Deadpool Video Game Rated ‘M’ by the ESRB, has Mature Humor and Intense Violence

PSLS: This was an interesting little surprise today. Planned for a ‘Summer 2013‘ release date, High Moon’s Deadpool video game has already been rated by the ESRB, getting labelled as ‘M’ for Mature. It’s rare for a game to go through the ESRB this early, but it likely points towards us seeing some gameplay videos of Deadpool very soon.

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TrendyGamers1888d ago

I really want to play this now.

Christopher1888d ago

I can't agree. I was really hoping this would open up the audience potential and go for a G rating. Now, I'm just not sure if it will remain true to its roots.


Wedge191888d ago

I'm glad. Too many superhero games end up with a T rating to appeal to more people. This may be worth a purchase now.

doctorstrange1888d ago

Yeah, that would have just been wrong

dbjj120881888d ago

Can't wait to see how it plays. Hopefully it's a fun action game and not X-Men Destiny all over again.

TrendyGamers1888d ago

I trust High Moon Studios, I don't think we'll see an X-Men Destiny repeat here.

ekojmart1888d ago

I would have been upset if it had been rated any lower.

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