The PlayStation 4 May Be Coming, But Don't Forget About PlayStation 3

"A couple of days ago Sony announced to the world that their next home console, the PlayStation 4 would be arriving this holiday season. Many of us threw our arms in the air (and whatever we were holding) and did a dance and a jig at the prospect of playing on some new hardware this Christmas.

While the future definitely looks bright, lets not forget about the present and what’s still on offer with the PlayStation 3." - The Games Cabin

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DivineAssault 1919d ago

i havent at all.. Sony has so much that their breaking my bank lol

CaptainSheep1918d ago

If Sony said they won't be forgetting the PS3, then why should we forget it? :D

SolidDuck1918d ago

Im neep into ni no kuni and with the last of us and beyond two souls coming I couldn't forget about the ps3 even if I wanted to.