The Top 25 Greatest RPGs of All Time | From Earthbound to Final Fantasy, we count down the top 25 greatest Role-Playing Games of all time. Did your favorite make the list?

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SadPanda1011888d ago

Happy to see Suikoden 2 make the cut

kalkano1888d ago

"The real-time combat was light years ahead of the turn-based system that still hasn't been completely phased out."

Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggg! I hate your opinion! Turn-based is not something to be "phased out". It needs to come back in a big way! Everything being action-oriented is exactly why things got so boring, this gen. I'm not saying we should phase out action-RPGs, either. I'm just saying we need the VARIETY of BOTH!
They are two different GENRES! One is NOT BETTER than the other!

Also, that statement seems to contradict statements about the fun combat systems in other games in the list, which happen to be turn-based...

PrimeLantern1888d ago

Many of my favorites are on here. The positions are off a bit but not bad.