten so lazy that all they'll do is up the textures and add some polygons to the old models.

Or they might actually give us that leap that they did with CoD4 and everyone will praise it. Then they'll take it and re-release it for another 5-6 years.

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stage881701d ago

True, and they'll try and palm it off as an exclusive.

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